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Not a data transfer cable, nor a 'fast charge' cable

Verified Post by Nikki Frye
Published on 07 Apr, 2019

Micro USB & USB-C Fast Charging & Data Sync Cable
Price: $79.00
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I was extremely disappointed with this product. The title states that it's a ''Fast Charging & Data Sync Cable" with a price tag of almost $80.00, which gives the potential consumer the impression that it will not only do what it says, but do it well enough to be worthy of such an extremely high price compared to other products claiming to do the same thing.

Needless to say, I was more than slightly disappointed when I plugged my phone in to charge thinking it would actually be a 'Fast charge' cord, and after an hour plugged in using the cable, my phone wasn't even at 70% battery yet. Every fast charge cable I have ever owned has charged my phone from less than 15% battery left to 100% in under an hour. My basic charging cables charge my phone faster than this one does. So strike one for this cable, as it is NOT a "fast charge" cable, as it is advertised to be.

So I then plugged the USB end into my HP notebook and attached the other end to my phone to attempt to transfer a few music files and some other files off my phone to free up some of the RAM and memory space on my phone. Once again, I was sadly disappointed to realize that the cable is not capable of transferring data at any speed, let alone quickly. It only acted as a 'trickle' charger cable allowing a slow charging capability to my phone.

So my honest opinion of this product, based solely off my own personal experience with using it, is that it is a very cheaply made, run of the mill, regular back-up charging cable, and cannot be used to transfer any type of data, nor fast charge any device. The price of almost $80 is just a tactic used by the seller to instill a false sense of confidence to potential consumers that this product will do everything the description and listing title claim it will do, which is does NOT. I would never in a million years pay $80 for a charging cable that charges slower than my slowest charging cable and cannot transfer data at all. I have no idea how this seller justifies advertising thi product as something it definitely is NOT, and charging $80 for a cable that I would never pay for in the first place, had I known its actual capabilities. In my opinion, this is not only false advertising and completely taking advantage of online consumers, and is a total scam to get people to pay 100% more for this item than its actually worth by claiming it is something it definitely is NOT. This is a false claim used to scam consumers out of almost $100, and the seller should be banned from every selling on the site again, and potentially have to face criminal charges for false advertising and online consumer fraud. 

Price: $79.00


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