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John Smith

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Sweet bag

17 Jul, 2018
This bag is really compact and concise.  It is solidly contructed and I am over the moon.   My Boyfriend tried to take it from mewithin 15 minutes! more »

Superior Quality - I really am flabergasted

14 Jun, 2018
The quality of these frames are at the very top of any I've ever tried.  The lenses are good too, but those frames are exceptional./  Don't know where this brand came from.  Who... more »

Cute toy (not for kids)

25 Mar, 2018
This tin toy as we know is not really for kids.  The item is boxed a bit tight, so it took some unbending to get it to balance. more »

Bought this twice.

25 Mar, 2018
This is the second one I have purchased.  This one is a gift because it is a great toothbrush.   Let me know if you have any questions.  I went through all of the setting in detai... more »

Such a great deal.

25 Mar, 2018
In addition to these being of decent quality, they are individually wrapped.  That may seem wasteful, but it is going to actually cut down on me wasting them because they were damaged waiting to... more »

Works well.

09 Dec, 2017
Tested and works instantly. more »

Guitar Tuner - Packs a punch.

04 Dec, 2017
How addorably cute this is.  Works well and is never too much to carry. more »