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About Me

i am an aromatherapist, i love crafting, gardening and cooking in my spare time and of course writing reviews to help others like me find products that make life easier. if you haven't already guessed pumpkins are my favourite fruit, not just in the harvest season but all year around, it's their shape and colour. there's some extraordinarily unique about them, i love growing them too, my garden was full of them, oh i love pumpkin pie! crafting lovely things to make my home a little unique is a wonderful hobby of mine, i have discovered a whole array of techniques and materials that can finish my projects learning as i go, i strongly believe it's great to learn something new everyday it makes the world so much more colourful and interesting too :) my favourite colour is purple (surprising isn't it?! you thought orange didn't you?!) it's just a little about me, i hope you'll enjoy my reviews and finding out more...


Pleasantly surprised

25 Jun, 2019
I bought this for my youngest nephew. He does get awfully anxious at times, I knew from past experience he reacted positively to puzzles and whenever he would struggle with a situation, we would alway... more »

Bright, colourful and organized

21 Jun, 2019
This is great. Opens and closes easily. Stores perfection too. Purchased this to keep me on track with meds and vitamins. So far I've been organised. I stock it once a week and it saves time, decl... more »

Hours of fun!!

21 Jun, 2019
Catnip and my cat = exhausted fur baby mummy!  She's like a naughty toddler on m&ms more »

Excellent quality and quantity

13 Jun, 2019
Ideal for the dress up box, nurseries, schools and most importantly kids parties!!  Brilliant price and quality, these are excellent for the price they demand. I'm really impressed. My nie... more »

Strong and durable

10 Jun, 2019
I write recipe's down all the time, normally as I'm cooking, I then pin them up for rewrite later. These have saved me loads of time and pins through my fingers. I now can just clip it up out... more »

Coffee, spices and nuts

10 Jun, 2019
This is fantastic!  I highly recommend this product, it's tough and great quality. I have ground, nuts, coffee beans and spices in it with ease. I've stocked my pantry back up in hardl... more »

Looks good

09 Jun, 2019
I needed this to complete a costume. Its actually really good quality. I haven't worn it more than 3 hours but it's comfortable, easily adjusted and looks great.  Maybe it's just m... more »

Excellent quality again

09 Jun, 2019
I purchased a different design of these and got these too because I was impressed with the first lot. My impression is still the same.  They are brilliant quality and value for money. These wo... more »

Really compact!!

09 Jun, 2019
I needed a compact charged for the rushing times, where I forget to charge my phone... we've all done it, haven't we?! This is brilliant, it's really compact, it fits in the palm of you... more »

Good quality and fun

09 Jun, 2019
I purchased these for the munchkins, they love super heroes and have an endless bounty of imagination.  I knew these would be a hit. I wasn't wrong and they've been playing with them s... more »

So sexy

06 Jun, 2019
Now these are the types of yoga pants you need!  You look stunning no matter what your doing. They are comfortable with the right amount of residence and restriction. The quality is amazing to... more »

Badly designed

06 Jun, 2019
Ok  I was excited about this. I like wonder woman, I raise money for charity alot. The idea of this was to appeal and get attention, lift the mood but keep my modesty at the same time. Not in thi... more »

Perfect for cooking

06 Jun, 2019
For those of you who have spent hours and hours cooking in the heat of the summer, you will know the problem I faced. I was working with temperature of 121 degree Celsius for toffee, jam a little lowe... more »

Neat handwriting

06 Jun, 2019
I purchased these for my niece and nephews. They required a little help with their handwriting. I spent hours helping them, shortening pencils and buying handwriting pens. Nothing was working not even... more »

Hit and miss

04 Jun, 2019
I'm really not impressed, it's really sunny in my garden, my pond is positioned perfectly for sunshine, I purposely positioned it for solar pumps fountains etc. Will this work?! No it's a... more »

Perfect and bright

02 Jun, 2019
I love this dress, it fits me too. I'm a size 4-6 and I love that I can get in prints like this. It's bright and cheerful and always looks nice. Ye material is comfortable against the skin too... more »

