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Abu Nahar

About Me

Love offers and discounts, I review products on deals sites, and members buy them if they fancy.


Nice little fish tank vacuum

01 Aug, 2019
Purchased this item with an open mind, as it wasn't expensive I wondered if it would work well in cleaning my aquarium gravel. I am pleasantly surprised at it's efficiency the small motor crea... more »

Rose gold for the Lady

24 Jun, 2019
This review is for the Rose Gold Ring... The opulence of the colour of rose gold comes from the addition of copper to pure gold, resulting in the warm pink hue that we know and love. This warm appe... more »

A must have for any Kitchen

21 Jun, 2019
I must admit choosing a knife sharperner is difficult with many sellers trying to convince the consumer that theirs is the best. I have previously bought a number of brands that are useless and dont w... more »

Carry it with you on trips

18 Jun, 2019
Use this all the time now when out and about! I felt bad for causing waste with one time only plastic use and so this is great to help save the environment one straw at a time ! Also really great just... more »

Very good fan for your money

18 Jun, 2019
The fan comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery; it comes partially charged, so it’s ready for you to test. The battery is housed behind the fan and is not removable. You can chang... more »

Summer is coming and so is the heat

05 Jun, 2019
This is a dual-purpose fan: it has a clamp that can be fixed to anything, and the bottom of the clamp acts as a stand if you want to put the fan on a flat surface. The clamp is strong, and it has a so... more »

Clean & Bright

15 May, 2019
This is a great screen made to a good quality. It unfolds and when hung and stretched, all creases fall out quickly. Clips are provided for mounting it on a wall and it looks brilliant with my project... more »

Cats love it and so do I

28 Apr, 2019
This product is very good value. You get a laser pointer, UV light , a torch and a small cat toy. We already have plenty of toys for the cats but they really liked this new one - maybe novelty va... more »

Smart life - Smart Bulb

28 Apr, 2019
This came on prime so it was fantastic. This product is brilliant (once setup) it was a bit difficult to pair with my WiFi this is a 2.4GHz product which my router detected and set to but my smartphon... more »

Great value in a large capacity battery bank!

29 Mar, 2019
I was worried about this being a true 10,000 mAh capacity.So many are much smaller than their claims.This appears to be correct and very reasonably priced.I've been running an Opolar 8" USB f... more »

Great bit of a kit

21 Mar, 2019
With this 52 Piece Cosmetic Set, you can rest easy knowing that all of your make-up needs are solved. With an astounding range of cosmetics, this set has enough to suit anyone's tastes, wheth... more »

Fabulous battery charger

09 Mar, 2019
Great product, does exactly what it says. Does a great job at charging the phone and it seems to hold its charge really well too, which gives me confidence as a father as I bought it for my children i... more »

Amazing Led Strips

05 Mar, 2019
It was so simple to set up using the Smart Life Home app from the app store. Following the on screen instructions it was nice and easy and to the point. The LED lights are extremely bright. It was a b... more »

Great little Ringer

23 Feb, 2019
Over the last few years we have had many wireless doorbells of differing kinds. After a while none of them have worked so well. Our last one simply 'gave up the proverbial ghost'. This morning... more »

It looks and feels well made and durable.

19 Feb, 2019
Although is adapter is apparently designed for the macbook, it works well without drivers with my standard PC with Windows 10 to give three usb3 ports and one gigabit network port. Apparently the... more »

Gets better all the time. Works with Apple Laptops and Samsung phones

19 Feb, 2019
Firstly this hub is a must for anyone with a MacBook or MacBook Pro. Its coloured to match the 'space grey' finishes but still looks attached to the a silver finished laptops. The ethernet... more »

Clever and easy

31 Dec, 2018
This item in general is amazing, it converts any old car into a modern one, with Bluetooth connection for music and calls. The design is simple and solid, much much better than the ones with flexible... more »

Nice HDD Enclosure

10 Dec, 2018
There were a range of similar products and I chose the Natol based off the reviews and I have not been disappointed. I purchased to reuse an old Internal hard drive. The case opened easily and the har... more »

Fantastic product

04 Dec, 2018
I bought it for my 3 years old daughter but I must admit that it was what I wanted to have when I was a child and never got. So now as a parent myself I couldn’t resist it when searching for a C... more »

Winter is coming

04 Dec, 2018
The perfect product to keep my little girl warm at this time of year. The item arrived within 2 days. It was posted through the letter box as there very little packaging. The Hat, Scarf & Gloves s... more »

Absolutely brilliant!

04 Dec, 2018
This product is one of the best purchases I think I have made when it comes to saving milk/expressing. I only bought it because myself and my partner were going out for the day and grandparents were l... more »

With great gadgets comes great responsibility

30 Nov, 2018
Excellent solution for a fair price. Bought 1 of these mounts to replace older, bulkier and quite unappealing plastic brackets. It's not that these mounts are of captivating beauty but they don... more »

Fantastic product

27 Nov, 2018
✔ FORM AND FUNCTION - Automatic soap dispenser offers the most hygienic way to wash your hands. The touch-free technology ensures that no bacteria or messy drips are left behind. Simply place your han... more »

Great addition for aquarium

26 Nov, 2018
This product saves me a lot of worries, i just put the fish food in it and i don't need to worry about anything. The manual instruction is quite straightforward and easy to set it up, easy to conf... more »

Nice Aromas

19 Nov, 2018
Really like these oil sets. Comes with a large variety of aromas which you can use! I mostly use these with my humidifier as i think its the best use for these aromas! Great to use in a bedroom or eve... more »

Fresh food comes at a price, but not with this device.

