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Mary O'Connor

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Exactly as Described

23 May, 2019
This is a waterproof pouch for my cell phone. I like to fish and this allows me to use the phone through the plastic so I never have to worry about losing it in the water. Very nice to have. more »

Small and Blurry Cannot Read Print

23 May, 2019
This is the fourth 5D Diamond Art kit I've completed, and I have to say that I've learned that that larger the canvas the more clear the final picture, and this small canvas is tiny, approxima... more »

Exactly as described

19 May, 2019
This is a cup holder for cylindrical (round) metal. This will work with most wheelchairs, walkers, etc. more »

Exactly as described

11 May, 2019
This is a very nice kite that I an saving for our beach vacation. It's quite large and needs to be used in an open area for the most fun. I just love this and can't wait to use it. more »

Exactly as described

11 May, 2019
This kit contains everything you need to complete a 5d painting of a unicorn. I already started and find the wok to be very relaxing. This is highly recommended. more »

High Quality and Incredibly Soft

07 May, 2019
I love this set of bamboo toothbrushes. They are gentle on my teeth, great for kids and adults and super eco-friendly. more »

Love these Candles!

29 Apr, 2019
This set of candles runs on efficient batteries, they have a remote control and a timer and the best thing on all is that they glow yellow like a real flame, They are the perfect size foe tealights or... more »

Cute, Fits Nice, Fabric has Sheen

24 Apr, 2019
The dress arrived super fast and is as described and fits really well. My only problem is that the fabric is a little cheap and it has a sheen which is out of place for this style. I may use this as a... more »

Exactly as described

24 Apr, 2019
The dinosaur wall stickers are high quality and glow in the dark. They are really cool to see and maybe a little scary for younger kids. I'm happy to have them for my granddaughter, but I will sav... more »

Slightly Smaller Than Expected But Just as Good

07 Apr, 2019
Although my dryer balls were just slightly smaller than the usual, they are quite dense and six balls are plenty to make sure the heaviest of dryer loads come out soft and fluffy. I love this set and... more »

Amazing Array of Tools

07 Apr, 2019
This is way more than just a manicure pedicure kit. This set comes with a scissor, ear cleaning tools, pimple poppers and much more. You have to check it out for yourself. Really. more »

Nicely Packaged Magnetic Calendar Set for Fridge

27 Mar, 2019
I was very happy to receive my Magnetic Calendar set for my fridge. The product came in a very nice, giftable box, and this would actually make a great gift for anyone and everyone who has a busy sche... more »

Clean, Peel and Stick!

19 Mar, 2019
It does not get easier than clean, peel and stick with this mirror Rainproof film that provides anti-fog and anti-glare protection for your side view mirrors. This item helps improve the clarity of vi... more »

Nice Shiny Wallet

08 Mar, 2019
I was happily surprised when my wristlet wallet/coin purse came in the mail today. It has a super shiny surface, but I do not think it is made of leather. It appears to be fake leather which is just a... more »

Scratch Off World Map is The Perfect Gift

08 Mar, 2019
I really love this map for a young person. I bought this for my twenty-year-old nephew for when he graduates college. I want to encourage travel, and I hope he will use this map to see every single pa... more »

High Quality Measuring Template Tool

02 Mar, 2019
This is an extremely versatile template tool the has several connected parts and is tightened or loosened easily with a silver dial. I had to go online to see how this tool works, and it can be compli... more »

Lovely Pastel Colors - No Two Are The Same

02 Mar, 2019
I love this set of diatomite stone coasters. The marbled design is made up of various pastel shades which look great together even though no two coasters are the same. I received 4 coasters, primarily... more »

Very Thick, High-Quality Cutting Mat

26 Feb, 2019
This multi-purpose mat will help with cutting measurements and provides a solid workspace for crafts that involve cutting or puncturing. The mat is thick, self-repairs, and I expect it to last for sev... more »

Worth the Wait

26 Feb, 2019
I waited a long time for this item to arrive, but it was worth the wait. In a gift box, there are two nail clippers. One for hands, and one for feet. They are made of high-quality metal and have a mod... more »

Very Nice Gift for a Guy with a Mustache

22 Feb, 2019
This is a Very Nice Gift for a Guy with a Mustache or anyone who likes mustaches and likes to keep a journal, diary, lists or other writing. The cover is beautiful brown leather and the journal i... more »

