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Dennis Jarosz

About Me

Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know a little bit about myself. I love to review all kinds of products and used to be a business owner on eBay and was top seller for seven years straight and now I get to help a lot of sellers review their products and give feedback. Currently, I am doing business marketing and business development and a lot of sellers have come to me asking questions on how to improve their product’s customer relationships, and how to get their business to grow.

I review basically everything from adult products to household items, bathroom, kitchen, bedding, clothing for women, men and children, jewelry, and more.

It’s just been amazing working with all of you sellers on here and in some of the different groups I am in. I also do video reviews and take high-quality pictures. I do professional photography for my products that I had on eBay and also for clients. I look forward to working with you


Urban Outdoorsman

14 Nov, 2018
Get your woodsy, outdoor, urban fashion on.  Take your sleek. well pressed suits and pack it away, and slap on your Khaki, earth toned clothes and accessorize w... more »

Water Flosser

14 Nov, 2018
my first water glosser. I have been seeing these a lot in the last few months and have been wanting to give them a try. Lucky store, I choose you! The device is well made with a large water capacity.... more »

Great lights

14 Nov, 2018
you get two of these lights with two remotes, awesome right! Four modes to switch the lighting. Why the four star then? They don’t come looking like that. They are straight and you have to unfol... more »

Simple outlet with great features

14 Nov, 2018
If you have just a few items but need control via your smart devices, this a great addition. I have many smart devices and outlets and switches and they for the most part work great via software apps... more »

The mini handheld camcoreder

31 Oct, 2018
It is way smaller then I expected, but for the price well worth it. It is not like the standard size. This is like a shrink ray hit it and miniaturized the thing. The video is ok, so if your looking f... more »

High Quality Allen Wrench Set

31 Oct, 2018
this is no cheaply made set. It was heavier than I thought it would be. I bought another set at Walmart because I needed to use it on a furniture I just bought and the whole thing broke and was very c... more »

Excercise Freaks, Get your Mesh On!

18 Oct, 2018
Breathable, well made walking shorts. more »

Dear Italy, Grace my home in Serenity

18 Oct, 2018
The plates are beautifully designed and bring a elemenet of a Italian Kitchen. Their just to beautiful to eat on in my opinion, but would make an excellent decor for those who love country. The color&... more »

Let the flames begin

18 Oct, 2018
This is one of them gadgets that you wish was around a long time ago. The light dances with the warm glow of fire, that bathes the room in bouncing light of oranges and yellows. Flickers like a breeze... more »

Nice Beautiful Designed Ashtry

18 Oct, 2018
Let’s start with the typo in title, which is incorrect but has been changed. It is not smokeless. The design is very nice and the deep well of the ashtray holds quite a lot of cigarette but... more »

Nice bouncy Donkey

02 Oct, 2018
First off the instructions are on the product page. That being said, take out plug, it is not a air hole for provided pump to go into. Once it is removed, fill up donkey with air and replace plug. My... more »

Well made Watercolor Brushes

16 Sep, 2018
the brushes are well made and my daughter loved them. She loves to paint with her set and she was using Moms makeup brush. The different sizes, widths and angles allowed her many different strokes. Ea... more »

His and Her Heavy Duty Dog Tag Necklaces

08 Sep, 2018
My wife and I love these, are second set, but a different version. They are heavy duty and have a nice smooth glossy finish. The chain is long enough enough to hang around breast area, so no chok... more »

Dog Tags for your Significant Other

25 Aug, 2018
The tags are heavier than military tags, but it is very nice. I didn’t even notice the crystals, when I first got these, very nice. My wife and I love them and we wear them almost everyday... more »

Comfy sleeping bag

25 Aug, 2018
the size of this was perfect. I was warm and comfortable inside bag. It was long enough for my full body length with room to spare. I am 5’ 10”. I think it would easy fit someone taller th... more »

Rechargeable Manicure, Pedicure set

25 Aug, 2018
The only reason for the four star is the power of the battery powered unit. It slowed or stopped with a little pressure on nails. Otherwise the accessories did a nice job in shaping and removing irreg... more »

