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Tiffany Ray

About Me

I'm very excited to be able to have the opertunty to receive items to review to help the seller and also the public so they know what a great product they will receive. This will be a great job hope you choose me to help get your products reviewed and help boost your sales.
My name is Tiffany I'm a 32 year old wife and mother of four I'm from a small town in eastern Kentucky in the USA I'm an avid outdoor person exp hunting fishing and camping.


Automatic hook setter

06 Mar, 2018
This is super easy and effective I absoutly love it never miss a bite again simply set up on the sencativity level you wand set and put your line on the trigger and bam once you have a bite it sets th... more »

Mermaid blanket

19 Dec, 2017
https://www.amazon.com/Blanket-Warm-Comfortable-Christmas-Halloween-Valentines/dp/B077M59Y3B #rankboosterreview #sponsored #blackday beautiful well made mermaid blanket is so comfey I'll be... more »

Bluetooth earbuds

19 Dec, 2017
https://www.amazon.com/Bluetooth-Headphones-Powerbeast-Earphones-Sweatproof/dp/B0774H718M #rankboosterreview #sponsored #powerbeast these are great earbuds easy to connect very comfey don't... more »

Camp guitar strap

19 Dec, 2017
https://www.amazon.com/Mugig-Camouflage-Materail-Electric-Lavender/dp/B01LL2U9HO #rankboosterreview #sponsored #mugig super nice comfey and sturdy guitar strap a must have I love it! more »

2 person pop up tent

09 Dec, 2017
https://www.amazon.com/KingCamp-MODENA-2-Person-Instant-Leisure/dp/B01D19MQRG super nice two person pop up tent comes in a really nice carrying case and very easy to set up you just take it out of... more »

Unicorn watches

08 Dec, 2017
Super cute unicorn watches you get a white,brown,and black banded watches the come in a super cute velvet pouch each are individually wrapped and have stem pegs to keep the batteries from running down... more »

screen protector

25 Nov, 2017
https://www.amazon.com/iPhone-6s-Professional-Quantum-AndsonGear/dp/B074RKS2JQ very nice tempered glass ultra slim screen protectors they are super clear and dont get those pesky little airbubbles... more »

mugig tuner

25 Nov, 2017
https://www.amazon.com/Mugig-Chromatic-Colorful-Calibrated-Included/dp/B019FAKN4I this is a great little tuner its small but works perfect you can keep it in youre case at alltimes if you want it d... more »

three pack of tweezers with leather case

25 Nov, 2017
https://www.amazon.com/Tweezers-Eyebrows-Professional-Stainless-Precision/dp/B01KWHZJTC very well made tweezers you get a set of three one sharp one slanted and one flat they cover any angel you ne... more »

usb string lights

25 Nov, 2017
super bright and cute string lights im going to wraping these into my wreth on my door and hooking them up to a power bank to keep from having coards on my door these are so cute you can use them for... more »

thanksgiving turkey pillow covers

25 Nov, 2017
https://www.amazon.com/Thanksgiving-Autumn-Pillow-Cushion-Decorative/dp/B076X5VYJ8 super duper cute pillow covers with adorable turkeys they have a zipper on them to close them but you can take bat... more »

iphonex case

25 Nov, 2017
this is a cute little iphone x case fits the phone great and makes it easier to hold and adds beauty to youre phone https://www.amazon.com/CLONG-Gradual-Colorful-Flexible-5-8inch/dp/B075723XBM... more »

beach canvas tote bag

25 Nov, 2017
i love love love this bag im going to use it as an everyday purse its big but its perfect to carrt your ipad netbook allkinds of stuff its super comfey to carry you could use it as a diper bag too its... more »

ombar gaming mouse

25 Nov, 2017
https://www.amazon.com/1000DPI-1500DPI-PC-Mac-Linux-Unix/dp/B0746JFFNW super nice gaming mouse has four colors left/right hand design programable buttons large scroll wheel super sharp pickup this... more »

mugig metronome digital tuner

25 Nov, 2017
super nice easy to use mugig metronome digital tuner can be used for almost any instrument gives super fast accuriate readings mugig is an awesome brand everythigng i have orderd of theirs has super h... more »

flexiable tripod

25 Nov, 2017
supernice foldable tripod sturdy design keeps youre phone secure while youre taking photos you can twost this on railongs trees posts just about anywhere try one today you will be very happyhttps://ww... more »

