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About Me

I am a Canadian - CA reviewer and share things that I like. Based on actual products I receive, I fully test it, and provide unbiased reviews / feedback.

Thank you for taking time to read my profile. Cheers!


Good for dead zone internet

08 May, 2019
Just the price is on high end but this is a great addition for Wifi wherever there are dead zones in home. Also is 1200 which covers a great lot area or space in the home. Use in basement, Garage, upp... more »


08 May, 2019
Good knee pads comes with 2 pack, which can be great products for people having knee issues. It would be great if price is little lower and can be available in different colours. Apart that every... more »

Great technology

08 May, 2019
This is a great technolgy I see as with 4 in 1 features where you can use this USB for iOS, android device with Micro USB, laptop/PC/Computer via USB por and Type C for newer phones chromebook, new la... more »

Awesome USB flash drive

08 May, 2019
This is an awesome USB flash drive with 4 in 1 built in features. Has lightnings for iOS, USB for laptop, computer, PC, Type C for newer android phones and Micro USB which can pretty much work with an... more »

Great eco friendly tooth brush

28 Apr, 2019
Handles are made of bamboo and eco friendly which is great for environment. Bristles are soft, brush handle is easy to hold while brushing teeth. Noticed seller dropped the price after... more »

Fast charging great product

19 Apr, 2019
This is great powerbank - fast charging with good battery capacity. Bit heavy if you want to carry around in your bag otherwise it check mark all boxes. more »

shoes are very comfortabale

19 Apr, 2019
Shoes are light weight, very comfortable while wearing. This is perfect for senior people as well. Good material. Great if price was little less tho.  more »

portable and light weight

19 Apr, 2019
portable and light weight, price is reasonable which is worth buying. comes with hand glove to protect hand while steaming garments.  more »

it's okay

19 Apr, 2019
it's okay, can get more better with more features in similar price range more »

compact and easy to carry

22 Mar, 2019
it's compact, light weight and easy to carry around. Does what it suppose to do. Can't go wrong. Just a little high price  more »

good quality audio and waterproof

22 Mar, 2019
it's a great bluetooth speaker as it's a good quality audio - clear sound and waterproof so great during pool party as well or to use on the beach more »

can use 2 in 1

12 Mar, 2019
This oil diffuser can use as 2 in 1 - as humidifier and for aroma theraphy. Great quality, reasonable price, durable, light weight and easy to carry around. Perfect to use in home and during yoga as w... more »


12 Mar, 2019
works perfect and very handy and light weight. Easy to carry around to use when needed. very reasonable in price as well. won't go wrong. more »

good for office and home use

12 Mar, 2019
very helpful to keep documents organized - very handy for office and home use including for students. more »

quality product

02 Feb, 2019
First I purchased some other brand which screwed up as soon as i plugged in - however this one works perfectely fine. no issues whatsoever, very durable and quality product. highly recommended. more »

good quality

02 Feb, 2019
does what it suppose to do. comes very handy during jogg and workout.  more »

perfect all in one

02 Feb, 2019
got this to gift to a senior person and it's perfect all in one alarm clock with bluetooth speaker. mainly due to big letters which are easy to read for seniors. more »

search ends here

23 Dec, 2018
my search for oil diffuser aromatheraphy ends here. worth price more »

work perfect

23 Dec, 2018
works perfectly fine, quality product more »

quality product

23 Dec, 2018
works perfectly fine, quality product can be use as home decor, mist humidifier and oil diffuser more »

color does not change

15 Dec, 2018
7 colors does not change for some reason. apart it's okay more »

great quality

15 Dec, 2018
check off all boxes that you want more »

good multi function plugs

15 Dec, 2018
this multi function plug comes very hand to charge multi devices at the same time more »

clear audio

15 Dec, 2018
audio is clear. and appear to be of good quality more »

good multi function BT speaker

15 Dec, 2018
good multi function bluetooth speaker. color and features are amazing more »


15 Dec, 2018
everything is good, but price appear to be on higher side hence giving 4 star more »

loud and clear

15 Dec, 2018
portable, sturdy, audio is clear and loud, color is awesome. recommended if you in market to buy more »

good quality

15 Dec, 2018
Made of good material which makes durable and warm as well.  more »

good quality and loud

25 Nov, 2018
it's very durable, looks pro, of great quality and maily very loud. great to carry around  more »

it's ok

10 Nov, 2018
appear to be okay compared to what i though. convenience to use when to make salad / veg for lot of people. more »

good but pricey

10 Nov, 2018
item is good, durable, charge well but price appear to be on very high side compared with other brands on amazon more »

did not received from amazon

10 Nov, 2018
did not received from amazon more »

fits well on bicycle

10 Nov, 2018
great product, fits well on bicycle and audio is clear. very durable, price appear to be little on higher side though more »

perfect wood look oil diffuser

02 Nov, 2018
perfect wood look oil diffuser - good enough quantity absorbatn i.e. 300ml - perfect for my living room - just feel little high on price. more »

