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About Me

I am a stay-at-home mother. I have a son and two energetic dogs who keeps me very busy. I love reviewing products for businesses and giving them honest feed back which I leave on review sites such as this one, amazon, and social media platforms.


Oh that color!

08 Aug, 2019
The color of summer is a soft coral or salmon color which this bathing suit expresses perfectly!  The black bottoms contrast the top portion of the suit and brings out the beautiful salmon color... more »

Beautiful Salmon Color

07 Aug, 2019
A sweet, feminine, and classy bathing suit. I feel very girly when wearing this one. I love the very soft salmon color because it stands out in a nice way. The ruffled top is very beautiful ... more »

Just too cute!

07 Aug, 2019
Fantastically cute design! I got the black bathing suit with the beautiful orange flowers.  The V neck was exactly what I was looking for in a bathing suit. Strong material. I have used this and... more »

Great for light breezy weather!

05 Aug, 2019
The thin material makes this cardigan perfect for light breezy weather or overcast days when out doors. I love the elegant floral design. The pockets are nice to have when I need to store keys or my p... more »

Cute Christmas decoration and speaker!

02 Aug, 2019
I got this cute Bluetooth speaker because I know it will make the perfect gift for my families annual Christmas gift exchange this year. There are a lot of unique gifts that my family members give so... more »

Natural soft glow

30 Jul, 2019
I am impressed with this little light bulb. It has a vintage look which I love and the soft yellow tone glow is soothing and natural. I love the natural feeling this light gives off. I use this for my... more »

Great for creme burlee's

30 Jul, 2019
An excellent torch! I use this to make creme burlee's and it gives the perfect caramelized top. I also make fluid art paintings and need a small torch to pop air bubbles after my painting is done.... more »

Feminine and simple

28 Jul, 2019
Super cute one piece bathing suit! I love the pure black color. Very subtle and simple. The ruffles of the V-neck area give a feminine look and the tie on the side of the bathing suit gives it the per... more »

Great for camping

02 Jul, 2019
I thought this was bigger than it actually was. That is the only downfall of this bag. I used it for camping and it was exactly what we needed to transport water to wash hands and such. I  would... more »

Cute designs!

02 Jul, 2019
My daughter is thrilled and proud to have these undies. She loves the fun and unique designs and has a hard time choosing which one she wants to wear! It seems to be that the flamingos and popsic... more »

Clever tag location

02 Jul, 2019
Many things I love about these boy undies. First of all, they are the perfect fit for my son and the material is super soft and comfortable. My boy had no complaints and he has very sensitive ski... more »

Best full coverage swimsuit!

02 Jul, 2019
This was a gift for my sister and she was WAY in love with it the first time she saw it. The design is subtle and not too hard on the eyes. This design fits her personality perfectly and makes her loo... more »

Super Cute Designs!

03 Jun, 2019
My daughter was thrilled and proud to have these undies! They have the cutest and best styles! I could not choose my favorite but hers was the flamingos and popsicles. Material was soft and strechy an... more »

Very fun bathing suit!

03 Jun, 2019
Very cute bathing suit! I love that it is reversible so that way it is two bathing suits in one! I love the comfortable material and it is not too tight except for the top which is a little bigger tha... more »

Great for Kombucha making!

31 May, 2019
I am very impressed with this cheese cloth. I use this to make homemade Kombucha and I love that it captures the chunks of fermented food and i do not get any in the actual drink. I also like that the... more »

Simple design and simple to use!

20 May, 2019
I was in need of a straightener after my previous one broke and I came across this one while browsing. After reading up on it I fell in love because of its features. It is very light which is importan... more »

Not bad for sensitive skin!

27 Apr, 2019
What a great set of colors! I love the natural look options in this pallet and the dramatic night look as well. So many looks I can create off this one pallet of colors. I have had this for... more »

Comfortable and appealing lighting

27 Apr, 2019
I got these for my art room to add more light as well as create a fun atmosphere in my room. I love the multi use these lights offer. The color of the lighting is perfect for the soft comfortable ligh... more »

Very classic looking

27 Apr, 2019
Comfortable hand grip and it is slip proof so keeps my hands in place when I drive. Love the sleek color. Adds an extra smooth and clean look to the inside of my car. Was the last added piece I needed... more »

Perfect for dusty situations

27 Apr, 2019
Got these for my brother for his birthday. It is totally his style and he was very excited to have them because he does a lot of dirt bike and four wheeling. There is a lot of dust involved in things... more »

Awesome decor!

05 Apr, 2019
This a great addition to my Halloween decor. It can be used for so many things the ideas are endless! The material is strong and durable so I do not have to worry about it tearing easily. Very subtle... more »

Too cute not to have!

30 Mar, 2019
Oh Groot you are the cutest thing ever! I have him placed at my computer area and at the moment he is a pen holder but works perfect as a little candy bowl or flower pot as well! I will be planting a... more »

Great buy!

25 Mar, 2019
I love this bread basket. It has a very clean and natural look. It is the perfect size fit for my table. Not too big or bulky and I like that it is shallow so you can see more of the food itself. Very... more »

Useful for many things!

24 Mar, 2019
I love these stainless steel cups! I use these for art projects and before i got these i used plastic pint sized cups and threw away alot of them so i am very thankful to have these so i can reuse the... more »

Perfect Gift!

17 Mar, 2019
I bought this for my niece who is very into fashion. She was impressed with this shoulder purse and said it was perfect in every way! I was very happy to see her excitement The color is vibrant a... more »


17 Mar, 2019
This money bank is very convenient for me. I save a lot of change and I like to keep track so this helps me keep everything in one place as well as easily see what my total amount is. The functions ar... more »

Creative and Cute!

28 Aug, 2018
Absolutely adoreable! My niece was very attracted to this outfit when she saw it. The bright color is very eye catching and she loved the design as well! Very soft and comfotrable. Will buy more from... more »

Absolutely Adorable!

21 Aug, 2018
This cute outfit fit my son perfectly. The material is soft and comfortable and not tight on him. Comfort is my number one priority when shopping for my son and this company hit that spot on. The desi... more »

Very classy

21 Aug, 2018
In love with the soft pink color. Very feminine and the black and brown colors of the brush go very well together. The case is travel friendly and easy to take along for any occasion. Very cute and cl... more »

Great bonding project

02 Aug, 2018
My son and I put this together it was a great bonding project. As soon as he saw it he wanted to get started. The pieces are durable and do not fall apart easy. We plan on painting it later on. Great... more »