Illuminating ,

02 Jun, 2019
Despite my title I really like this compact mirror. I needed an easy to store but maneuverable mirror for the back of my hair. I have long thick hair I like to keep looking it's best. So styling i... more »

Strong, good quality and cheap

02 Jun, 2019
I needed some grip seal bags for various reasons, mainly to move home, I had alot of fixing and fittings I couldn't leave to chance. If I'd of lost them so many things would be useless. These... more »

Fun and excellent quality

30 May, 2019
I bought this as a gift and ended up having a go myself, how can you not?! It sits there whispering go on turn me more »

No more flip flopping shoes

30 May, 2019
I am forever trying shoes on thinking they fit, then the next day I wear them again, that constant flip flopping sound plagues me...not anymore more »

Good idea...too early to tell though

25 May, 2019
I was so excited when I found these, I jumped at the chance to try it. The quantities of the vitamins and minerals is low. 5mg of iron isn't any use to me. Maybe for someone who has an exceptional... more »

Exceptional quality

22 May, 2019
One of my most favourite essential oils is lavender. It's so versatile, it can set the mood of any occasion and is always welcoming when you get home.  I noticed how nice the packaging was... more »

Brilliant price and quality

22 May, 2019
I need storage in my home, I have an amazing talent of disorganising things...it's a rare talent more »


06 May, 2019
This is the their one I got for a small space to move air around, dry delicate things and run off a usb power bank when I need it too. The battery lasts the build quality is excellent and it's ver... more »

Excellent quality and durability

06 May, 2019
I am really impressed with the fan. The durability is a massive improvement in my last one I bought from the same company and the battery lasts.  I run it off a power bank when it's low an... more »

Easy for most

06 May, 2019
Brilliant price and quality. I'm impressed with the pool. It went up well and easily. The style of play wasn't delicate either and it withstood it.  I would recommend this to abyoan el... more »


06 May, 2019
I really wouldn't recommend this for tiny long haired critters. I have never been nipped, scratched n snarled at so much, back to the old favourite and all is well and happy again. One neat and ap... more »

Oh no come back!!!

04 May, 2019
Well my first impression isn't good. It's slipped off my face! Oh no come back, surely they don't expecyyou to lay down for 30 minutes while it's on....omg they do?!  Right who... more »

Ok a little bit chunky

04 May, 2019
This I found to be a little bit chunky for my little cat. She's delicate and doesn't like a hard brush. It was however ideal for my brothers dog. So I gave it to him.  It's really... more »

Stuffy pantry fixed

30 Apr, 2019
I needed a small fan for a little window in my pabtry, the air flow was stuffy on the warm afternoons. I wanted something that I could run off a power bank. This solved so many issues. BrikkBril it do... more »

Eggcellent toy

30 Apr, 2019
It's an eggcellent toy...oh it really cracks me up. I couldn't resist I'm sorry my immature moment has passed. I promise more »

Brilliant toy

30 Apr, 2019
Brilliant toy, I really enjoyed having some mindful time after a really busy day, in all honesty all my days are busy. I hardly get a moment to just be. Now I've got a reason! This is so fun, I ca... more »

Oh no come back!!

30 Apr, 2019
Firstly I want to say, I actually see a difference in the day once I've used these. They feel nice on my face, the marked improvement is worth preserving with. I can't wait for the end of the... more »

This is so much fun

30 Apr, 2019
I really like this, it's fun to play with and really addictive. I spent a good 30 minutes the other night after work having a go. I haven't yet put it al back together again but that's the... more »

Excellent quality or so I thought...they keep snapping!!!

30 Apr, 2019
I had previously ordered a different connection for my power bank and needed a new cable for my iPod and iPad. These are brilliant, they charge the device's  quickly, transfer data quickly to... more »

Twinkle twigs everywhere!!

