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Rose Johnson

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I bought a wrong size

20 Jul, 2018
But this case really looks nice and cute.  more »

I like it

15 Jun, 2018
Nice fitted shirt and it is a little see-through  more »

Its alright

01 Jun, 2018
I just put it on my laptop and theres a lot of bubbles but i still put it. more »

Nice shirt

23 May, 2018
Cool looking design and really nice to wear more »

right size

23 May, 2018
Really cute vest blouse and comfy. You will look sexy more »

Just got it today

18 Apr, 2018
My son likes it. He likes animals and one of them is the elephant. The fabric is nice and the design is friendly. more »

right size for my yorky terrier

18 Apr, 2018
Love this bag for my furby. The size is right for her to move a little and have space. more »

Smell but they are small

10 Apr, 2018
I like this bath bomb but they are so small but it smells good.  I like the tin box and the bath bag my son loves the bath bomb too. more »


05 Apr, 2018
I can clean now every part of my monitor without having a hard time more »

I like it

05 Mar, 2018
This is a really nice storage container. It has a different size which is cool. more »

Good boxer

15 Dec, 2017
Good boxer, true to it size and comfy to wear my husband likes it more »


26 Nov, 2017
Pretty much this set is really nice, my husband likes it and he said he will use it some time to try it out. more »

I like it

19 Nov, 2017
I like this one too, like the other one. they are all comfy to wear.  more »

Gift for my friend

24 Oct, 2017
My friend likes it because it is really cute and they plants some vegetable and its perfect for what they plant. more »

A little small

12 Oct, 2017
I ordered L Size and it feels like an S size. It is really tight but let's see when I wash it will change or will loosen a little bit. Need to double size when you order. more »

I like it

12 Oct, 2017
This is pretty much what i am looking for. Non-sticky pan easy to clean, no need oil to cook some egg or bacon. more »

nice clothes

01 Oct, 2017
At first, I'm like this clothes is bad because when the first time i wash it it stick to because of the design but after a couple washed it didn't stick anymore and my son like... more »

Like this beads

01 Oct, 2017
I like this necklace beads it's not too heavy and good fashionable one.  more »

Heavy Power bank but pretty good

01 Oct, 2017
This is my 3rd power bank and happy that i bought this because it is really useful and it will turn off automatically when your phone's battery is full. more »

Hubby likes it.

09 Jul, 2017
I bought this socks for my husband and he likes it. The socks is soft  and feels good on your feet. more »