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Gina Crawford

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Great Angle Finding Tool

09 Sep, 2017
This is an awesome time saver when you're doing a project. This item lets you set it to the shape you need and then transfer it to your work. Saves TONS of time and is more accurate than eyeballin... more »

Nice Inexpensive Sunglasses

09 Sep, 2017
These sunglasses are nice for the price. They come is a very nice zippered case. The lens color is a dark gray. They fit average size heads, do NOT fit larger heads. They fit my 7 1/4 sized head, they... more »

Good wired headphones

09 Sep, 2017
These are nice wired headphones. They come in a nice zippered case, which makes them harder to loose. I purchased the green ones, and they are a very bright green, which I like, makes them easy to fin... more »

Awesome Nintendo Tool Set

09 Sep, 2017
This is a really nice set of tools to work on Nintendo brand games and consoles. I had a cheap single driver I was using to open up NES cartridges to turn into emulators and this set is a HUGE step up... more »