Great Vibration, Powerful Mini Stimulaor

25 Aug, 2018
Add that extra kick to your making with mini powerful vibrating penis ring. Many modes to choose from. It fit well for me but may be big if your girth is not big. Since it is not adjustable it may not... more »

Nice quality wallet

10 Aug, 2018
The construction of the wallet is very nice and pliable. Fits and feels good in your pocket. Able to hold a good amount of cards. Not for those that have have many cards, but the sleek design and mini... more »

Not bad trimmer

10 Aug, 2018
i am not a big fan of these, but this changed my mind. I used and tried many different brands over the years. Most left me disappointed and worked as I thought they should. It did a excellent job on t... more »

Excellent Foot Callous Remover

10 Aug, 2018
I love it. You can see it working by all the skin dust that comes flying off your heels. You can feel the difference when your done. Nice and Smooth. I thought the quality of the plastic used in manuf... more »

Nice bath bomb set

10 Aug, 2018
the fragrances are very nice smelling and relaxing. Wel. Packaged, which makes it a ideal gift for the ladies. Not as foamy as other ones and does take to long to dissolve compared to other ones. Prob... more »

Nice massager, great vibration modes

31 Jul, 2018
The massager is pretty well made, the plastic is not as thick as I would have hoped on something like this. Besides that, the head of the massager is smooth on the skin and offers a very nice vib... more »

Great storage and convenient

31 Jul, 2018
I really like the storage amount and works great with storing my photos from my phnone and iPad and backing them up on my hard drive. Small and compact. Easily fits in your pocket, briefcase. Sleek de... more »

Sparkly Jewels

31 Jul, 2018
great for the date nights in elegant wear. The sparkle is flashy and will catch the eyes. The size is not overly big, but not small either. It will accent your evening wear very nicely.  more »

Metal and Smooth wih a Jewel

23 Jul, 2018
Whether your just starting out or have used plugs before this is sure to please. The Metal is smooth and offers three different widths to use. If you are new to this or have been thinking of trying th... more »

Easy to install moveable hand shower.

23 Jul, 2018
The installation was easy, a little tephlon Tape and tighten. The settings will depending on your water pressure but are nice and typical of many shower heads minus the price cost. The reason I bought... more »

Another Awesome Vibrator

02 Jul, 2018
Bombex makes really good vibrators and this is no exception. The tongue is powerful, soft silicone with 10 or more different vibrations which will not disappoint. It just adds a new element to your be... more »


02 Jul, 2018
The same as first one. My size could of been one size up as it was a little tight on my ring finger. This allows to change out colors for different looks. Again great to wear to show your marital stat... more »


02 Jul, 2018
It was very nicely designed, but my finger could have used a size up. Great if you want to show your married status at work, without scratching your wedding band.  more »

Slim powerful vibrator

02 Jul, 2018
The vibrator is thinner than regular ones, but allows for nice vibrations and not uncomfortable. It is made of soft silicone and feels nice in your hand. It is smooth and feels silky to the touch. Com... more »

Works great with my fire tablet

02 Jul, 2018
it fit the tablet perfectly and auto shut off device when closed. The design was nice and loved how it looked.  more »

Great Masturbater

02 Jul, 2018
Soft Silicone, the feeling was good and the modeling was realistic. The water based lubrication works well with it. The only issue with it was the exit hole for bodily fluids should have be en bi... more »

Powerful Massager

18 Jun, 2018
the Massager is very strong and the vibrations good. The material is soft silicone and was comfortable with lubrication. It worked as expected. If you are looking for a anal prostrate massager, this i... more »

Ratchet Belt

18 Jun, 2018
This is my second one of this type of belt. I love the ratchet system and makes it easy to get on. No more trying to get the belt buckle into a hole. This belt is very good. I ordered one for my... more »

Stain Steel Spaghetti Kitchen Tool

05 Jun, 2018
I have had this for over a week. Made out if stainless steel. The spaghetti kitchen tool is well made and I’ve used it a few times to serve spaghetti. The tool is sturdy and... more »

