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Good for kids

07 Aug, 2019
I got this as my little girl likes taking pictures of everything on my phone. This is her own camera to use. It arrived and was smaller than I’d imagined it to be but I guess it’s good for... more »

Love these

14 Jun, 2019
These are such a good item to keep in ahandbag or car as they are so compact. They come with a little brush to clean them and fold up perfectly. I love the fact that using these will be taking just a... more »

Handy gadget

30 May, 2019
I got this as my  hubby and I like having cafetière coffee at the weekend.  We had been using already ground coffee but wanted to try and grind the beans ourself for an even fres... more »


01 May, 2019
I bought these to go in our garden along the fence panels to make it pretty for summer. They look good quality from whT I can see but haven’t had a proper chance to use them yet  more »

Nice candle set

07 Apr, 2019
I’ve needed a candle wick trimmer for a while and this came as part of the set which was good. Seems sturdy and long enough to reach right to the bottom of my candle jars.  The snuffer i... more »

So warm

30 Jan, 2019
i bought some of these before and have purchased some more as since breaking my leg my foot feels the cold more. These are so soft and fluffy. The designs are adorable and they are such good value&nbs... more »

Too cute

30 Jan, 2019
These are so cute. They arrived in a lovely red gift box so would make a lovey pressie to share with someone. They seem very sturdy at holding keys and it doesn’t feel like it is going to c... more »

Gorgeous addition to kids playhouse

30 Jan, 2019
I got these for my kiddies playhouse to go on the ceiling inside to make it more cosy for them. It looks so magical and isn’t too overbearing. The kids love them and it’s nice to sit in th... more »

Great 3 in one device

11 Jan, 2019
I needed a new shaver and the fact this had two other attachments really appealed to me. I thought the brush could’ve used on face but apparently not which is a shame. The massager feels lovely... more »

Handy item to have

06 Jan, 2019
I got this as a watch of mine needed looking at and rather than paying a jeweller loads to have a look at it I thought I would get this to try myself instead. Can’t wait to give it a go&nbs... more »

Great little gadget

06 Jan, 2019
this is such a handy little device. It has a light on to show what area you are defuzzing and is very effective. I tried it on a small patch to begin with and it really does work well  more »

Lovely pampering item

20 Dec, 2018
I bought these to treat myself with. They arrived in a flowery box so could be given as a gift. There were two in a pack and felt so soft to touch. I used mine hot and it was so relaxing. I ran it und... more »

Great for kids imagination

20 Dec, 2018
I got this for my one and three year old and they absolutely love it. Th Velcro decorations are easy to put on and it’s a nice big size full of lovely colours  more »

Great item

09 Dec, 2018
I got this for our children for Christmas. It is fantastic and feels nice and thick and good quality. It is a large size so can be filled with lots of things and looks very smart and authentic. &... more »

Excellent for Christmas

09 Dec, 2018
I got this for our children for Christmas. It is fantastic and feels nice and thick and good quality. It is a large size so can be filled with lots of things and looks very smart and authentic. &... more »


09 Dec, 2018
I got these for my little girl as she has beautiful long hair and loves different coloured bows. These are such good value and seem good quality. The colours are gorgeous and she now has a bow for eve... more »

Such a great item

30 Nov, 2018
I got this for our little boy for long car journeys. This is so easy to fit and the tablet fits in securely. It means now we can put stuff on a programme for him to watch and don’t have to worry... more »

Great for travellers

26 Nov, 2018
this handy device is nice and compact and slightly smaller that normal plugs. It can be used abroad in different countries and seems very versatile. Delivery was quick and I look forward to taking thi... more »

Nice selection

25 Nov, 2018
There was a nice selection of colours in here. I thought the box may be bigger to display them all as they arrived in a small plastic bag inside a small gift box. If you wanted to give them as a prese... more »

Fab alternative to normal shaped ice cubes

21 Nov, 2018
my husband saw this and wanted to try as an alternative quirky difference to normal shaped ice cubes. These produce large balls which means you need less and are a talking point at parties. Would reco... more »

Lovely and thick for winter

13 Nov, 2018
This arrived today and I’m actually very impressed with the style and thickness of it. I can’t wait to use this now the weather is getting colder. It is a lovely long scarf and c... more »

Nice item

07 Nov, 2018
This is a good item if you just want to be able to put your phone on charge without plugging it in. If you hav a cover on your phone you will need to remove first which could be a bit of a faff each t... more »

Lovely gifts

06 Nov, 2018
I got these for my little girl to give to her friends the way I used to do as a child. The colours are very vibrant and are really lovely. There are different coloured ones so you have a choice. They... more »