18 Nov, 2018
This is a good sized vacuum sealer. The unit comes with 15 plastic bags to get you started and can be used for both dry goods, and for items such as meat or fish. Dried goods are very straight... more »

Smart Bulb For A Smarter Life

15 Nov, 2018
This came on prime so it was fantastic. This product is brilliant (once setup) it was a bit difficult to pair with my WiFi this is a 2.4GHz product which my router detected and set to but my smartphon... more »

Fantastic water fountain

13 Nov, 2018
Vets tell us that it is vital for your pets' health and vitality to keep them well hydrated, and the isYoung drinking fountain has been carefully designed to encourage your pets to drink. You... more »

Amazing Value Quadcopter

13 Nov, 2018
Out of the box, it is clear that the quality is high. It’s easy to fit the prop guards and landing gear and they are fixed by a screw (screwdriver supplied!), so can’t fall off. You also g... more »

Child loves it

07 Nov, 2018
Curvy Barbie has a more ample body style than other Barbies. I think it is great that Mattel is coming out with the various body style Barbies that allow children of different shapes and sizes to rela... more »

Fantastic earphones

19 Oct, 2018
I'm in a gym 4-5 times a week, and I tend to sweat really heavily, particularly during the warm weather which we've had over the past few weeks. I typically prefer over- ear headphones when I&... more »

Back seat Tidy...

19 Oct, 2018
These back seat organisers are great. They are made with good quality materials. Both have compartments to put tablets in, it's very useful to keep the kids organised. Both have large pouc... more »

6ft usb c cable, just fantastic.

08 Oct, 2018
Firstly, I wasn't expecting much with this for the price.. And left it a few days before opening. But I was shocked at how robust this thing is. The cable is like a hard mesh which seems indistruc... more »

Very nice

08 Oct, 2018
I bought these socks for my little daughter. You get in the pack 5 different styles of socks. They are all very cute designs. What I like about these socks the most is that they have the non slip litt... more »

Fantastic product

08 Oct, 2018
Brilliant car window shades!As it fits directly over the door - therefore covering the whole window - there's no "exposed" areas of glass like there is with the normal "stick on&quo... more »

Good protection

17 Sep, 2018
We have a 4 burner gas bbq with a shelf one side and an additional burner ring the other side. This makes the bbq width around 140cm. We purchased several 'large' bbq covers from the usual st... more »

Nice toy for the kids

17 Sep, 2018
Five stars for keeping my little one busy! You pull them back and they literally go! They zoom across the floor at speed I was surprised. Call me a kid but I've had great fun with these also. Only... more »

Must have for Echo

17 Sep, 2018
Was a little dubious at first, thinking that as this had no permanent or semipermanent way of being attached to the wall, and simply used the plug for remaining stable. However, and this is an ENORMOU... more »

Fab Product for the heat

20 Aug, 2018
I bought this fan hoping it could give me some help with this heat we are getting in the South of UK. I am so pleased i did. Although quite chunky i prefer it that way, the speeds are great and adding... more »

Bright as it gets

18 Aug, 2018
I can't speak for how long this lasts, or how long the batteries last, because I haven't used it that much. However, I am really impressed by how easy it is to use (just put the two wire ha... more »

Nice design & works as it should

18 Aug, 2018
It works and it looks good! What else to ask for?! I've read many reviews talking about how they don't know whether these RFID blocking cards work or not. Well, they can be easily tested.... more »

need a can opener, buy this.

18 Aug, 2018
Seems a bit ridiculous to review a tin opener.. but here it is. I had a cheap one that I bought a fore a couple of quid from a supermarket... it didn't take long until it didn't turn and do... more »

mount it for a fraction of the price.

18 Aug, 2018
Excellent and well-constructed bracket for the price. Easy to set up so it fits my projector It is absolutely worth taking the time to get the bracked mounted in the perfect position using a horizo... more »

Great quality product

07 Jun, 2018
I love this product. It makes my skin feel amazing. For anyone purchasing this product keep in mind that this is 100% organic therefore like any other organic product it goes off (it wouldn't be o... more »

Great, does what it's supposed to perfectly

01 Jun, 2018
Ordered the 'Universal 15.6" inch Anti-Glare Laptop/ Notebook Screen Protector Film for Dell Lenovo ASUS HP Acer (345 x 194mm)' by WengTech  for an Asus 15.6" K55A laptop w... more »

A great little projector

01 Jun, 2018
Value for money. Yes def. For the price. I have tested for both movies and graphics display. The colour and brightness of the images is very good. It suits watching a moving image the best. Very impr... more »

Very powerful for such a small fan

01 Jun, 2018
I've collected quite a few fans over the years, both mains powered, battery powered and USB powered. Battery powered is really a no starter except for mobile use. Mains powered are usually big and... more »

Strong cable for constant use and abuse

01 Jun, 2018
The product appear to be very good quality, strong and robust, the problem i usually find with these micro connectors is that the connection is broken when sitting a certain way or the connector... more »

The 28 led light packs a punch

24 May, 2018
The delivery driver came with the package, i was expecting a big box as the picturures made it seem like the product to be quite big. the driver handed me a small box and i was supprised how small it... more »

Smart Bulb with Smart Colours

19 May, 2018
This came on prime so it was fantastic. This product is brilliant (once setup) it was a bit difficult to pair with my WiFi this is a 2.4GHz product which my router detected and set to but my smartphon... more »

MYCARCADDY Seat organiser

15 May, 2018
I’d been looking for a suitable organiser to go in the car for my little one for some time now and was very pleased to review this particular one. I have a 3 year old who likes to have his th... more »

Simple to use, easy to clean & kids love it

07 May, 2018
The Microwave Silicone Popcorn Maker Collapsible Bowl with Handles was delivered in a timely manner and was well packaged to protect it from damage during shipping. I am impressed with this microwa... more »