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Ty Ty

About Me

I am an avid reviewer of electronics and sports items. I have a review page on facebook with over 400 likes and previews.


Very good for plantar

26 May, 2019
The arch support is very useful for those with Plantar issues. .. I usually always add an adidtional sole to any shoe and this works perfect for me. Cant ask for more,... great product great price.. more »

Perfect fro travel

05 May, 2019
Very useful in long travel and trekking... helped me a lot against diabetic foot... the black color melds perfectly with other clothing...  more »

A very handy accessory

05 May, 2019
This is a particularly useful accesory in this age of thinning electronics... useful both with my phone and my laptop .. almost all phones and laptops nowadays come with a usb c ... pretty nifty tool... more »

Quick charge helps me a lot

07 Oct, 2018
Got this car phone charger frm TPLTech.. is an excellent product. The craftsmanship is top notch. the quick charge feature is really helpful ... saves time in charging when going to important meetings... more »

Perfect fit.

09 Sep, 2018
When I purchsed these, I was wondeing how do they fit for my laptop with small bezels. As it turns out, the covers are so small that I  even had trouble to handle with my huge hands (lol) . The s... more »

Four and half stars

05 Sep, 2018
It  is a very likeable basketball hoop for kids. My kid is hyper active and I always struggle to find ways to exhaust him to sleep. After trying many ways, this one worked very well.. The child c... more »

Easy to use

01 Aug, 2018
An easy to use memory stick. Increases the capacity of the device by a lot. Only few issues are that you cannot discover the flash drive in the files of iphone.  Connects immediately ot the ri... more »

Slightly glitchy

23 Nov, 2017
Wonderful keyboard... stiff keys. It is rechargeable.. which makes it very useful , Since it uses bluetooth connection, it is slightly glitchy... Also comes with a bluetooth adapter in case you cant t... more »

Very goood product

15 Jul, 2017
The product comes as a pair of USB charging cables. Long enough to give sufficient room around my computer -- otherwise I always find my computer cluttered due to short cables. Compatible with almost... more »