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About Me

I have been reviewing products for 5 or 6 years and thoroughly love to. I have 5 children and 8 Grandkids - all between 25 years old and 1 month old! I also have 13 indoor Cats, so I am able to give any type of product a good try. I will test out your products and write a professional, honest, helpful review.

Former Radio Technician with United States Air Force
Studied Art/Art History at Morehead State University
Went to Winter Haven High School
Lives in Nicholasville, Kentucky


Sweet Drinking Supplies!

01 Aug, 2019
The Pineapple Motif is my daughter, Abbey's, favorite. I found these Pineapple Patterned Drinking Paper Straws and thought they were perfect for her!  These decorative straws are disposa... more »

Keep Your Blade Sharp!

01 Aug, 2019
My dull mower blade troubles are over, I found this sharpener recently, tried it out and it really works! Features: 1. The lawn mower blade sharpener is suitable for various power drills and h... more »

awesome "Revolt" Wall Charger.

01 Aug, 2019
This awesome "Revolt" Wall Charger, with Dual USB Ports has turned out to be a great item, especially while I move around all day! It's a 2-port USB wall charger that charges up to... more »

A great starter.

08 Mar, 2019
My Grandson really loves this great IOQSOF  telescope!He uses it day and night. The three different magnification Eyepieces: 20X, 30X, 40X, fully coated, with high transmission material, cre... more »

Very soft for Feet.

22 Dec, 2018
Dr. Foot's Shock Absorption PU Sports insoles for Sore Feet Relief, Massaging, Running and Hiking.   This Shoe Insole can alleviate foot pain . Reduction of fatigue when walking or sport.... more »

Very Nice and Comfortable.

22 Dec, 2018
Zinnor Health Foot Magnetic Therapy Massage Insoles has given us an amazing product for relief. The centuries old natural science of acupressure can make a real difference in your life with every ste... more »

Awesome All-in-One kit!

16 Nov, 2018
I bought this "Free Hand" Acrylic Paint Set as a Christmas present for my daughter (Please don't say anything to tip her off!) This is a complete, all-inclusive art set that lets you ins... more »

Precious and bright Lights!

01 Nov, 2018
Theses are really wonderful String Lights and my Grandson has already used them to sreate a cardboard airplane! Aiden knew what to do with the 2 16ft. strings of Precious, Bright lights. Since they... more »

LaLaMa Mens and Boys Genuine Leather Dress Belt is Great!

25 Aug, 2018
 My new LaLaMa Dress belt is perfect; It's made from Genuine Leather with an Alloy Buckle. I wear size 42" waist in pants and this awesome belt fits exactly! The High-Qualty makes thi... more »

A Safe Start to Skateboarding!

11 Aug, 2018
A Safe Start to Skateboarding! These "HUARONG" Gear Pads fit the bill perfectly!  With four sizes (XS,S,M,L) and four colours (Blue,Pink,Black and White) available, this pad set... more »

Awesome Safety for Skaters!

25 Jul, 2018
To start my Grandson Skateboarding, I had to find a nice, sturdy, safe set of pads. I searched a long time and found these "HUARONG" Kids, adult Gear Pads for skating Sports fit the bill per... more »

Exquisite Board for My Grandson to Grow Into!

24 Jul, 2018
I got this BLUESCRATTE 28" Cruiser Maple Skateboard for my 7 year old grandson. He has been learning how to board and loves its sturdiness, while I enjoy its high quality workmanship! The wh... more »

Beautiful Audio!

21 Jul, 2018
Wood, In-Ear Earbuds from "Omars" give me clear, rich sounds no matter what type of music, sports or talk I'm listening to! My favorite feature is the Multifunctional, one button control... more »

Sweet Lights to Have!

20 Jul, 2018
My Flashlight philosophy is like my thousand-dollar bill philosophy, viz. "You can never have too many"! I have used LED Flashlights from "Ablue" several times in the past, and the... more »

Happy Benefits from this Useful light.

20 Jul, 2018
TimeLED offers this superb Securiy Light at a really great price. Its very High Performance and Low 26W power consumption makes this unit a perfect replacement for the standard 150 to 250W metal halid... more »

This Hat is High-Quality!

01 Jul, 2018
It's nice to see the good quality of this "WeeBizarre Cotton Baseball Cap" can still be found. I'm glad I trusted this company for a hat that would last a long time, because this one... more »

Sturdy, Soft Hat That's Adjustable.

25 Jun, 2018
My new "CHOSUR Rose Embroidered Hat" arrived yesterday and it really is nice. It's made of 100% twill cotton material, which feels more comfortable than polyester. It is a good choice fo... more »

Tasty and Good for Feeling Better.

06 Jun, 2018
"Your Super Foods" has produced a really good organic Mix with this ENERGY BOMB formula! I took the suggestion on the label and mixed up a hot cup as a coffee replacement every day this past... more »

Nice Energy and Clean Taste!

21 May, 2018
This SUPERFOOD SPIRULINA , by "PureHealthland", has made a good impression on my family and me. Firstly, this supplement comes in vegetable capsules and doesn't have a bad taste. Second... more »

Nice Energy and Clean Taste!

21 May, 2018
"YOUR SUPERFOODS" Matcha-Green Tea Mix is definitely Super-Food! From the taste, to the energy it gives, this powder goes well with my morning shake and lunch salad. I notice a slightly swee... more »

Healthy Addition to Healthy Shakes.

28 Apr, 2018
"Your Superfoods" created their Organic Vegan  Forever Beautiful formula with our Health in Mind!  (#RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #YourSuperfoods) It has a wonderful tast... more »

Helps to See.

08 Apr, 2018
Using my new Rechargeable Touch Tap Light, by  OUNIER, has brightened up several previously dark  areas in my home. Litter Box closet and office  bookshelves/work area to name... more »

NICE Pens- Versatile and Delicate!

06 Apr, 2018
I have tried and discovered another set of artwork-creation tools from the "MICKYU" brand. I know it's extremely difficult to reproduce the delicate watercolor bristles, which... more »

These Pens are High- Quality and versatile!

05 Apr, 2018
You can say this fine drawing set, labeled "24 Color, No Bleed-Through Pen/marker Set" is pleasingly versatile. In the short time I've had them, this set has become my go-... more »

Compact, Powerful Water Filter.

29 Mar, 2018
When a good water filter comes in a tiny, simple package, I WANT IT!  Asdomo provides a very compact filter that easily attaches and adapts to most faucets. Most importantly for me... more »

This is the Help I've been looking for!

28 Mar, 2018
This nice attachment has helped me clean areas of my home that I thought would always be dirty and dusty! The adapters made for a perfect fit and the suction is really strong. Overall. this product is... more »

Extremely High-Quality and Useful Tool!

26 Mar, 2018
I peel a lot of vegetables for canning. My wife does the preserving, and I peel and peel and peel! My new, "Mivim 6-in-1 Multipurpose Kitchen Tool" makes my job much easier, less labor-inten... more »

A nice Crafting and kitchen tool!

17 Mar, 2018
My new Valtcan Prime Sprue Cutter has already come in hand for working on my small wire sculpture projects! The sturdy hadles and high-quality steel blades make uneven cuts a thing of the past. T... more »

Nice results for my dog!

09 Mar, 2018
I hope this Mavericks Ranch Hip and Joint formula is produced for a long time, because it has already done wonders for my big dog's mobility! I put these Beef flavored tablets in his evening... more »

Awesome Charger!

09 Mar, 2018
This charger is FAST! My phone and ipad were both up to 100% in seemingly 3/4 of their regular charging time. This nice "Poweradd" device has helped me get more done and freed me from spendi... more »