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Cute House Shoes - Odd sizing

17 Aug, 2019
  KELYR Women Fashion Sneaker Slip On Canvas Shoes are super cute! They are a half size too big. But, comfortable for house s... more »

Cute and Functional

16 Aug, 2019
    The Summit One Baby Extra Large Diaper Caddy Organizer Basket is really nice! It’s a good size, comes with a cha... more »

Extremely Nice heating pad!

16 Aug, 2019
  The iTeknic Heating Pad is really nice! It’s easy to use, it’s huge, it heats up fast... more »

Difficult to set up, flimsy, heats up

03 Aug, 2019
The Kolaura Outdoor Security Camera, 1080P Wireless Home Surveillance Bullet Camera, IP66 Waterproof, Support 2 Way Audio, Night Vision, Motion Detection, Cloud... more »


18 Jul, 2019
  The Portable LCD Digital Microscope, WACCIU 4.3 inch 1000X Magnification Zoom HD 1080P, Adjustable LED Light Camera Video Recorder for Inspection and&... more »

Cute Hamper/Toy Bin, but it has a lot of creases and folds!

12 Jul, 2019
Bins & Things Shark Kids Laundry Hamper | Toy Organizer Basket | Baby Clothes Nursery Basket with Handles - Real Shark Look with Te... more »

Cute Winter Hat

12 Jul, 2019
The AIMKE Women's Warm Chunky Thick Stretchy Knit Beanie Skull Cap Winter Knitting Warm Hat is really cute! It came completely vacuum compres... more »

Great Stackable Plastic Storage Containers

12 Jul, 2019
  Stackable Plastic Storage Containers by Bins & Things is really nice! It comes with four trays, two blue divider inserts and one lid. It’s made w... more »

Nice Twist Ties

06 May, 2019
The Poualss Garden Plant Twist Ties Cutter 2-Pack, 328 Feet are really nice! It is easy to use, cuts well, and it comes with a&nbs... more »

Great Coat!

06 May, 2019
KARKEIN Women’s Thickened Down Coat Fur Hood Warm Coats Down Parka Puffer Jacket is absolutely amazing! This coat is well made, fits great, and keeps me warm and dry. There are several thin... more »

Nice but short battery life

02 May, 2019
Contents of the box Speaker, AUX, and Charging Cord Box Speaker Speaker Mesh Aux, SD, and Charging Ports Color Range The Diamond Wireless LED Bluetooth&n... more »

Awesome Bluetooth Speaker and Night Light!

02 May, 2019
Contents of the box minus aux cord Front of the speaker Back When you first oepn the box The box Different white light intensity as show in the light White li... more »

Nice Calendar Planner Set

29 Mar, 2019
  This 2-pack of magnetic fridge calendar/planners by Onpire are really nice. The set comes with both a monthly... more »

Made well but for larger birds

23 Mar, 2019
The Adjustable Parrot Bird Harness Leash - VIPpet Anti-Bite Training Rope Outdoor Flying Harness and Leash is okay. The leash itself is made well, I like that it comes as a 2-pack, and the instruction... more »

Nice Set

07 Mar, 2019
    Baby-To-Love Changing Pad Cover, Changing Pad Liners Gray, Baby Diaper Changing Pad, Burp Cloth - White Stars, Bundle The Baby-To-Love Changing Towel Set is nice. Th... more »

Durable Set of Bins

21 Feb, 2019
These bins are really nice. They arrived packaged well. The plastic is strong, thick, and well made. They don’t come with instructions so you have to go back to the original listing or remember... more »

Very nice diaper bag

14 Feb, 2019
The Casa & Family Diaper bag is extremely nice. It’s spacious, has tons of pockets and room, is super comfortable to use, and it’s made extremely well. If you carry a ton of stuff this... more »


09 Jan, 2019
HONG111 LED Sewing Machine Light is ok. The magnet isn’t as strong as I anticipated it being. It doesn’t stick well to any machines that have plastic over the metal. I figured it would sti... more »

Nice Set

09 Jan, 2019
The Jeteven Paint Roller set with Tray and brush are really nice. They roller itself is nice and light. Lots of the time the rollers are bulky and heavy, this one was surprisingly light. I also love t... more »

Really nice seedling tray kit!

