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Michael Ozborn

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Please do not offer me any kind of tea or other food or drink items.
Great on time reviewer. For almost any item needed.


No other repair kit comes close

28 Jul, 2019
This is a great set of tools with hardware included. Nose pieces, and about every size screw for any glasses. I've fixed three pairs of my old glasses. Theres even a little tool that holds on to t... more »

Much better than work issued badge holder

21 Jul, 2019
I cant believe how much heavier duty and well built this setup is than my work issu . The return spring has a very strong pull and it actually has a small cable instead of string with a metal cas... more »

Very bright and good battery charger

14 Jul, 2019
This pair of lights is what I had been looking for. Rechargeable and last for a very long time after charging. 3 brightness settings are battery savers as well. Takes about 2 hours to charge  A++... more »

Great for the hobbyist

14 Jul, 2019
This is a great multi level storage container. Just the right size and easy to carry and take with you  My wife loves it for her card making Storage. Would be great for anything. Well made. A+... more »

Great for a formal night out.

05 Jul, 2019
This is a nice light carry case . The kickstand is a little short for me but should be fine for most. All buttons, S pen and charger port are easily reached. May take a light drop but I wouldnt take i... more »

Not what I ordered

05 Jul, 2019
I order these earbuds and the first time receive a piece of body jewelry. A belly ring or something. So I contact the seller who was very nice and needed pictures of the item. Yet there is no way to s... more »

Nice 360 view camera

05 Jul, 2019
This is a nice little camera added to my setup. It will be mounted on my front porch since it has a great motion detector and 360. Degree tracking. The picture on mine is impeccable. Cant say to much... more »

Well made and great material

27 Jun, 2019
They are not very well made materials and dont  seem to be put together correctly. For some reason they took over a month to arrive. Hence the 2 star score. I have always been under the in i... more »

Do a good job at saving your fingers

27 Jun, 2019
These are a minimal product but cover right fingers to keep you from getting burned while using a flat or curling iron. Seem made well. Kinda hard to keep in place on your finger . An extra strap woul... more »

A little smaller than expected.

20 Jun, 2019
It's a very well made belt. But the Size is a little smaller than usual so when you order adjust to one size larger.  All in all my sweet thing loves it and it's a great price. . A+ more »

Very nice brushed stainless

19 Jun, 2019
It leaks a little around the handle when you use it.  But it works great for rinsing my dogs during their bath. B+++ because of the leak.  more »

I couldn't believe when it started my Pony

19 Jun, 2019
Just to test it. I took the positive cable off my turbo mustang 2.4 EcoBoost and this thing actually jumpstarted it. Granted I got one shot at it. But it did start it. So I give it a big A++++ for eff... more »

Looks great and made well

19 Jun, 2019
This bikini looks fantastic on my girl and made on nice soft materia . The stitching looks really well sewn and should last a long time. A++ for craftsmanship  more »

Fit great and my girl loves them

19 Jun, 2019
I bought these for my special someone who has been hitting the gym hard. They fit great and are made of high quality materials. A++++  more »

Very good quality picks and items.

28 May, 2019
I mainly bought this set for the little mirror and now that I have it it has been used frequently. They are very high qualit . Good enough a dentist could actually use them regularly. A+++++ #rankb... more »

Very small and will not pick up much

28 May, 2019
This thing is a little deceiving. The picture makes you assume it's a standard size robotic vacuum and it's only about 8.0" and cannot seem to pick anything more than dust. I can't fi... more »

Cool little drone

19 May, 2019
This is a pretty cool little drone and the camera is the best of my 5 mini drones. The flight time is good and it is adequately fast . The app control needs a little work. Other than that a great... more »

Built to last works well

19 May, 2019
Works well built to last. Tested inder water for 10 minutes and worked great. Medium vibration so not too intense.           #rankboosterreview #fisheker #cockrin... more »

Very fast and built tough

15 May, 2019
Great usb drive. Lighttning and USB  . A+++ VERY FAST         #RANKBOOSTERREVIEW #FLASHDRIVE #VINCENTCF more »