Lovely and soft

06 Nov, 2018
I originally bought these to put in people’s stockings at Christmas as an extra little gift. They are so soft and the designs are really cute. I’m tempted to actually keep them all for mys... more »

Lovey item for winter

31 Oct, 2018
I got this to add to my candle collection to make it feel cozy and warm inside. It’s battery operated and is quiet when switched on. It creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere and I would reco... more »

Great addition

31 Oct, 2018
I got this for my husband for his switch. He’s used it and said it is comfortable to use and easy to fit. The only downside is it won’t fit in the base with it on and also won’t fit... more »

Lovey pj set

31 Oct, 2018
i got this for my little girl and she totally loves it. It’s bright and colourful and is very cute. The designs are lovely and the material seems good quality.  more »

Great for the environment

28 Oct, 2018
having seen these before I’ve always been dubious about actually trying one. With all the environmental issues going on I bit the bullet and decided  to purchase one to help save... more »

Excellent item

25 Oct, 2018
i have been after one of these for a while. This charges quickly and is so handy to have when I’m out and about. It’s easy to use and is light and portable enough you can carry it in your... more »

Lovey boys top

25 Oct, 2018
i bought this for my little boy for Christmas and it is adorable. It is very soft and seems well made. The little soft spikes on the sleeves look cute as well  more »

Beautiful item

21 Oct, 2018
This arrived well packaged and pretty much ready to use. It gives off a soft pink hue and is so relaxing to have on in any room. The fact it has health benefits too is an added bonus. Would definitely... more »

Not a bad product

21 Oct, 2018
I have had earphones similar to this before which have been really good. These arrived and the part that goes around the ear seemed slightly flimsier than my other pair. I was worried this would impac... more »

Superb Value For Money

21 Oct, 2018
I’m genuinely surprised at how good these earphones are, considering the budget price. The packaging is nice a professional. The charging case looks nice and smart. The earph... more »

Excellent item

19 Oct, 2018
these are a great item to add to your phone to offer fantastic protection. I’m such a klutz and with two young kids my phone is dropped a lot. This has given me peace of mind that I’m... more »

Easy to use product

12 Oct, 2018
I thought this  was an aerator as described but on box just says it’s a wine pourer so not 100/% sure whether it will air the wine too. It’s easy to fit and the cooling prong for... more »

Great for my 2 year old

23 Sep, 2018
I bought these for my two year old little boy who is dinosaur mad. The bottoms have a scaly print on them and the top has a dinosaur on it. They are long sleeved and feel very soft which is great... more »

Not just your bog standard toothbrush

21 Sep, 2018
when I ordered this I didn’t realise it had different settings on it. There is a normal one, softer one, a whitening one and massaging one. They really do make my teeth feel clean and I am very... more »

Excellent product

21 Sep, 2018
this arrived today and I couldn’t wait to try it. I tested if just in the sink to begin with and it is extremely powerful. I also put warm water in it as I thought cold may be too harsh on my te... more »

Excellent product

12 Sep, 2018
Excellent HDMI TO VGA adaptor. Does it exactly what I need it to  more »

Excellent item

06 Sep, 2018
This shower has three different settings and is such an improvement on my old one. You kind of get used to what you have but this new one is amazing. One of the settings feels like a power shower whic... more »

Excellent for travel

30 Aug, 2018
I got these for our two children to keep in the car for long journeys. They work really well and are great for keeping them both entertained. The smaller one is just right for my one year old and the... more »

Gorgeous garden light

27 Aug, 2018
I got this for a friend who likes owls. The design is nice although could probably be slightly clearer. There weren’t any instructions but it seems pretty self explanatory. Can’t wait for... more »

Easy to fit and very powerful

27 Aug, 2018
I fitted this with ease to my existing shower hose and hVe to say the shower it provides is amazing. I suddenly have power and water coming through with more force than usual. It isabsolutely fab and... more »

Fab item for Christmas

27 Aug, 2018
I got this for my little girl for Christmas but had to try it to see how it worked. It was very straight forward and easy to use. The sound is good and it is easy to connect up. Hours of fun  more »

Fab dressing up item

09 Aug, 2018
My three year old absolutely loves this. It was meant to be a Christmas present but I was weak and gave it to her early. It runs on a battery powered fan and is easy to switch on and off  &nbs... more »

Fingers crossed

09 Aug, 2018
This says it can take a little while to work with it needing to scab over and can take a couple of weeks. The needles come sterilised and individually wrapped for hygiene.  You get a charger c... more »

Great crafts for the kids

09 Aug, 2018
The first package I ordered arrived broken through courier but were promptly replaced they seem good quality and I can’t wait to make some Christmas decorations with my kiddies to make some d... more »

