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Jorge Aguilar Avendaño

About Me

My primary goal here is to obtain products to wright reviews but most important of all to make video reviews about them. When the product is worth making video review. I have 2 Youtube channels that are separated by language. I speak and understand English and Spanish.

If you are interested in contacting me for video reviews. My email is SINALOAESHOP@GMAIL.COM





Great for my kitchen

01 Feb, 2018
Great 3 piece kitchen tongst. My wife and I use these every time we have a friend gathering. Would recomend to anyone  more »

MUGIG mic cables are awesome

01 Feb, 2018
This is not my first and certainly not my last purchase from them. There is no static or distortion coming from cables.   Great product more »

Feals like gel when walking :)

01 Feb, 2018
I feal these foot gels are alike music to my feet. My feet feal more rested more »

Great to have backup batteries

27 Jan, 2018
I like having these batteries. I have one in my car and another in my backpack. Always ready incase my phone or bluetooth headphones uncharge.   PROS: 2 Pack Price Small size... more »

These glasses make me look cool!

27 Jan, 2018
These glasses look awesome. The best part is that they are polarized.   PROS: Polarized Price Look great CONS: None   more »

Homate LED Eyelashes - Great for party

26 Jan, 2018
These LED eyelashes are a party atraction of there own. When people see you with these. They almost always ask where did I buy them.   PROS:  Bright LED   CONS: ... more »


21 Jan, 2018
The best thing I like about this portable charges is that it charged 5 times my Samsung S8 phone. Can go 2 days full charges without any problem. I will take it on my next trip to Europe.  &nb... more »

Beautiful Sleep dress

20 Jan, 2018
I love this night dress.It looks great on my wife. Too bad she doesnt like to take sexy fotos LOL    PROS: Quality materials Nice design Includes thong Price   C... more »

multi purpose

17 Jan, 2018
I see it more as an invention that is great. Its great to have when I need it. I use to open boxes, cutting chicken, opening beer and much more.  more »

Great for cooking or video reviews for weight

17 Jan, 2018
Once I recived it I started using it right away. It great for cooking but I actually use it for my video reviews. It helps me demostrate my viewers how much a product weights.    PROS:... more »

Great portable hair iron

17 Jan, 2018
It is awesome to have 2 in 1 iron. I took this for a weding last weekend and 2 of my friends asked if they can use it. Now the bought there own LOL more »

Started taking pills and feel the difference

04 Jan, 2018
I am first time user for pills like this. I have been excersing and not taking advantage of pills like this. I do feel more power to excersise longar than I use to. So in my perspective this pills are... more »

Awesome long and great pice cable from MUGIG

04 Jan, 2018
How can you go wrong with a 16 foot XLR cable that is only $7 dollars. I am have tested this cable for Karaokee and connecting my mixer to my aplifier. Cable works great and I have no complaints about... more »

MUGIG Music tripod stand for music notes 2018

02 Jan, 2018
Awesome music tripod from MUGIG. I have made video unbox to show you how good it is and the best part its it is less than $21   VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYlW5AA7pFk &n... more »

Awesome 3.5 AUX cable PACK of 2

02 Jan, 2018
I was not expecting the cable to be so reinforced by nylon braided cover. But cables look and feal really solid. I doubt I will have problems in the future with tips. Cables where tested on my my hous... more »