Great quality at a great price

12 May, 2019
This is my third utility item from the Vickay company and so far i have been quite impressed with each more and more. The pliers end has not stripped out after extensive use and have stayed rigid afte... more »

Works like they should

07 May, 2019
Just as good as any ziptie out there. Ill be orderibg more in the near future. A++++       #rankboosterreview #Neicohties #wendywendy more »

Super long and sturdy

07 May, 2019
These are some long cables. 10ft goes a long way and are convenienf when Theres no plug in close.they seem a bit stiff fir a usb cable but in sure  they will get worn in. The connectors are good... more »

The size right with the chart

02 May, 2019
Usually when you order these types of swimwear they tend to run a whole size small. Not the case with this item. The size is dead on with the charts as my wife ordered a medium and should have got her... more »

Work great. Turn you objects off and on away from home

30 Apr, 2019
What can you say. Smart plugs are the greatest new gadget since the microwave oven  Most items you plug in can be controlled anywhere. No more. Man did I leave those lights on or off? Great quali... more »

Works great in the kitchen or shop

26 Apr, 2019
Flame is very adjustable from low to very very hot. Useful for creme brulee or sweating  your hot water tank lines. Very well built and the striker seems real strong  . I give this one an A+... more »

Very fast and long running

25 Apr, 2019
This truck is quite amazing. Powerful enough to jump off the porch and into semi tall grass. Then zoom across the yard without stopping. Impressive. A+++++       #rankboosterrevie... more »

Compared to higher priced earbuds in their class

22 Apr, 2019
These usually aren't my type earphone but I have to say mine have decent bass response and sound almost as good as my JBL set  At a third the price. The charging case need a little quality im... more »

Wood and blade is very good quality.

21 Apr, 2019
This is great little knife and the 13-8 stainless blade is hard enough to use as a utility knife but a bit of a chore to sharpen. Therefore it holds an edge for awhile. Great design and should la... more »

The 13-8 SS blade holds a great edge

21 Apr, 2019
This is great heavy knife and the 13-8 stainless blade is hard enough to use as a utility knife but a bit of a chore to sharpen. Therefore it holds an edge for awhile. Great design and should last. A+... more »

Fit two different brands

10 Apr, 2019
These are great quality little toothbrush heads that fit on two different brands of sonic toothbrushes making them very versatile and at a much better price than the original name brand heads. A++++ f... more »

Not bad after you adjust a few things

10 Apr, 2019
This mic did nothing but crackle and make noise when it was hooked to my Nikon D5500 DSLR .the trick is to make sure you use the riglht plugin cable for the accessory you are using. In this case it wa... more »

A little strong at first

05 Apr, 2019
Mini vibrator holds a good charge but is a little on the strong side when first turned on. After a few minutes you can settle in nicely. Run it down a few times then charge for longer lasting results&... more »

Love the led brightness

31 Mar, 2019
I had already bought 2 of these lanterns to use around the house  They worked so good i wanted a couple to put in my vehicles. Very well made and rechargeable batteries last about 26 hours straig... more »

Just the right size for dinner

26 Mar, 2019
I bought this for the wife and she loves the size and the chain. It seems to be stitched well especially on the straps. Its the perfect size for dinner and drinks.  A+++ for build and quality.... more »

What a fantastic piece of clothing

20 Mar, 2019
My wifet thinks this is the best robe in the collection  0f old school terry cloth and fleece you could ever imgaine.SHe has worn it nonstop in tfor almost a full week she decied c   &nbs... more »

Hold a charge as well as any.