Colorful, Soft and Silky Scarf

19 Feb, 2019
This is a lovely classic scarf with beautiful color and design. I highly recommend this product as a gift to yourself or someone else. more »

Nice Assortment of Nail Tools

19 Feb, 2019
I waited for months for my kit to come, and it was smaller than expected. However, it has a really nice array of nail care tools and some extras that I've never seen before. It does not have a toe... more »

Loud Drumsticks Provide Hours of Playtime

08 Feb, 2019
The drumsticks work as they were expected to, but the sound is very electronic and not very drumlike. The controls are a little sticky and catch a little and you need a screwdriver to open the battery... more »

Love this Multipurpose Tool

29 Jan, 2019
This is a pen, a stylus, a ruler, a flathead screwdriver, Phillip's head screwdriver and so much more. It also comes with refills. I love this pen and use it all the time.  more »

High Quality Dog Raincoat is Also Stylish

29 Jan, 2019
This looks like a trench coat for a small dog. I ordered the XXL in grey for our French Terrier and it is large enough to give her a little bit of extra room. My dog is used to wearing sweaters and co... more »

Fun Toy For Most Kids and Adult Size Hands

21 Jan, 2019
My three-year-old granddaughter was not able to use the fidget spinner because her hand was too small, but the mechanism works great in a larger hand. It's a powerful spinner with a lot of energy... more »

Bright Bold Colors on Plastic Key Tags

15 Jan, 2019
You can color sort and categorize to your heart's content with this nifty pack of 100 tough plastic key tags with label windows. I am very happy to have and use them for events.  more »

Really cute, but very, very small

14 Jan, 2019
I ordered a medium, which I thought would be large, for a French Bulldog who weighs under 20 lbs. The shirts are adorable, and I love the fact that its a set of three, but the shirts run so small they... more »

Very Solid, Wooden Carving Tool Set

14 Jan, 2019
This is a really nice set of wood carving tools that I will use with both wood and polymer clay. The tools provide the ability to carve and sculpt designs into wood, clay, rubber, soap and any ot... more »

Set of Rain Ponchos for Adults - Great Deal

14 Jan, 2019
This set of ponchos is going to come in very handy when we start visiting parks and recreational events this summer. These are super easy to pack and only take minutes to dry when shaken off. They wor... more »

Nice Assortment of Hand Drill Bits

09 Jan, 2019
This is a nice assortment of hand drill bits for very small items. It comes with a handle for the bits, which wouldn't work without the handle. My only problem with this item is that all of the pi... more »

Very Pretty Pink Dream Catcher

09 Jan, 2019
The dream catcher we received was very pretty for our three-year-old's bedroom wall to catch all the bad dreams that try to come her way. This is a lovely thing to have and matches her pink bedroo... more »

Heavy, Well Made Adult Multi-Tool

09 Jan, 2019
Heavy, Well Made Adult Multi-Tool - This star-shaped tool has some sharp edges and about 19 tools including screwdrivers, Allen keys, a wrench, a prying tool and more. It's quite heavy and de... more »

Nice Assortment of Brightly Colored Pipe Cleaners

09 Jan, 2019
Nice Assortment of Brightly Colored Pipe Cleaners - This is great for arts and crafts and even for certain cleaning jobs where you need to reach a small area. I'm happy to have to many of these pi... more »

Beautiful Wooden Wide Tooth Comb

09 Jan, 2019
This Beautiful Wooden Wide Tooth Comb will be perfect for my granddaughter's wet hair when she gets out of the shower. She has very fine hair which tangles easily and I am hopeful that this m... more »

Very Nice, High Quality Miniature Tool Set in Storage Box

09 Jan, 2019
I love the fact that these mini-tools come in a storage box. This little set has all the tools you frequently need in one place and easy to find. This has conventional flat heads and Philips head... more »

Great for Necklaces and Identification Tags

09 Jan, 2019
I received my bag of 100 ball chain necklaces. Each is 24" long, so great for a girl or a guy. I am going to make bead necklaces with these chains and hopefully resell them at a profit. I've... more »

Heavy Duty Magnetic Hooks are Really Helpful

09 Jan, 2019
These hooks have strong magnets and hold a tremendous amount of weight for their size. I love to have these around the house and use them on the fridge for calendars and my file cabinet for other type... more »