wireless bluetooth speaker

25 Nov, 2017
https://www.amazon.com/HeQiao-Portable-Aluminum-Bluetooth-Speaker/dp/B01AU8ARBI im inlove with this speaker its attractive design lightweight and awesome sound it works beyond great im super happy... more »

bluetooth earbuds

25 Nov, 2017
https://www.amazon.com/Headphones-Comfortable-Gym-Waterproof-Sweatproof-Headset-2017/dp/B0749M9DMR super nice well made easy to pair earbuds i got these for my husband and he loves them he uses the... more »

body piercing kit

25 Nov, 2017
https://www.amazon.com/PiercingJ-Piercing-Button-Eyebrow-Needles/dp/B00XH81JVG Super nice kit for beginners has steral needels nice sugerial steel jewlery and clamp and at a great price  #r... more »

lazer light

25 Nov, 2017
super bright very pretty multi patterns i love it i have people stop and ask where i get it all the time #rankboosterreview #sponsored #arino more »

Headphone guitar amp

21 Nov, 2017
High quality rechargeable headphone amp perfect for any instrument that requires an amp you can play without blaring of a regular amp so you can play anytime anywhere you want and you can fit the amp... more »

Mugig guitar cable

21 Nov, 2017
High quality 10ft guitar cable for an amp super crisp sound and attractive pattern give one a try you won't be disappointed  more »

Note 8 case

21 Nov, 2017
sturty and very pretty silicone and hard plastic case with a beautiful paisley print with ristone accents protect you're phone in style more »

Galaxy note 8 case

21 Nov, 2017
sturdy silicone and plastic case to protect your phone and add some beauty at the same time the way it's made it looks like metal try one today more »

IPhonex case

21 Nov, 2017
very protective easy to carry case is silicone and hard plastic not just a protective case but adds a nice look to you're phone also and is a great price more »

Wifi endoscope

20 Nov, 2017
super long sharp video quality wifi endoscope perfect for looking through pipes small cracks central unit vents could be used for just about anything very well made and waterproof can withstand just a... more »

Waitress aprons

20 Nov, 2017
Super nice waitress aprons great for home gifts or waitressing very well made pockets are perfect size todo the job you need one size fits most super great you can machine wash these  more »

Rechargeable headlamp

20 Nov, 2017
Super bright rechargeable headlamp has two red modes then two white modes and a motion sensor mode very comfortable it comes with the rechargeable battery and a charger this is truly a great headlamp more »

Laser Christmas projector

20 Nov, 2017
im in love with this it's super easy to set up gives you the option for a flat base or yard steak this is even better the ones that are $100+ I highly recommend this projector it's the best ar... more »

6ft aux cable

20 Nov, 2017
Great quality aux cable can be used to hook devices up to you're car can use for sroundsound sound home system or hook you divices to speakers more »

Foldable table stand for tablets

20 Nov, 2017
Super nice and sturdy while still being light and portable great for when your doing work and need to refer to you're tablet or make it easier while playing games the possibilitys are endless I wo... more »

Nipple covers

17 Nov, 2017
these are great you can go without a bra and not worry about your nipples showing through you're top you can go bra less without a care in the world opens the door to wear all these new open back... more »

iPhone X case

17 Nov, 2017
such a great case sturdy and a beautiful design protects you're phone really well has silicone covers over your volume power button very great will be ordering more try one today more »

Black head/pimple extractors

17 Nov, 2017
excellent quality nice case the kit includes five double sided comedone extractors these are used as a better cleaner way to pop pimples or black heads it doesn't damn age you're skin as bad o... more »

Aotearoa beauty grooming kit

17 Nov, 2017
Super nice quality nice sturdy case to keep everything together the kit includes three double sided comedone extractors tweezers manicure scissors and a nail file the comedone extractors are for remov... more »

Mugig guitar picks

16 Nov, 2017
Super nice high quality guitar picks great for beginners and experienced players very sturdy and I love the design would defiantly recommend to anyone who plays more »

Slim and trim

13 Nov, 2017
Excited to be testing this product super fast shipping nice bottle with tamper seal inside and out the pills are a good shape only two pills a day the pills dont have a bad taste and don't le... more »