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Super cute dress

24 Apr, 2019
I love this dress.  It's super cute.  It's short but not too uncomfortably short.  The long sleeve and button down give it a nice fancy look.  Huge fan of the yellow color... more »

Cute Bracelet

01 Mar, 2019
Cute, sparkly bracelet.  I got for my friend for a gift.  She loves it.  It is so sparkly and pretty! more »

Great for skipped gym days!

01 Mar, 2019
I got this for my dad so he can still get a nice at-home workout on days he skips the gym.  he loves it so far!  :)  more »

Incredible Desk

01 Mar, 2019
Easy to install.  Fits two monitors very nicely.  Great for posture / backs! more »

beautiful shirt

25 Jan, 2019
fits great - comfortable! more »

great converter

11 Jan, 2019
awesome little converter for monitors! more »

great craft kit

11 Jan, 2019
awesome kit - includes lava beads, spacer beads, chakra beads, string, grabbing tools, tape measure and a carry case! more »

good color in mask

11 Jan, 2019
good color in mask - good bandana more »

great tags for craft projects

11 Jan, 2019
great little tags for craft projects - i used these with my christmas ornaments.  super cute with the hearts cut out! more »

beautiful bathing suit

11 Jan, 2019
cute swim suit.  the laced up top is adorable and the lined sides are cute.  so happy with this! more »

Great Swim Suit

11 Jan, 2019
Cute swim suit - fits great.  I love the cross over top - makes me feel secure in the swim suit! more »

Love the cross over top

11 Jan, 2019
Cute swim suit - fits great.  I love the cross over top - makes me feel secure in the swim suit! more »

Great Gift Idea

11 Jan, 2019
I got these as christmas gifts for the men in my life because my boyfriend found this useful when adding fluids to the car.  great little tool! more »

I love the bag

11 Jan, 2019
I love the cross body bag - it fits my phone, cards/money, chapped stick and i still have room for other various small items.  good size and shape too. more »

Great material and style

18 Nov, 2018
Boxers are made of a comfortable material - style is nice.  Product is as pictured more »

Beautiful RGB Moon Light

18 Nov, 2018
Beautiful RGB Moon light.  Liked it so much I got another to give to someone for a christmas present! more »

Great material and stylel

18 Nov, 2018
The material is great and the style is also nice.  Fits and looks as expected/described. more »

Great for normal standing positions; be wary with movements

18 Nov, 2018
When I have my hair up in a bun, I can't put my sunglasses on top of my head when I'm not using them, as the nose piece messes with my hair.  I got this and it definitely helps howev... more »

Holiday Cookies with Cookie Press

18 Nov, 2018
Growing up, we would always make holiday cookies from a cookie press.  I was so excited to see this - brought back so many memories.  I love this press - various cookie shape options are inc... more »

Super Cute Club Dress

18 Nov, 2018
Super cute "little black dress" club dress.  The side slit is held together by fake diamond clips.  They have a claw hook which is totally visible but the claw hooks make it super... more »

Fun Glasses

18 Nov, 2018
These glasses are so much fun!  Try using them with different kinds of lights and different types of light patterns to see various effects of the glasses!  so cool!  Two pairs are inclu... more »

Great Fashion Top

18 Nov, 2018
Love the top - got it for my boyfriend.  It's perfect for nights out at the club - I love the rainbow smoke pattern more »

Comfy Flip Flops

18 Nov, 2018
Comfy flip flops - cute braided design.  Flip flops do decently well when wet more »

Cute Lace Necklace

28 Sep, 2018
This is super dainty and cute!  Perfect touch.  Can dress up or down!  I recommend it! more »

Wonderful Mock Stand-Up Desk

28 Sep, 2018
I used this to make an at-home stand-up desk and it works great!  this has movable angles in 3 places, allowing you to get your most perfect, comfortable fit!  The laptop fans are nice too!&... more »

Awesome, Sturdy Stand

28 Sep, 2018
This is a great addition to my desk!  Raises the monitor screen and the keyboard pullout is a wonderful space saver!  Highly recommend! more »

Cute Novelty Blanket

28 Sep, 2018
Cute novelty blanket.  Great for sitting / laying around.  I kind of wish the foot hole was a little bigger so some walking around could be done! more »

Colorful and Comfortable!

26 Sep, 2018
I love this colorful, cloth hammock!  It's so comfortable!  So happy with this! more »

Beautiful decoration - goes a long way!

25 Sep, 2018
I have this around my desk at the office with some Halloween lights and I love the way it looks.  Such a nice touch that goes a long way! more »

Happy With It

22 Sep, 2018
The scale is nice - it's comes with a weight to tare the scale and plastic tweezers.  There's a little plastic tray used to weigh, too.  A big plus is that this scale runs on two AAA... more »