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Edel Broadbent

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Performs well

25 Jun, 2019
My hair is very thick and curly-this brush tackles the job easily. It's a sturdy, durable brush that should last longer than plastic bristles. I don't get as many split ends and it is kinder t... more »

Party time

25 Jun, 2019
It's small but mighty - the disco light fills the room, creating a great party atmosphere. For all ages.  more »

Safe and gentle on the skin.

04 Jun, 2019
By using these instead of wipes, you can do your part for the environment - and there are no chemicals to cause irritation. Because you can reuse and wash many times over and they don't have a har... more »

Good price for 3

29 May, 2019
Bought these because my iPhone charger cables never lasted for much more than 6 months. These are strong and should last for twice as long. I've been using them for a few months now and they don&#... more »

Value pack to protect you on holiday.

29 May, 2019
Easier having these for protection against mosquito bites than having to spray or rub on cream. Everyone in the family got one to wear on holiday- no bites anyway.  more »

Keeps plenty of jewellery, but is small enough to travel with.

11 Feb, 2019
 Very pretty and cute, you can fit a surprising amount of jewellery in it. I wanted a compact travel case, but lightweight, as I have a wedding in US Togo to - and you need to be able to pack a r... more »

Vibrations massage, and blue light gets deep into the tissue

03 Feb, 2019
I’m hoping this is gonna work on my double chin! When I opened it, it looked very space age, with the sleek chrome and the uv light - I have a routine now, every night after cleansing, I use it... more »