My Daughter Loves her New Blouse

06 Jan, 2019
This is a lovely, well-made blouse. I ordered it for my daughter and she ended up wearing it out the first day she loves it so much. It has already been washed and came out of the machine looking bran... more »

Plush, Well-Made, Perfectly Pink Pencil Toppers

06 Jan, 2019
My granddaughter received a desk for Christmas and I decided to get these pencil toppers for her as a desk accessory. The toppers came with sparkly holographic pencils attached so all we needed to do... more »

Beautiful and Well Made

29 Dec, 2018
Mala Beads - Buddhist Prayer Beads - Tibetan Mala Necklace - 108 6mm Matt Healing Bian Stones Beaded Wrap Bracelet - Chakra Jewelry for Meditation is everything I expected and more. I am very hap... more »

Easy Installation, Very High Quality

27 Dec, 2018
My daughter brings her dog to the dog park every day, and the ride home is usually muddy. This seat cover fits perfectly into the back of my daughters SUV. It attached easily and quickly and the quali... more »

Very Good Quality Cheesecloth - Large Package Size

16 Dec, 2018
I recieved a generous quantity of high quality cheesecloth which I use for straining herbs, and also for making my own home beauty and health care products. I really like these and will purchase again... more »

Lovely Facial Hair Remover

14 Dec, 2018
This facial hair remover is light, sleek and very feminine-looking. It is just the right size and weight to remove hair gently, but with precision. I am very happy with this product. more »

High Quality Dust Masks

11 Dec, 2018
This is a great set of disposable masks that I plan to use for DIY projects that have fumes or dust involved, which is pretty much everything I do. I really like the quality of these; they are a cut a... more »

Love This Flame Bulb

05 Dec, 2018
I am totally in awe of this bulb. It burns like a live flame, but it's, in reality, an led bulb that won't burn hot or cost a lot to use. This bulb provides a warm ambience to any room and is... more »

High Quality Musical Instrument Set

05 Dec, 2018
My granddaughter is going to have so much fun playing with these instruments. Everything fits in a backpack for easy storage and portability. She is going to love this and I am going to love hearing h... more »

Really Cool Doctor's Kit

05 Dec, 2018
My granddaughter absolutely loves to pretend to be a doctor. She uses anything she can find around the house to play doctor and now she will have realistic looking equipment. I know that she is going... more »

Amazing Kit

05 Dec, 2018
Not only do you get the high-quality silicone resin jewelry molds, but you also get screw eye pins, stirrers for the resin, plastic droppers and a hand drill for making holes. This versatile little ki... more »

Nice for DIY Key Chains

05 Dec, 2018
I am going to be making some unique key chains with this set of stainless steel wire keychain rings. I like these because they hold an unlimited number of keys and key cards. I'm very glad to have... more »

Item Extremely Delayed

04 Dec, 2018
This item was due 11/30 and we are already into December with no delivery date set. I'm sure the thread is fine, and the colors look good and vibrant with a nice choice, but I can't say for su... more »

Can be Installed on any door to stop drafts

04 Dec, 2018
This item is long enough to cover two of my doors. It fits on the bottom and keeps drafts from coming in through the crack on the bottom of the door. This eliminates chilly drafts and keeps the air co... more »

Two Pack of the Best New Trend in Flaming Light Bulbs

04 Dec, 2018
This set of two bulbs simulate realistic flames using LED technology which means they won't burn hot and they will cost pennies to run. This is a win-win for such a beautiful set of bulbs. They re... more »

A Great Way to Stay Organized

04 Dec, 2018
This is a lovely, leather-bound book with a flexible layout that you can customize with different dates and events. It can even be used as a journal if you want a reasonably sized notebook to keep in... more »

Extremely Cool Lamp

03 Dec, 2018
This cool lamp glows silver like the moon, or a fiery orange similar to Himalayan salt lamps. It's small, at about 5" in diameter, but the coolness factor cannot be denied. more »

Perfect Size for Bathroom

03 Dec, 2018
I like the bathroom to be warm when my child gets out of the bathtub, and we live in a very cold place. So, I preheat the bathroom with this heater and leave it on until my daughter is finished with h... more »

Nice Size!

03 Dec, 2018
This is a high quality, well-sized tambourine. It is not too small for an adult, and yet the perfect size for a child or teen. It rings nicely and is not too loud, which is a plus. Very nice item. more »

Make Your Own Popcorn in the Microwave!

