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Jan Sobetski

About Me


Small but effective

04 Apr, 2019
I am forever cutting the edges of my baking spatulas so I figured 5 gives me a lot more wiggle room. They are smaller than I had expected but I am finding the smaller ones are far more effective for w... more »


04 Apr, 2019
It’s always hard to find a cute bathing suit that fits well and is flattering. Having had weight loss surgery 2 years ago I have a LOT of loose skin in a lot of places I have always worn a suit... more »


29 Mar, 2019
I really like these. Multiple sizes makes them very versatile. Grilling big, grilling small, basting a turkey basting a biscuit. There’s one for every task. Highly recommended.  more »

Dressing up the kitchen

29 Mar, 2019
Just started using silicone utensils relatively recently and needed spatulas for baking. These are a great investment. I love the bright colors and they are both flexible and sturdy. Great product.&nb... more »

Saving Game Night

29 Mar, 2019
I absolutely love this. My family games. Board games, strategy games pick one. And it is such a pain in the butt when a dice roll has to be chased off the table or runs over everyone’s space. Th... more »

Just don’t

29 Mar, 2019
Got a new tablet and was hoping to do some hands free and this’s seemed to be the ticket. Yeah that’s a big no. The ball joint at the top will NOT stay steady with any kind of weight no ma... more »

DIY And No More Digging

29 Mar, 2019
I make chapstick to sell and they are good but people tend to overlook a display that plain. These little keychains  will both increase profits I believe but also get them more attention on the d... more »

Perfect gift

29 Mar, 2019
This is really pretty, the packaging is beautiful and the sentiment makes it the perfect gift. I and my best friend both loved it. Perfect expression! more »

Capacity and Efficiency

29 Mar, 2019
I have been trying for years to find a good coffee grinder that is both sharp enough to really grind the beans AND that I didn’t have to grind 2 or 3 times for one pot. This is by far the best f... more »

Exactly what I needed

25 Mar, 2019
We found an old stereo system in the process of moving and older record players are not compatible. This hooked up to a 80's era stereo and surround sound speakers incredibly well. An aux cable wa... more »

Sturdy and handy!

14 Mar, 2019
I am forever looking for a safe place to do cutting while crafting. This stays put on the table, has ALL the angles and measurements you could want and it's not unweildly in a small space. Huge cu... more »

Good bulbs

07 Mar, 2019
Nice and bright. Good quality.  more »

Loud and fun

07 Mar, 2019
I got these to annoy my sister's kids and grandkids. However I found them to be incredibly fun and keepa few for myself! more »


07 Mar, 2019
I love these socks. So cute.  more »

Storage and style

07 Mar, 2019
With piles of laundry always waiting to be done, the old tried and true laundry basket is functioafu with zero to add to the decid except the reminder that there's more laundry. This gives a good... more »

Very cool little gifts

07 Mar, 2019
I added these to my nieces and nephews treat bags this holiday season and they loves them. Simple activity to 0utb together and fly after. The kids had a blast. A really great value.  more »

Great neutral pallette

07 Mar, 2019
I love the strength of the cookie and still having them be neutral. Good color good staying power.  more »

Excellent little makeup mirror

07 Mar, 2019
Excellent little makeup mirror. Far brighter than I expected. Did exactly what my old eyes need it to do! more »