07 Jan, 2019
The 10 Set Seedling Trays Seed Starter Kit by MIXC is really nice. It comes with 10 trays, 10 bases, 10 domes, and 10 labels. This kit really comes with everything you need tray wise to get started gr... more »

String Lights

17 Nov, 2018
The String Light by SHINEMU work but there are a couple issues. First of all, these lights are beautiful, there are 8 different modes, and I love the warm white glow. The problem I have with these is... more »

Great Planner

12 Nov, 2018
The 2019 Weekly Planner by Cabbrix is really nice.  At 5.5”x8” it’s the perfect size for daily use whether you’re taking it on the go, in school, or work from home. It has... more »

Excellent sprayer and easy to install

07 Nov, 2018
The Hand Held Bidet Sprayer Kit by Aycean is really nice! It’s easy to install, looks nice, and works well. I was slightly intimidated that this was going to be difficult when it first arrived b... more »

Wobbly/Bent Drill

07 Nov, 2018
The WerkTough 18 Volt Li-ion cordless drill is not a good drill. The instruction manual was just okay. There were errors and misuse of words but the battery charged just fine. The light “burning... more »

Nice capsule machine

05 Nov, 2018
100 Hole #0 capsule machine by JCSHHUB is nice. If you’ve never used a capsule machine you’re in for a surprise. All of these machines make a mess, this one was no exception. This specific... more »

Adorable Pet Tent/Teepee

03 Nov, 2018
isYoung Pet Tent Teepee is absolutely adorable. This cute little tent isn’t just for small cats and dogs. This tent also works well for birds! My house chickens absolutely love this tent. The te... more »

Nice AA Batteries

29 Oct, 2018
Philips AA Batteries, 40-Pack 1.5V 2500mAh High Performance Non-Rechargeable AA Alkaline Batteries by Philips are really nice! These batteries are conveniently packaged, long-lasting, and high quality... more »

Great Mat but NOT Odor free

23 Oct, 2018
The 12" x 18” A3 Cutting Mat by Cherry is really nice. It's double-sided, self-healing, and has lots of measurements and shapes. T... more »

Nice Canister Set

22 Oct, 2018
Fortune Candy 3 Piece Nested Kitchen Canisters with Airtight Lids are nice. There are several things about them that I like and only one minor issue that I... more »

Great Trash Can

17 Oct, 2018
H+LUX Trash Can with Lid is extremely nice. It has an easy foot pedal opening, a removable inner wastebasket, and a nice handle on the back. This trash can came extremely well packaged to&nb... more »

Great Light-Weight Mermaid Blanket

30 Sep, 2018
OKAYSHOP Kids Mermaid Tail Blanket is really cute. The blanket is a soft lightweight knit fabric. The blanket arrives vacuum sealed and easily decompresses to its normal shape and... more »

Great Set

16 Sep, 2018
Rubikliss Polymer Clay Set is really nice! It comes with 24 colors, sculpting tools, and hardware to make jewelry, key rings, hair accessories, and a button. It definitely compares to F... more »

Great Diffuser

07 Sep, 2018
COSVII Glass Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser/Humidifier is really beautiful. The glass exterior of this diffuser gives it a classic look which will go with any decor. I love the customization option... more »

Great diffuser

29 Aug, 2018
This COSSCCI Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser is extremely nice. It is elegant, yet simple, easy to operate, and works well. This diffuser is digital-touch operated, no buttons... more »

Great Solar lights

29 Aug, 2018
Thriches Rope String Lights are gorgeous! I absolutely love the ease of using solar lighting in my garden all summer. This set of lights is 20 feet long, consists of 100 warm-white LED lights, and it&... more »

Great Duvet Set

14 Aug, 2018
This 3-piece blue floral-pattern duvet bedding set is really nice. It's 100% cotton and perfect for any season. It has a zipper at the bottom which doesn't seem to be too r... more »

Great Duvet Set

12 Aug, 2018
This 3-piece blue floral-pattern duvet bedding set is really nice. It's 100% cotton and perfect for any season. It has a zipper at the bottom which doesn't seem to be too r... more »

Great Throw Blanket

10 Aug, 2018
This 100% Cotton throw blanket is so awesome! Since it is made with cotton its perfect for every season. It has a beautiful weave that looks and feels high quality. One of the problems I hav... more »

Thin Summer Leggings

04 Aug, 2018
Summer Leggings! These leggings are light, thin, and soft. I would compare them to a pair of footless tights as they are see-through, but much softer than plain nylon tights! They are prefec... more »