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Angel Miller

About Me

I am a Christian mother of 3. I love trying new things and giving my opinions and helping others to make informed decisions about purchases. I have a B'S in business accounting and I am disabled. I love reviewing I love to read, write poetry, and spend time with my kids.


Convenience in one spot

30 Jan, 2018
We have pretty much every device out there when it comes to our kids. Ipods, tablets, kindled, phones, smart watches, etc. And now thanks to this charging dock, I can charge them all in one place. The... more »

No more cords

30 Jan, 2018
Great to have a case th at not only secures your phone but also keeps you with a great charge. The case came with a screen protector to protect the screen as well. Keeping the phone charged without ca... more »

Great set

12 Nov, 2017
I like to think of myself as handy because I loved to fix and put things together myself. I'e always had this independent spirit. I love the shape of the driver. It' very ergonomic and works g... more »

Dog didn't like it

04 Nov, 2017
My kids tried their best to get our dog to play with this she sniffed it, and kept on about hger business. It' paining me to right this because she died two days ago and I truly miss her. She trul... more »

Works great

04 Nov, 2017
I was working late in my back office and was often a challenge to hold a flashlight and lock my door, now I have my solar light that alerts me to company, as well as illuminates the area before I lock... more »

I use it at work

04 Nov, 2017
This charging dock has changed the game for me. I' able to leave my cords home when I work and simply charge with this. It' as easy as sit your phone on it and go. I like to watch tv on my pho... more »

Great back support

04 Nov, 2017
My posture is all wrong at work so anything that can help is a plus. I love th e the straps adjust so I can strap it to me, or just strap it to a chair. Either way it' soft and breathable and just... more »

Great at my desk

04 Nov, 2017
With my RSD, elevation is a must. I simply hooked them under my desk and my desk did all the work for me. Gotta love convenience and ease of use. more »

Super comfy and relaxed

04 Nov, 2017
Oversized is in. I happened to freaking love anything oversized and this wasn' an exception. The material was soft it was just a great fit and I love it. more »


04 Nov, 2017
I put this dress on and fell in love. The fit, the color, the fine detailing it just feels so amazing on me. I received so many compliments just on the review. Can' wait to find the right shows an... more »

Sheek, high fashion

04 Nov, 2017
I was drawn to the overall design and finish of this watch. The band is breathable and stretch. It was very lightweight, but durable. Great Christmas gift. more »

Great for on the go

06 Aug, 2017
I love having this spinner at my fingertips. I attached it to my keys for easy access on the go. I love how heavy duty it is to stand up to the abuse my phone gets on the regular. I use it when I'... more »

I love it

22 Jul, 2017
It may look like one piece on me (shirt people problems) but it's a two piece. I ordered a size up so I knew it would fit. It's really comfortable and accents all your curves. The material fee... more »

Batteries for less

20 Jul, 2017
For work, I use a wireless keyboard and mouse so I need both AA and AAA batteries to keep them going. These last a long time and I have a need to keep my keyboard and mouse running efficiently. Having... more »

My friend loved it.

18 Jul, 2017
I have a friend who is a watch enthusiast and he love this watch. He was like a kid in a candy store playing with all the functions of the watch. It was a very heavy duty watch and the packaging was j... more »