Gisela Salas

About Me

Grateful mother of two phenomenal boys, 20 years apart. One a high school coach and the other a first grade student. Fortunate to now be a stay-at-home mom who enjoys tending to her amazing family.



29 Dec, 2018
My seven year old son loves this 3D pen. It captivates his attention and sparks his imagination. more »


05 Nov, 2018
I was quite surprised at how realistic these Magnetic Garage Door Faux Windows appear.  They are easy to adhere and install and totally revamp my my plain garage door.   You can... more »

Works Great!

05 Nov, 2018
I purchased this microphone for my son who loves to perform karaoke. To my surprise, it performs exceptionally well for being a mini micophone! You can check it out here: more »


04 Nov, 2018
I purchased this water bottle for my son to take to school and it’s perfect  No accidents nor leaks. You can check it out here: more »


26 Oct, 2018
 I purchased this item as a graduation gift and the recipient absolutely loved it!  You can check it out here: more »

Too cute!

17 Oct, 2018
I purchased this item as a birthday gift for one of my son’s classmates. You can check it out here! more »

Beat the Water!

02 Oct, 2018
This waterproof phone pouch worked just as described by seller, who sent the item in a timely manner.  Finally able to put the pouch to the test  and it worked beautifully! You can c... more »

"Soft and Fuzzy"

30 Sep, 2018
My son thoroughly enjoys this seatbelt pillow.  He loves how "soft and fuzzy" it feels.  Surely helps him take a nap sooner on those long trips! You can check it out here: ... more »

Solar & Waterproof

30 Sep, 2018
 I love that this item is waterproof, which means I can keep it outdoors and use all year round in my backyard patio. Helps to brighten those dreary evenings.  You can check it... more »

Merry & Bright

30 Sep, 2018
This item helps to add ambiance, especially during Halloween! Love the different patterns available and that its so versatile, many uses.  You can check it out here: more »


22 Sep, 2018
 Works like a charm. Really does keep mosquitoes away.  You can check it out here! more »

Feels great

22 Sep, 2018
 The scalp massager included in this set is awesome.  Not only does it feel great on your head, it is also very energizing and invigorating.  Great way to start your day. You ca... more »

Perfect Bag!

18 Sep, 2018
I received this bag just in time, as seller promised, for a trip that my son and I were taking to our local zoo. I love the conveniences of the bag, such as it being see-throu... more »


14 Sep, 2018
Super cute photo props!  Received these today and I can't wait to use them for Halloween.  Great to use for making memories. My son got a great kick out of them and your child will too.... more »

Stiff gooseneck

08 Sep, 2018
This item does in fact do the job that it is designed to do; however, the gooseneck is extremely stiff and difficult to maneuver.  When I initially tried to utilize it upon receipt, I could hardl... more »

Fresher greens please!

05 Sep, 2018
These life extender liners have truly helped preserve my fruits and vegetables longer as opposed to without them.  I always felt guilty having a throw away fruits and vegetables that I had just b... more »

Great for garden!

05 Sep, 2018
 I like these solar powered fountains so much that this is the second one I have purchased for my birdbaths in my backyard.  Not only is the water fountain sound rel... more »


04 Sep, 2018
I love this facial massager because it helps to erase my wrinkles and laugh lines as well. I began using it as soon as I receivded it, which has only been a few days, but... more »

Great price!

04 Sep, 2018
I am so glad that I found these batteries on Rank Booster because my son has so many toys that use this size of battery but I was tired of paying an arm and a leg for them. Not the case with these. &n... more »

Great tool!

04 Sep, 2018
 I was so excited when I received this item that I opened it up right away and started to use it immediately.  I used it to pound out the stress and tight muscles in my s... more »


01 Sep, 2018
This swimsuit is really nice. Fancier than your everyday swimsuit so It’s great to an outdoor gathering. I am a size 4 and the small fits perfect. True to size.  more »


01 Sep, 2018
I love this bathing suit! I wear a size 4 and the small  fits perfectly as it it true to size. The colors are very eye catching and vibrant.  more »


01 Sep, 2018
I love this cell phone ring holder. It is a lot slimmer than any others I’ve ever had. It’s just the right size.  more »

GreT Protection

01 Sep, 2018
Just received this product. Even though it may be the third generation iPad, it still works flawlessly and this glass screen protector will ensure that I’m able to get a few more uses out of it.... more »

No batteries

31 Aug, 2018
 This little fountain is so cute. I placed it in my birdbath and it looks great. The best part about it is it runs on solar no batteries required.  more »


29 Aug, 2018
This bathing suit is absolutely gorgeous. I love the fact that I’m able to be out in the sun all day but not suffer from extreme sunburn.  Fit is true to size.  more »


29 Aug, 2018
I absolutely love this little lamp.  Although it may be small in size it shines brightly and I’m able to work through the night without disturbing my sleeping family.  more »


29 Aug, 2018
These waterproof cases really came in handy during a recent camping trip. We were able to tube the river with our cell phones always by our side. Would definitely recommend. more »

Great foot massager

08 Aug, 2018
Just received this item yesterday and surely glad I did. Makes an excellent foot massager for tired, achy feet.  more »

Super handy

02 Aug, 2018
This phone belt clip has come in so handy and has allowed me to multitask more because it is so convenient.  The magnetic quick mount allows for quick and easy access as opposed to having to hold... more »

Peace of mind

02 Aug, 2018
Because he just learned how to ride his bike, this set definitely helps ease my mind when my six-year-old hops on his bike. Always safety first!  more »


27 Jul, 2018
Super cute set.  Just as seller described and arrived in a timely manner. more »

Great product!

18 Jul, 2018
 This fitness tracker, although small, packs a great punch. It has numerous, awesome features which help you keep an eye on your health fitness.  My favorite feature is the blood p... more »

Loving it

20 Feb, 2018
 I love these no tie shoelaces they make it so easy for my son to slip on his shoes being that he’s just now learning how to tie his own shoe laces.  more »