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Krystal D Walker

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06 Aug, 2018
These towel hooks are super cute! They match with everything and are SUPER easy to put on the wall. I haven't tried taking it off yet but I will keep you updated. I used mine for my girls backpack... more »

Feel so nice!

04 Aug, 2018
 So I got these knee brace for a coworker of mine that has a lot of knee pain.  She said they felt amazing and the material was very comfortable. There is a glue like  substan... more »

I'm in LOVE

29 Jul, 2018
This is exactly what I've been looking for! I absolutly love these stainless steel measuring spoons. They are so easy to clean and looking really nice to display. I really need to find the bigger... more »

Very handy

23 Jul, 2018
I really like this flash drive because it doesn't use a memory stick it uses an application in the apple store. The app is free and very easy to download. It took awhile to download my 1,225 photo... more »

Pretty good headphones...

18 Jul, 2018
 So I bought these headphones for my husband because he's been eating some headphones ever since he broke his iPhone ones. The sound is really good I guess because they go deep into your ear.... more »


08 Jul, 2018
Really like this diffuser! It really does work and it's very quiet. I really like that there is so many options for color and setting for the mist. There is a setting for the color to change all d... more »


04 Jul, 2018
So I bought these rings for my husband as an anniversary gift and I must say we love it! I got it because my husband deals with a lot of water and always takes his ring off when he washes his hands be... more »


03 Jul, 2018
Just got my silicone ring and I must say...I LOVE IT! It feels so comfortable and I can't even feel it on me. It's super soft and stays in place. I recommend this to EVERYONE! If you are searc... more »