Good item

30 Jul, 2018
Doesn’t seem to bend as easy as it looks in the pictures as mine seemed to have a plastic part in the middle which didn’t show on the pictures.  It fixes to my bedside table well t... more »

Great for any gamer

25 Jul, 2018
This large gaming mat is fab for any budding gamers out there. It has a rubber base to stop it slipping at crucial game playing moments. It is long so you don’t have to move your hand too much a... more »

Excellent little gadget

25 Jul, 2018
Excellent little gadget which can show things to 4K. It is compact and neat and looks very smart.   The different ports on it make it a very useful all in one tool to hve in any home ... more »

So handy for travel

21 Jul, 2018
The fact these can be used in your plane carry on bag is so useful. You get three bottles which come in a zip up bag. The bag is clear to make it easy to see what is insjde the bottles are easy to... more »

Nice item

29 Jun, 2018
I ordered this for my little girl. It arrived today and is very nice but I didn’t realise the lid just rested on top. I thought it was just one unit as there are lots of loose bits and with the... more »

Great fast charger

21 Jun, 2018
This is such a neat compact little design which as it is upright means your phone can just stand on it. It really does charge fast and doesn’t seem to overheat which can sometimes be an issue wi... more »

Great fast wireless charger

16 Jun, 2018
I got this for my hubby to use with his new phone. It was easy to set up. And once plugged in and phone placed on it really did charge fast. It’s compact and light enough I can keep it in my bag... more »

Really does work

16 Jun, 2018
I’ve been taking these a week and have found that not only has my appetite decreased so I’ve been eating less but also my energy levels seem to be higher too.  Cant wait to carry o... more »

Godsend if you like pizza

16 Jun, 2018
We love pizza in our family and I wonder how we ever survived without this. It makes getting pizza in and out the oven so easy. It is lightweight and very easy to use  more »

Fabulous party item

13 Jun, 2018
I got these for my daughters birthday and they are so much fun. All the kids loved throwing them about and seeng the confetti swirl about inside them. The banner as well was lovely as well and ke... more »

So easy to use

14 May, 2018
This item arrived in a box with the three mats and two brushes all together. I used one of the mats last night to cook out dinner  and it made life so easy. They are just wipe clean after use and... more »

Amazing uplift

21 Apr, 2018
I got this and was dubious as to it working but after following the instructions I noticed a visible difference when I removed the mask  even my hubby commented so for him to notice it must ha... more »

Good product selection

04 Feb, 2018
This has lots of different things in it which make it easier to try different things with your hair. From making buns to fancy pony tails amongst other things. It also comes in a resealable ba wh... more »

Ok but quite small

04 Feb, 2018
the pictures make these look like a normal size kids teapot set but are actually quite small. They are fine for my 3 year old but I’m not sure how much use a 5/6 year old would get out of them.... more »

Great item for a guitar lover

22 Nov, 2017
This arrived in a cardboard box but everything had a place inside so it looks really smart. The items seem of a good quality and the little pouch for the picks is very cute and has a clip so very... more »

Excellent sponges

15 Nov, 2017
These come in a pack of two which is fab. They are great colours and I have found them so easy to use. They scrub pans reLly well without scratching them and are really effective at removing dirt. The... more »

Nifty little product

09 Nov, 2017
What a nifty little product this is. You get two in a pack and they are all soft and squidgy.  I was a bit dubious at first but this is so good for getting food off of plates and even better f... more »

Excellent little gadget

24 Oct, 2017
Really good little item. So simple yet effective. Comes with two stickers so you have a spare which is great to have just in case. Phone feels very sturdy with finger through holder and can also be us... more »

Very useful

09 Oct, 2017
This item comes folded flat so makes it ideal to slip into a handbag and use on the go.    It has had magnets on the side so when you come to put it together it all holds in place ... more »

Excellent bags.

20 Sep, 2017
These bags are amazing. I wasn't expecting them to be as big as they are but they are huge and seem to be very strong too. they are great for storing bed linen and clothes when not in use i.e.... more »

Excellent 4 pack camping lamps

16 Sep, 2017
I go camping quite a lot and these lights are a godsend. So simple to use, run on AA batteries and are very bright. There is also a dimmer option as well as the sos feature.  Having the wrist... more »

Excellent product

03 Sep, 2017
I got this item as my hubby always thinks he is the BBQ king but has sometimes served up undercooked meat. Bleuurrgghh. This now means he has no excuse to try and poison his loving family as he can ma... more »

Ring sizer. Excellent product

27 Aug, 2017
Excellent item. Very good quality. Have been after one of these for a little while and the fact you get the rings and the sizer is so helpful. The rings are detachable to make them easy to try on and... more »