14 Mar, 2019
Seem to be well built and have over charge technology because they dont get hot at all. Will report again after some heavy use  but for now I give it an A more »

Actually fast charges my Note 9

14 Mar, 2019
This pack of cables are built very well  nice coated ends to keep them from shorting out which is more than I can say for Samsungs stock cable that I have went through 2 of in 3 months  gets... more »

It's about time an FM stereo was included with quality

05 Mar, 2019
In this day and age everyone is listening to their own playlists. Sometimes it's nice to just find a good station on the radio. Combine that with the fine quality, sound, and long lasting battery... more »

Very bright with sn adjustable beam

02 Mar, 2019
I used 18650 battery in this and I couldn't imagine it being even brighter with the larger size. Not to mention the fact that you have 3 battery choices. Very well built but be careful as the led... more »

Every bit as good as my Sonicare

02 Mar, 2019
I used Sonicare for years because their battery lasted and noone else's did until now. This is a great toothbrush and works every bit as well as my sonicare and has more modes  A+++++++++ Lov... more »

Sounds okay great portability

01 Mar, 2019
I wasn't expecting much from a small bluetooth speaker but I was a bit surprised that although lacking bass response it was easily eq on my note 9 to produce a listenable tone with good volume. Th... more »

Very strong and battery lasts forever

28 Feb, 2019
I cant believe how strong these buzzers are. The batteries last for several 30 minute uses. I have used them 5 times now and the battery meter still says 60%  great wireless item  A+. &nb... more »

Great fun in the bedroom alone or with someone

27 Feb, 2019
The wife and i have been having some fun. Well made and great price.  more »

Very sharp and well built.

24 Feb, 2019
These are some very good toenail clippers. They should last a long time and come in a nice gift tin A more »

Great picture for a small ftz cam

24 Feb, 2019
Option to go wireless using it's own wifi or wire it straight through the router or server. Grade A+ if you need a small HD camera that turns and zooms this is it  has options for picture qua... more »

Great item and easy to use

24 Feb, 2019
It really is as easy as adding heat to two joined wires. The quality of the solder looks great and the shrink wrap is tight. A great buy at This price.  more »

Much hotter than expected.

03 Feb, 2019
Great torch for the kitchen. Well built and ergonomic. A+ recommended. I think you could braze and sweat pipes with this thing. more »

About 3x brighter than regular bulbs.

31 Jan, 2019
I have a 2017 Ford F150 supercab and have been wanting to convert to LED since I bought a mustang with them. Seeing these I couldn't resist. If you're driving a new Ford pickup there is a much... more »

Holds a 10.1 tablet just fine

19 Jan, 2019
UPDATE: I had only used one of these after buying 2. I should have checked both because the 2nd one wont tighten up or hold itself up more or less a phone or tablet. Check your package well. I will... more »

Samsung DeX works flawlessly

17 Jan, 2019
I ordered this for the sole reason being "I didn't want to pay $100 plus to use the DeX feature on my note 9. Upon plugging my power supply into the adapter, hooking the TV up via HDMI and fi... more »

Every bit as good as the name brand

10 Jan, 2019
I received the green nok light and tht he have a small switch that automatically comes on when you release the arrow  Luminok has nothing on these little beauties . Available in red, blue, purple... more »

The 13-8ph stainless holds an edge

09 Jan, 2019
You don't find knives made from 13-8PH stainless steel very often. Usually 440 is the standard  13-8 is much harder and although a bit harder to sharpen the edge will stay sharp much longer.... more »

Great knife. Very very sharp

06 Jan, 2019
It's a little heavy being made of 13-8 stainless but is very sharp and holds an edge well  the "can opener" is actually or also a gut hook  a+         &n... more »

Compact set w a few attachments

06 Jan, 2019
I completely wore out my first micro set of drivers  and decided to try a different brand. Glad I did  well made and in s compact case. A++++!        #RankBoosterRevie... more »

Very sturdy and well

30 Dec, 2018
I bought this for my son who is  county sheriff  Upon opening it. It was a very well situated bag with several compartments for clips  ammo and supplies  Even his range earmuffs fi... more »

Very slippery. Great for toys.