22 Apr, 2019
I like making my own decorations, in the garden in the home as gifts ( yes they are well received...I honestly don't get an oh gee thanks more »

Lightening fast!!

22 Apr, 2019
I was tired of waiting for uploading pictipicetc from my phone to the computer. It was taking the time for the kettle to boil. Now this wouldn't be a problem ordinarily but I needed it for work.&n... more »

Lovely and it works

19 Apr, 2019
This works wonderfully, it doesn't give so it pushes all the water out from under your skin. It's magnificent, it actually works!  This was bought because I love semi precious stones a... more »

Brilliant product and worth having one!

19 Apr, 2019
You know those products you see on the market and you think why would I buy one of those?! Well this was one of those products. I bought it because I was struggling for light. Wow what a difference it... more »

AUSEIN doorbell

14 Apr, 2019
I got two one for the front door and the back door.  I noticed immediately how restricted I was to a power source. I expected the volume to reach further than it did, so I found myself struggl... more »

Very good, the chimes are the usual & the distance limited.

14 Apr, 2019
The range is good, it's certainly as promised, the chimes are the usual. There has been no connection issues with it either.  The units are neat and tidy. I am very happy with the quality... more »

So pretty and simple

10 Apr, 2019
This was a purchase I made out of... Impulse. I had been making jars and jars of jam, and marmalade for weeks. My pantry was full to bursting...it was a delectable and impressive sight. The only issue... more »

Great length

10 Apr, 2019
I normally buy genuine apple products for my tech, this time despite my effort I couldn't get a cable quick enough. These were the next alternative and I am so glad I bought them.  The qua... more »

So useful and quality

10 Apr, 2019
I'm incredibly impressed! You know those things you buy thinking it's a good idea then you think oh is it?! Well this was one of those things until I needed it one time after another and anoth... more »

Really useful and the battery lasts

04 Apr, 2019
This is another great buy, despite it's length  it fits in most areas, the magnetic stripes it's supplied with is strong and durable. The light itself is great quality and most importantl... more »

Brilliant and bright

04 Apr, 2019
Excellent light, the quality is amazing.  The brightness is fantastic and it's ability to solar charge even on dim days is great. It has the added bonus of a usb charging option. I've... more »

So bright and it lasts!

28 Mar, 2019
I have lots of torches, they all promise the same thing don't they? ...durability, reliability, economic running costs, quality, good grip handle. So I thought this was going to be another one if... more »

Comfortable and sexy

27 Mar, 2019
How many times do you choose a bikini to get to the beach, pool or lounger and think I am so uncomfortable! It's annoying beyond belief, I thought the same would happen again but I was surprised.... more »

Brilliant addition

26 Mar, 2019
With little nephews who love all things nerf I just had to get one of these for one of them. I bought two different ones for my eldest nephews to test the quality before I got them for my niece and li... more »

So awesome!

26 Mar, 2019
My little nephews love need wars, it's almost addictive I'll agree with them on that. They have so much energy and it's great to see them expending it.  The bullets and accessories... more »

Perfect for all

22 Mar, 2019
I originally bought this for a friend, she adores colourful eye shadow and lipstick. She wear's it well. Anyway it was her birthday and I struggled to find her something that was just right. I spo... more »

Patterns everywhere!

15 Mar, 2019
Really bright and cheerful, I'm happy with the quality and effect's. It's a neat little machine and will come in use for birthdays and Christmas parties. It doesn't take up much room e... more »

This is brilliant, everything is watered!