03 Dec, 2018
Microwave popcorn in the bag costs a lot of money, but with this reusable silicone popcorn popper bowl, I can use my own popcorn kernels to make exactly the amount of popcorn I want. No more wasting e... more »

Great Idea and Great Value

03 Dec, 2018
You really can't put a price on the value of clear sight when driving in inclement weather. This set goes right over the existing rear view mirrors and provides a fog-free, scratch-free, crystal c... more »

The Perfect Measuring Device

03 Dec, 2018
This wireless little gadget can accurately measure between spaces. No more measuring tapes! It can measure up to 393 ft, has a large LCD backlit display and a Pythagorean Mode. It's simply amazing... more »

Great for Once a Month Usage

03 Dec, 2018
I have used activated charcoal for dental hygiene for years, but I have learned to use it wisely. If used too often, you can scratch the enamel off your teeth and even remove cavities and bridges. Onc... more »

Very Good Quality for Short Body Brush

03 Dec, 2018
The length of this item from tip to tip is under eight inches, which is considerably shorter than I had expected. The natural bristles and genuine wood are very high quality, however, and this will ma... more »

Very Handy Gadget for Voice Amplification

03 Dec, 2018
Just as described, this high-quality item can amplify your voice in any crowded situation. It's great if you have a weak voice or a sore throat, too.  more »

Excellent Shaker Bottle for Smoothies and Juices

02 Dec, 2018
I really love this bottle in the morning when I can whip up my breakfast protein smoothie without any fuss or any mess. Everyone should have one of these bottles. The tornado is super strong and I wil... more »

Nice for Organization

02 Dec, 2018
I don't know why, but I expected each box to have a window, but the way this works is that boxes layer on top of one another. You need to separate all the boxes in order to find what you are looki... more »

Really pretty light up diffuser

02 Dec, 2018
I love essential oils and I recently moved and lost my old one. I ordered this from Amazon for fast shipping and I am very pleased with the beautiful wood-style design and led light colors. I use esse... more »

Nice Weight and Quality

02 Dec, 2018
I was surprised by the nice weight and quality of this rug gripper set. There is plenty to ensure that even large rugs stay put. This helps to avoid trips and falls and makes the rug lay flat so it lo... more »

Perfect for Holiday Treats

28 Nov, 2018
I am going to use this high-quality polycarbonate mold to make wonderful edible treats for the adults in the family this holiday season. I am really looking forward to seeing how they turn out and exp... more »

High Quality Split Key Rings

28 Nov, 2018
With this set of high-quality split rings, I am going to make my own keychains with polymer clay designs. They are a perfect size; not too big and not too small, and will work with multiple numbers of... more »

This is a great time-saver and awesome product.

28 Nov, 2018
The biggest problem we have with our air fryer is the mess that develops beneath the food as it cooks. It's really gross to clean up. Now, thanks to this wonderful product, we have a liner for the... more »

Amazing Real Flame Glow Flickering Light

28 Nov, 2018
This LED bulb uses hardly any energy and provides a huge amount of light that actually looks like real flames. I works right side up and upside down and everyone I know wants one of these beauties. Th... more »

Cute Little Kit

28 Nov, 2018
I've actually used this process once before and was successful. We could not sell our house until we planted a statue of St. Joseph upside down in the yard in front of our house. We prayed and our... more »

A Wonderfully Useful Gadget

16 Nov, 2018
I bought one of these a while back and get lots of compliments on it. I decided to buy this as part of a Christmas gift for my brother. I think he will really appreciate all of the tools and versatili... more »

Confusing Product

04 Nov, 2018
I ordered a shower filter and received a make-up brush cleaner instead! Now I have to return. more »

Mobile Rings

04 Nov, 2018
I use these golden rings to make beautiful butterfly mobiles in five tiers in a lovely spiral design. These rings are perfect for mobiles, chimes and so much more. more »

Good Quality Containers with Lids

04 Nov, 2018
I will use this set of containers with lids for paint projects when I need to mix my own colors. These handy little cups make it easy to keep small items organized. I like them very much. more »

Good Quality Works Just Fine

04 Nov, 2018
This set of cake boards comes in assorted sizes of good quality foil over cardboard. I'm pleased with my purchase and will buy again. more »