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We are lovers of the outdoors. We love hiking, camping, canoeing, and swimming and surfing in the ocean. Mama is an educator on technology, daughter is a young digital native, and nana is a baby boomer.


Excellent quality headphones, as always with this brand!

16 Oct, 2018
These are made well, connect easily, are comfortable, and have great sound!! They have far exceeded my expectation, and are now a favorite! more »

Good wireless charger

16 Oct, 2018
Appears to charge well, and more quickly than another brand I tried first.  more »

Awesome, easily five stars!!!

09 May, 2018
Having bought a lot of these over the years, this one works extremely well in comparison to big brands. Even better, in my opinion, than anything  offered at this price point.  It is powerfu... more »

Flowy and tunic-length

21 Apr, 2018
Good shirt. Length is great with leggings.  more »

Well made, good fit, but clumsy me needs more grip

25 Nov, 2017
Pretty color, nice feel, but for me—grip is what makes or breaks a case for me. more »

Works, but takes a long time to charge

25 Nov, 2017
I bought this, looking for the convenience of not plugging in when I need a quick charge. This wireless charger works but it takes longer than I anticipated to charge. It’s so slow it&rsquo... more »


07 Nov, 2017
This is my first ceramic skillet and I am highly impressed with the quality of this company’s skillet.  I have cooked a few breakfast foods on it and they have come out much better than my... more »