21 Dec, 2018
Although it gets a little sticky afterwards it sure stays slippery for a long time  works great with toys. more »

Well stitched and well made

15 Dec, 2018
This is a great wslket for someone who enjoys a lighter type wallet. Decent leathe great stitching and craftsmanship. I prefer heavier leather and a plate for your Bill's. RFID is pretty cool. But... more »

Only one side is the correct volume

10 Dec, 2018
These look like they are made pretty well but after trying them on 2 phones the right side isn't near the same volume as the left. I'm sure the buyer will make it up. I will update as soo... more »

Very white light and daylight sensor

08 Dec, 2018
Bulb sensor works great and emits a white very bright light. Very well made. A+       #RankBoosterReview #tonyhuhu #dusktodawnbulb Buy it here.  https://goo.gl/QXbvqV more »

Not much arch support as stated

01 Dec, 2018
Although very good gel padding and insert, it doesnt have the arch support as stated. The arch support was the actual reason they were needed. Other than that very good quality  ... more »

Great for moisturizing

01 Dec, 2018
Dont take the term acid too seriously as this stuff will not eat your skin away  yet helps moisturize and makes slight wrinkles tighten up and your skin softer and smoother.   Buy here... more »

Much better than an exacto

30 Nov, 2018
This is an excellent foot tool and callous scraper. Well made and should last for many years. Gets dull? Just change out the blade and continue use. A+   ......BUY IT HERE........  #RA... more »

Great size and durable

24 Nov, 2018
The wife is ecstatic about her new makeup case  the adjustable compartments adjust to fit everything. Very durable well made. A+ Buy here: https://goo.gl/UBLwKd       #ran... more »

I loved it so much I bought more

20 Nov, 2018
These are pretty cool for cold weather listening  if you're working out in the cold you got clear jams and warm ears. Great sound quality for the price. Material is soft and warm  recomm... more »

Last a whole night and are very bright.

20 Nov, 2018
I was needing an extra bright light to work on my vehicles and ended up using them all over the house. I put recharge batteries in and they can stay pretty bright all night long. A+ #rankboosterrev... more »

Very comfortable. Have been worn nonstop

20 Nov, 2018
My wife has worn these to work, play and lounge every day since I bought them. She says they are as comfortable as any shoe out there very well made. They run a bit small in the US so order a 1/2 size... more »

Bought on a impulse when wife's broke

08 Nov, 2018
I bought this on the day when my wife told me h her straightener is getting her hair straightener and she couldn't be happier. Very well made and the temp adjust works great. This a larger non tra... more »

Best mirror my she ever had

22 Oct, 2018
My GF loves this mirror. She says it's the best mirror she has owned. Yhe base has curved edges to hold makeup. Lights are motion sensored which is very handy and not to bright so you aren't s... more »

Smooth and velvety

14 Oct, 2018
This is some great water based lube. Very thick in consistency like silicone but washes off easy and is not sticky at all. Safe if you're into using toys in the bedroom. Washes off to easy for sho... more »

Almost identical to medical grade

24 Sep, 2018
Comes with 1 pair of braces. Looks like this is a one size fits most type of brace  the metal strip is strong like it should be and removes easily. Much cheaper than a Dr. Or PT Office or lifting... more »

The camera rocks but The app needs updated

11 Sep, 2018
This is a pretty cool little drone and the camera is the best of my 5 mini drones. The flight time is good and it is adequately fast . The app control needs a little work which adds a learning cu... more »

Nice, Rugged but not too much

08 Sep, 2018
This is a nicely made semi rugged case but I wouldn't throw it off of a building as it is not rated for such a fall. Great for around the house, every day or office use. Recommended for light to m... more »

Very strong

20 Aug, 2018
You could catch a fish around 25 lbs with the 8 lb test version of this very tough braided line. Doesn't not have any stretch or give so you need to have experience with braided line. Great for fl... more »

Very strong against rocks

20 Aug, 2018
Took my new pole to the upper side of the damn for crappie and must have scraped every rock there with no breaks or abrasions on the line. A+   Buy it here.  https://www.amazon.com/... more »

Great sound and battery sure lasts

20 Aug, 2018
Although the alarm is a little annoying in the bb or bird song. It will sure wake you up  all features work fantastically. The sound is very good with plenty of bass response and loud enough to h... more »

Lightweight but heavy duty

13 Aug, 2018
This tripod is much better built than I was expecting. With the ball type leveling head you can't go wrong. Worth the price for sure.  But it here.  https://goo.gl/LTBrU  ... more »

