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Mom/geekgirl/web developer/gamer/brand advocate/bzzagent/influenster/tech evangelist/early adopted/beta tested/R&D/D&D/ADD/GOD/LOL! w00t! webmaster for @JaminLeather - owner of itygfma.com

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Great Chair For A Great Price!

09 Dec, 2017
Very comfortable beach chair. Comes with a travel bag that makes taking the chair to the beach much easier! Heck, the chair's even nice in the house. We always need extra seating during the holida... more »

These are so handy!

01 Dec, 2017
I use these often for storage and laundry. No longer need a separate wash for my delicates. Recommended! more »

Very useful!

01 Dec, 2017
This is great for jewelry. I like that I can make bigger spaces by removing a few dividers. Definitely recommended. more »

Highly pigmented

01 Dec, 2017
Great palette to add to my beauty collection. The colors are bold and bright. They stay on well with primer. Would buy again. more »

Nice for the price

01 Dec, 2017
Perfect for the bathroom or kitchen. Foams well. Recommended. more »

Great for the environment

01 Dec, 2017
This is a much better alternative to the original k-cups. No more waste. Ingenious! Definitely recommended. more »

These make a great gift!

01 Dec, 2017
I gave these to a colleague as a gift and he loved them! These pocket square are the perfect size for a well tailored suit.  Would buy again. more »

Love is an understatement!

10 Nov, 2017
I use this EVERYday. It's small and very easy to use. I tried using it at the office, but it works TOO well!! So, now I use it at home. Lately, I've been using Lemongrass and Tea Tree Oil. My... more »

Best sleep ever!

25 Oct, 2017
I've been using this for a few nights now and I've never slept so good!! This mask is soft and feels comfortable wearing at night.  This mask is better than any others I've tried. It... more »

My new favorite!

24 Sep, 2017
Infinity Cube 3D Assembly Puzzle – This one was my favorite! It splits into two puzzles and so many configurations. It keeps your hands busy and your mind focused. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Recommend... more »

This one is tough!!

24 Sep, 2017
“Dragon Wagging Tail” Brain Teaser Puzzle – Once you get this unraveled, good luck putting it back together! Definitely not a quick resolution. This puzzle is currently on... more »


24 Sep, 2017
Speed Cube 3x3x3 Puzzle – This one is similar to a Rubik’s Cube. It is well constructed and easy to manipulate. Definitely recommended any time of year. more »

Works great!

21 Sep, 2017
I keep one in my car and one in the house near the kitty box. So far it has helped keep any odors away. I think every house should have several! more »