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Krista Kapowsky

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Silicone Reusable Straws

05 Aug, 2019
These silicone straws are shorter and have thinner walls than other silicone straws I have. Since my young kids are the primary users of the straws, I prefer this shorter length. Additionally, they ha... more »

Worked for 1.5 days

06 Apr, 2019
  UPDATE: So my concerns about the thinness of the cord and the flimsier ends were warranted: It stopped working after just one day. I left the phone plugged in overnight and it was only 32% c... more »

Family fun!

12 Feb, 2019
I bought this popcorn popper bowl for my son's teacher, and got the best response from her! She said her 8 and 4 year old love to have movie night at home, and they really prefer being able t... more »

Works well!

28 Jan, 2019
These silicone sealing rings fit my 6 quart Instant Pot Ultra just like the one that came with the pressure cooker. I like having extras so that I can switch them out, depending upon what I'm maki... more »

Fit true to size

19 Dec, 2018
My son wears a size 6, and I ordered these pajamas in a size 7. They fit like I would expect a size 7 to fit. The seams are straight, and the quality is nice. I have washed these several times without... more »

Nice quality

19 Dec, 2018
This diffuser seems well-made and performs as expected. I like the auto shut-off and the ability to select an LED light color. I would recommend it. more »

My kids are having fun

19 Dec, 2018
My kids (5, 7, and 9) have had a lot of fun with this modeling clay. The colors are vibrant and the texture is similar to other brands we have used. I would buy this again. #RankBoosterReview&nbs... more »

Soft handles, nicely made

14 Dec, 2018
This laundry bag is just as described, although I had expected it some kind of form to keep it upright when being filled. The handles are soft and sturdy, and it is well-made. The color is as pictured... more »

Pretty dress!

07 Aug, 2018
This Bfustyle dress is super cute, and comes in several different points. My daughter chose the one shown in the ad's picture. The dress material is "Slinky" and non-clingy. It has ni... more »

Finally threw out my previous set!

07 Aug, 2018
I have finally been able to give away my old set of coffee mugs! These Miware mugs have a nice finish and feel balanced when I'm holding them. Equally important, is that I can re-heat my coffee in... more »


06 Jul, 2018
This food vacuum sealer machine works well, and the included bags do not leak. I have used it to vacuum seal both meats and fruits, and each if those items are still vacuum sealed in my freezer withou... more »


02 Jun, 2018
These pj's are cute, soft, and are accurate in sizing. I ordered a pair for my taller-than-average 5 year old, and he LOVES them! I've machine washed and dried them several times without signi... more »

Great Oven Mitts

02 Jun, 2018
I really like these oven mitts. The fit is slightly tapered so they stay on my hands, the inside is soft and plush, and the silicone strips on the outside offer really good grip. I also like that they... more »

KingCamp Water Bottle - Easy grip, durable, leak proof

11 Apr, 2018
I like this water bottle because it's small enough to fit in the cup holders on most backpacks and for my young kids to hold onto. Also, it doesn't weigh a lot and the lid is easy for my child... more »

Clear TPU case for iPhone X

11 Apr, 2018
This case seems durable and is still flexible. The TPU gel makes it so that it's easier to grip the phone, but isn't tacky/sticking feeling. The clear and sleek design lets me see all the... more »

Cute Toy Shopping Cart

15 Feb, 2018
This is a miniature, fully-functioning shopping cart. The wheels actually turn, and the top "seat" area really folds up! It's the perfect size for my children to use with their Barbies,... more »

Nice water bottle

09 Feb, 2018
I like this water bottle because it's small enough to fit in the cup holders on most backpacks and for my young kids to hold onto. Also, it doesn't weigh a lot and the lid is easy for my child... more »