Great options with the different heads

08 Aug, 2018
This thing will clean and floss your..mi gums and teeth better than any toothpick and without the worries of poking a hole in your gums. Great for dentures and the kids as well. Recommended ... more »

Not a racer but takes great video and pics

03 Aug, 2018
This is a compact drone that is zippy but is not a racer. Great for any age beginner to advanced. The handling and options are that of a much more expensive unit. Gives the Bebop a run for its money.&... more »

Almost too powerful. But great

30 Jul, 2018
Be careful when you're first starting to use as the brush may have a little more power than you are used too. But this thing works great  recommended. Holds a charge forever  A+++. more »

The best heavy duty Flash ever

25 Jul, 2018
This thing is built to last a lifetime. The outer cover is actually machined aluminum with a brushed finish that even the perfectionist machinist will love  not to mention its lightning fast and... more »

Fast as can be

24 Jul, 2018
Adapts well between iPhone mac and even android phone with adapter. Good contacts and very sturdy. Recommended for those on the go. #RankBoosterReview #Omars #OMARSOtg3.0   https://www.a... more »

dogs love em

20 Jul, 2018
I showed the package to my dog and threw it on the floor. as soon as she seen the rope in there it was on. she tore the package open and picked every toy out and laid them in different places. once al... more »

What a bright light

18 Jul, 2018
I am an avid buyer of flashlights and this is a welcome addition. A new style of diving light that is very heavy duty and waterproof for days  came with charger, battery and boat ready case. Exce... more »

Fits well and great quality.

11 Jul, 2018
I ordered this for my wife and she loves it. Fits just right and seems to wear well. We did order 1 size larger than stated as these are more than likely Asian sizing. Pretty great quality and stitchi... more »

Fantastic portable kit

09 Jul, 2018
I was needing a new iron and came across this kit. The heat on the iron itself is spot on and heats up very quick. The quality over all is pretty good. Let's see if it lasts 20 years like my last... more »

Bass reflex is great. Good dampening

02 Jul, 2018
The bass reflex is very good compared to some other buds I've had and the sound dampening cuts out the outside world pretty good. Wearing them in a hot shop all day and I would say they are pretty... more »

Takes very clear photos

02 Jul, 2018
I was really surprised at the quality of pictures this little setup produces. You just have to make sure you get the lens on correctly which proved to be easier than I thought. You must use the tripod... more »

Fantastic. Great pair of flashlights

28 Jun, 2018
These lights enter the top of my list for best lights. The only better were the green defense lights you can't get any longer. I'll use the 18650 rechargeable. But they come with a sweet littl... more »

A bit expensive but worth it

26 Jun, 2018
This is a great little dog brush. Really grabs the hair and cleans their coats really well. Best part about it is the retract button that ejects the hair off of the brush so you don't need to touc... more »

snug fits just right

18 Jun, 2018
very well made and is fitted. nice spandex type material. kinda looks like a refs shirt but I don't mind. I like it a lot. recommend this seller. A++++   https://goo.gl/oAJAgA #Rankb... more »

Very durable. High Water resistance

06 Jun, 2018
I waited a little longer this time to check these buds out because the last few sets while sounding fantastic were not durable at all. This pair on the other hand has great tone and maintain it even w... more »

Battery not included and still worth it.

24 May, 2018
Just buy an 186500 battery which I already had and this is one of the brightest little flashlights around. Very white light and just right spot beam. Recommended and great for dark stages.  ht... more »

Very heavy and great quality

23 May, 2018
I'm always looking for new silver but I'm particular about what I wear. This is a fantastic item of 2 necklaces and pendants. The chains are very nice and actually made for his and her. His is... more »

Works like it should easy to store

16 May, 2018
Well made and reflective. Actually made my projector picture quite a bit better than the sheet I was using. Can't beat the price anywhere. Came with a nice roll case    #RankBoos... more »

A very nice case for on the go times

16 May, 2018
My wife loves this case as she asked awhile back if I could find her something like this  it has 4 slots to hold your license and cards for those times a purse will not work. Like on those beauti... more »

