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Great quality

21 May, 2019
This does the job just fine considering how thin it is. Drawstring bag is very handy too more »

Nicely packaged appear strong so far

03 May, 2019
So far so good, they feel strong and work as expected. My household goes through a number of cables and Im confident these will stand the test of time more »

Overall Happy

30 Mar, 2019
These do monitor the pressure and temperature but the kit requires a little work. I discovered that 1 of the sensors stayed at a very high temperature for a long time. After changing the ba... more »

An excellent find for me

30 Mar, 2019
I purchase a Seago electric toothbrush for myself and my wife and after using the supplied spare heads struggled to find anything compatible. After having gone back to normal toothbrushes for a few... more »

Very good

30 Mar, 2019
Good Material, the bits all fit my sons nerf guns without issue. A very nice kit that will certainly make him happy on his Birthday. The glasses are very welcome more »

well made

20 Mar, 2019
This works well and is a decent portable size. I had no problems with hdmi 4k. The sd card slots are an added bonus for me and the usb 3.0 ports work as they should. I havent been able to tes... more »

Very compact and great capacity

20 Mar, 2019
This is the smallest powerbank I have purchased over the last few years and the capacity is great considering its size. more »

Peace of mind

27 Dec, 2018
This is such a good bit of kit, now with the cold weather having this in the car gives peace of mind. I had a previous one fail to start a 1.6l diesel but this worked for me more »

So far so good

27 Dec, 2018
This works for me and is better than my older one because the usb ports are a nice distance apart more »

Scary looking

27 Dec, 2018
Although a little scary looking these are really soft and the wife loves them more »

Good value

27 Dec, 2018
These are very good quality and value. Nice fit around the ears and much better than my previous ones more »

Soft workable clay

27 Dec, 2018
Soft and workable clay, lots of bits to make jewellery and tools included.   more »

Daughter loves them

27 Dec, 2018
These came in handy for odd sock day at school. Material is nice and no complaints from my daughter more »

Does the job

27 Dec, 2018
This works well. I am able to clean the car with it and the attachments are valuable more »

It works

05 Sep, 2018
No issues with connectivity, works between floors and the audio is good enough, my only negative is the colour produced in the video could be better. Perhaps its without an ir cut filter, however i... more »

entertaining fun

05 Sep, 2018
The kids loved this and so did i, although my garden isnt big enough to fully test the 400m advertised range i could tell its got some strength behind it. This summer we have used this plenty and s... more »

Fit for purpose

05 Sep, 2018
This works as needed, clamps well to a side table and stays in place, The only negative is it couldnt maintain position fully extended horizontally holding a 10 inch ipad. Positioning it as th... more »

My son loves this

05 Sep, 2018
My son needed something in his room to watch movies on, He didnt have anywhere to put a tv so after reading a number of reviews i decided to buy him this. He is so happy with it, He has even connec... more »

Works great

05 Sep, 2018
I have been using this everyday to charge mobile phones tablets and bluetooth headphones. It outputs to the listed values on each port. Not that every device utilises the full capacity yet. It... more »

Reliable and no gimmicky cloud

08 Aug, 2018
I have 2 older ones of these and this not only looks better and more modern but it has the same great features and even better picture quality. As with my other ip cams, this will allow remote view... more »

Time will tell

08 Aug, 2018
So this has some strong impulses for it. I have only been able to test on my arms so far as due to how sticky the pads are it can be uncomfortable with very hairy abs. Its good that each unit can b... more »

Wife is happy with these

14 Jun, 2018
Got these for the wife after she mentioned wanting to try the really expensive electronic tens type one. This was a fraction of the cost and so far she is happy. more »

So good I got 2

12 Jun, 2018
This shower head holder is really good. Stuck to the tiles really well, wont budge now. We have a rail for our shower head and the moveable part on it wont stay in place now. So i got this to try.... more »

Surprisingly strong considering its weight

12 Jun, 2018
Used this a few times now, it really is light for how much weight it will take. The wife is very happy with it as she suffers from back pain. This really has helped her which is the main thing.... more »

Excellent action camera

12 Jun, 2018
I have a few of these and this one is really good. The others have 10 minute clips but this one has 30 minute clips. Dual display is nice and the 2 batteries is adequate. Would have been better wit... more »