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DeeDee Cozad

About Me

I'm a 52 year old female and retired nurse. I have 4 wonderful dogs and an awesome husband. I love to swim, play computer games and walk my dogs.



12 May, 2019
This product is so easy to use and it is simple enough that a child can operate it. It is very fast. The charge lasts and I am definitely going to get one in every size available! more »

Gel comfort

07 May, 2019
Very easy to use and comfortable. One of the first things I noticed was the ease with which they went on . Next the soothing cool of the gel they were made with. Very simple to clean and store! more »

Awesome light show

03 Mar, 2019
I did not expect to get so many feet of lights! It is awesome that there are so many different settings and so  many different ways to use them. Can't wait to figure out where I want to hang... more »