perfect learning tool for kid

02 Nov, 2018
perfect learning tool for kid which helps develop different skills for kid. good quality plastic. feels little high on price compared with local stores so giving 4 stars.  more »

good gloves

02 Nov, 2018
keep hands warm and fits well. very reasonable price, highly recommended if you are in the market to buy gloves. more »

good quality

02 Nov, 2018
good quality, comes very handy during working out and for walking. worth price.  more »


24 Oct, 2018
it appear to be okay for day to day light wear. more »

returned back

24 Oct, 2018
no instructions, no manuals, like i am shooting in the dark after purchasing product - have no idea how to install without manuals. returned item back more »

perfect projector

24 Oct, 2018
it's good and perfect to use in lower lever to make a home theatre environment during renovation. more »

good vacuum

20 Oct, 2018
perfect comes handy to clean car - no tangling cables, etc as it's wireless. good quality. more »

great gift to kid

17 Oct, 2018
great gift to kid - educational toy. based on whole price can be less in range of twenty's tho. more »

placed the order and item got lost in transit

15 Oct, 2018
placed the order and item got lost in transit more »

Product is good

15 Oct, 2018
Good multi features with alarm, clock, temperature, etc. It looks good in dark and easy to view the time. Durable and cost effective more »

appear to be good quality

27 Sep, 2018
Just getting ready for winter by buying winter gears before hand. Though it's not cold to wear gloves right now I just bought and haven't tried, hence not sure how warm it is in real during co... more »

good solar powerbank

13 Sep, 2018
loved it as it's charges with 2 ways by solar light and by electricity. works fine as it charge 2 devices together. worth it. more »


04 Sep, 2018
great dash cam, work as advertised. highly recommended in very economical price if you are in market to get one. more »

Cost effective

23 Aug, 2018
Great, cost effective, and charge 2 different ways - solar and electricity. Perfect during outdoor activities. more »


10 Aug, 2018
It's a great charger - easy to carry around and not worried to break as it's very sturdy. Options to charge by electric or via sunlight which is easy during camping, hiking or outdoor activiti... more »

sporty look

14 Jul, 2018
This is very comfortable to use during working out and during jogging. stays fit on and in ears. audio is great clarity. looks great, loved it. more »

Good product

14 Jul, 2018
great mult purpose product, good to listen songs, hads free speaker to make and receive calls. also can listen music my using memory card. recommended. more »

5 star

29 Jun, 2018
5 star overall satisfied and price worth. more »


29 Jun, 2018
the red and black color is beauty. I really like the sleek design with the color. does what it suppose to do. easy to pick and keep phone from charging more »

good wireless charger for my iphone 8

29 Jun, 2018
charges well my family members iphone 8 which we gifted both. reasonable price then buying OEM. more »

great gift

29 Jun, 2018
bought few bunch of them to gift to younger family members and being advised it's good, does what it suppose to do. more »

good multiple item

25 Jun, 2018
This is a good item with several features. Alarm number is white color and easy visible for senior person. Immediately able to connect bluetooth to listen songs and for phone calls. Worth pr... more »

great item

25 Jun, 2018
This is great all in one item. Alarm number is easy to view at night time with bright orange color. Easy to connect phone and listen songs and comfortable to take and make calls. Durable item. more »

good item

25 Jun, 2018
this is fast charging device. very stable and solid. easy to carry around. glad to charge my phone wirelessly. more »

Good product

24 May, 2018
This wireless charger is light weight, easy to carry aroud and thin which makes compact in size. Works like a charm, just take little longer to charge then OEM but with the fast charging adapter it wi... more »

5 stars

04 Dec, 2017
Work superb. Great wall charger that helps me to connect 4 devices at the same time. Now it comes to an end to look for available outlets in different rooms to plug different devices for charging. Blu... more »

Great Product with many options to connect

27 Nov, 2017
Great compact 5 in 1 usb hub item. Easy to carry and work as stated on both devices - in and out. Connect type C devices to HDMI, 2 x USB and SD / micro sd card. Output audio video quality is good and... more »

Love it

26 Nov, 2017
Works like a charm, alike OEM, cable fits very well. Now I have more options to connect my electronics devices. more »

Good cable

26 Nov, 2017
Does what it states, seems sturdy and yes you can bend it and not afraid to break. more »

Products looks great

26 Nov, 2017
This is a gift. Product looks good and I like the color very much. more »

Great Guitar Strap

26 Nov, 2017
This red & white with maple leaf guitar strap is great looking and of good quality. more »

Great compact size bicycle handlebar bag

26 Nov, 2017
Bicycle handlebar bag is awesome. More than what I expected. Has 3 mesh bags on 3 sides, great sturdy material, nice size pockets to keep your keys, wallet, cell phone, etc. Also, it comes with the wa... more »

Good and worth ice cube trays

25 Nov, 2017
I needed ice cube trays and got this one. Package comes with 2 trays, each tray holds 15 square ice cubes and it's deeper so makes bigger size ice than normal trays i guess. Also, very easy to rem... more »