07 Mar, 2019
This is the 3rd kit I've got this year so far, everything is off to a wonderful start. The green house is full of trays and babbes areapeeping already . The Polly tunnels are prepped and ready to... more »

lovely lights

06 Mar, 2019
For the people who read my reviews you'll notice it's mainly lights if you don't it's mainly lights more »

Twinkle twinkle

06 Mar, 2019
I really like lights I'd prefer to have nothing but soft lighting around the home. In all honesty I hardly ever turn on the main lights, with the exception of my makeup I keep to my led lights. I... more »

This is amazing, time saving and essential

05 Mar, 2019
I love this piece of kit. My Nan taught me how to grow things before I could walk quite literally, I use to sit in a bouncer pushing my finger into the soil when or she put the seed in. I think I... more »

Neat in a rush

05 Mar, 2019
Are you like me and like things neat? Have zero time to clean up? Loose everything? Well this was my answer, so simple it's frustratingly obvious. I place all my makeup in this bag (well my everyd... more »

Happy baby plants

03 Mar, 2019
I love gardening, adore it evrn. I love growing things there's an incredible amount of joy from it.... Yep I sound mad don't I?! I'm not just really like my cucumbers more »

Lovely glow

03 Mar, 2019
I didn't know anything like this was available. When I bought it I was excited to see if it would be as nice as the tea light  was! domes it was! The difference was I could add my favourit... more »

Beautiful and very special

03 Mar, 2019
I adore these little domes. Theres something comforting about candles a homely feeling. Obviously they aren't fool proof, you still need to be careful but it's a way of making it safer and... more »

Disappointing seemed good quality

17 Jan, 2019
I was so excited about this, I didn't like the idea of having my vision restricted. Out the water is was amazing I could see so much more than with regular goggles, but of course that's not wh... more »

Not as good as expected

16 Jan, 2019
I tried and tried with this mask, it won't stop the water from coming in. Not what you want! It was so tight it started to give me a really bad head ache. How is that enjoyable is that to have a h... more »

Good quality

23 Dec, 2018
Good quality tea tree oil, I was pleasantly surprised. Working with essential oils every day gives me an insight into the quality and value of the products. I can honestly say it's a great product... more »

Very warm and snuggly

20 Dec, 2018
Lovely and snuggly, I bought these for my nephew. He adores red and won't wear gloves in this weather. These have ticked all the boxes henliveh them because of the bright red and they are easy to... more »

I am so impressed

17 Dec, 2018
This is super cute, I bought it for my little nephew. He adores fish and this is so inviting. We were played in the sink with them not the conventional bath, but given its a belfast sink and they arri... more »

These are nice, petite and entertaining

29 Oct, 2018
These are nice, for the price they are good value, I bought them to keep little guests entertained during a dinner, kids and a vast time lapse aren't a welcomed mix, there is however always a way!... more »

beautiful, subtle smell and a perfect gift.

28 Oct, 2018
I adore rose's, when I have the option I always opt for the fragrance.. normally they smell fake, chemically and leave an awful after smell behind. This one is so lovely, it smells like real tea r... more »

My dog looks like an angel, acts like one too now.... well almost.

28 Oct, 2018
My Stafford is prone to dry flaky itchy skin. This spray is a god send. I've had lotions and potions from the vets and both creams, pills and shampoos have done nothing for her. This has, it's... more »

Great quality

28 Oct, 2018
I wasn't sure this would be any good given the price it was offered at, I was sorely mistaken, it has worked better than my regular magnesium from a leading brand on the high street. It's fast... more »

They are OK and do the job, they are actually quiet!

27 Oct, 2018
I cut my husbands hair every now and again, I used these to do it yesterday and they are actually quite good. He has a Philips as his usual clippers, they are great, these are good too obviously no as... more »

These burn so well, great value and look pretty

26 Oct, 2018
These burn well and do what I need them to do. They last about 3 hours and 30 minutes without salt and 4 hours and 20 minutes if I add a pinch of salt, They are a great price and good quality. I&... more »

This smells so nice and great value too.

26 Oct, 2018
This smells so nice. I bought some of them to go in hampers and a few for myself, you can't leave it there at that price, what could I loose?!  It smells so nice, leaving a lovel... more »

perfect, I thought I had everything I needed... until now!

26 Oct, 2018
I have always used essential oils, the properties and qualities range vastly between one and another. I ensure I buy the best so I get the best results. I have always had diffusers around my humble ab... more »