Beautiful Red Pendant for Necklaces

05 Jun, 2018
I have had this pendant for less than a week now and I will go into the details a little bit more on it.   So the size is about a half an inch all around so it’s not overwhelmi... more »

Retro Aviator Glasses

29 May, 2018
The glasses exceeded my expectations. They came with a PU leather carrying case and also came with a soft drawstring case, a cleaning rag and some extra accessories. The ... more »

Beeautiful Rhoduim Fininishes Earrings

12 May, 2018
very nice set of earrings to accent your ears and not to small to not see and not to big the be distracting. For those days when you want a little dazzle. Made of Sterling Silver, plated with Rhodium.... more »

Super long lasting metal spinner

12 May, 2018
Smooth, long lasting spinner. Made out of metal and a mettalic blue finish. It is lightweight and feels nice in your hand. more »

Luggage organizer

12 May, 2018
Breathable, mesh luggage organizer. The only reason I didnt give it a five star is that their is not a bigger one for larger clothing. Otherwise for your essentials and smaller items this is a great s... more »

Daily Planner

12 May, 2018
Excelleny Planner to track your busy day, week, and month.  Made of soft leather with two ribbons to save your place,. So many ways to priotorize your tasks. Sometimes writing is best t... more »

Beautiful Multi-Colored Fidget Spinner

07 May, 2018
I really like the fact that this is multicolored and made out of metal. The spinning lasts for a very long time. Very well-made and different. more »

Excellent Multi Plug Adapter

07 May, 2018
Comes with many different connecters. I had one toy that the cable broke and this worked to charge it again. I havent used them all, but it worked for what I needed. So if you have many different conn... more »

Wife Loves This Shirt

15 Apr, 2018
i bought this for my wife. Not only is it funny and more accurately, probably true for most woman. It fit perfect and made her laugh. Perfect timing too, she just started her period. Washes great. Gre... more »

Nice Length, Fast Charge

15 Apr, 2018
I am really liking these cords a lot. Every since getting them, my phone and tablet charge faster than the ones that came with it. The cords we had were starting to go. In our family, they d... more »

Who thought that eye curlers could get any better?

01 Apr, 2018
I asked my wife what she thought about this and her responses to this eyelash curler. This is what she said. “I love this eyelash curler. Make sure you put on  eyelash mascara before u... more »

Relaxing Black Night Shirt for Lounging Around

01 Apr, 2018
Hey beautiful comfortable night shirt, how did you find me? Oh, wait! I found you!. LOL. It fit my wife very nicely and it’s meant for comfort. The fabric didn't cling to hers... more »

Beautiful Pink Chemise

01 Apr, 2018
I bought this for my wife a week ago and she really likes the quality of the lingerie. It is very soft to the touch. Comfortable on the skin. The color was a nice soft pink, and it is a... more »

4 Port, Fast Charging Power Strip Extension Cord

01 Apr, 2018
Great extension power outlet, comes with four USB ports, which was really nice to get my iPad, Samsung Tablet, me and my wife’s phones and the extra standard outlets there is six... more »

The Black Prostrate Massager

01 Apr, 2018
Beautiful and Sexy. Ultra smooth is right. Very soft and smooth Medical Silicone Prostrate and Vaginal Vibrator. The vibrator has 10 different vibration selections and is easy... more »

Purple Power Wand Massager and Clitoris Stimulater

01 Apr, 2018
Nice and powerful rechargeable waterproof vibrator with cltitoris stimulation. Made of high quality medical silicone which means it is very soft, silky and smooth. Easy to cle... more »

Small, soft and smooth medical mini vibrator.

01 Apr, 2018
A pocket sized vibrator made of soft medical silicone. It is silky, soft and feels nice in your hands. For the size and batteries it uses, gives a nice steady vibration. It is not a massivel... more »

High quality Vibrator, smooth, soft and powerful.

01 Apr, 2018
This product arrived awhile ago and we wanted to take some time to review it and let you know about the quality and the functionality of the product. The toy is very smooth, made with medical sil... more »