Snug with just enough vibration

05 May, 2018
Stretches stiff but not too much. The vibration could be a bit stronger but provides great stimulation. Havent had long enough to know how batteries last but they sent a full card of batteries as well... more »

Takes a few days to start but then works great

03 May, 2018
I bought these before i really did enough research. They are not a Viagra or cialis substitute. They started to work after 3 days of taking 1 more than the suggestion. Now they work great and add stam... more »

Great blade and craft for the price

23 Apr, 2018
This is a great knife. 440c stainless is a great combo for ease of sharpening and ability to hold a great edge. The carbon fiber is imitation but I'm not sure about the wood part. Either way besid... more »

Replaced a much higher priced toothbrush

19 Apr, 2018
When I seen the price on this item I had to give it a try. My sonicare. I didn't think it would replace it since my sonicate was $75.00. Man was I wrong. This toothbrush is stronger with a smaller... more »

Heavy duty and flexible

23 Mar, 2018
As a bass and guitar player for almost 40 years, I have tried more cords than most can imagine. My first thought was "there can't be much quality here. It's a $10.00 cord!!"  I... more »

A trimmer with great accessories.

23 Mar, 2018
What a great trimmer. The battery life is quite good and lasts. I finish shaved my head and still had enough battery to trim other parts plus. It still hasn't needed a charge. And I every att... more »

You can feel the difference

23 Mar, 2018
I didn't think these pills would make any difference at all. Was I wrong. I started them as prescribed and in 3 days i was feeling sharp and at attention without that jittery feeling at all. Will... more »

Great adj. Lighting and tilt feature.

13 Mar, 2018
My wife has been looking for a new vanity mirror so I surprised her with this one. She opened it and decided to put her makeup on right then. She kept saying the lighting and the way you could adjust... more »

So many settings. Once you find the one. It's perfect.

01 Mar, 2018
By sheer coincidence I hurt my back moving music equip. 2 days before my unit arrived. I Opened it immediately and placed the 2 larger pads on my back. I found the perfect one and let it go... more »

Ruggedly built for great protection

12 Feb, 2018
This case looks as though it is built to provide top notch protection against about anything you could throw at it. The slim combination polymer plastic and hard inner frame hold the phone right ... more »

Nice soft touch with great protection.

06 Feb, 2018
This is a great Samsung oem case. Very soft silicone that I was expecting to be rather sticky will slide in and out of your pocket, purse or jacket without getting tied up and snagged  make... more »

I actually daisy chained 6 pedals with this gem.

15 Jan, 2018
I hooked this little gem up as soon as it arrived. It is very well built and the wiring is very sturdy and should last a long time. I started with just one delay pedal checking very close for any stat... more »

This Pedal is the total delay package in one.

14 Jan, 2018
What a fantastic stomp pedal. After plugging it in and playing with it for an hour or so I came to the conclusion that this little monster has more options than my MXR Carbon copy deluxe which costs $... more »

Great quality amp with lots of sound

03 Jan, 2018
I wasn't sure what to expect when I bought this little amp. I was sure it would be a cheap box with the same hardware. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box and pulled it out. It has a... more »

Great Pedal for the price.

23 Dec, 2017
This is a very well made pedal and delivers a decent Marshall amp style British distortion. It is very well built and upon opening the case the soldering and board are nice too. Doesn't quite keep... more »

Great pick. Same material as Tortex

23 Dec, 2017
These are great picollo style teardrop picks. Made with the same great unbreakable Delrin type material you have come to love with Dunlop Tortex picks which I have been using for years at a fraction o... more »

Only got to fly one time before motor failed but seems good.

17 Dec, 2017
Worked fantastic through the first flight then one of the motors just quit working. I contacted the seller but have not received a response In almost 2 weeks. Overall it seemed to control very well an... more »

Very well built braided cable

11 Aug, 2017
ByMike Ozborn May 14, 2017 After screwing up my last HDMI order by ordering a 1 ft cable. I ordered this one and have to say I'm quite impressed. It arrived simply packaged in a padded envelope... more »