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Smaller than expected

05 Aug, 2019
4 star because of its size but the quality is good enough for it to carry water bottle. It's not bad for its quality but i think the size is tiny than what i expected it to be. more »

It's okay

05 Aug, 2019
I wasn't so impressed. It's little than what i expected but 4 stars because it looks sturdy enough to carry on putting daily little things. more »

Refreshing looking to the dessert

05 Aug, 2019
I am using this for my childs party and i can tell how it will make a nice touch to the event. Its very pretty flamingo design. And for its price,  u can't go wrong. Its not thin straw, hard... more »

Cute style.

05 Aug, 2019
I love the style of carrot. Its rubber texture is amazing. The ballpen point are so tiny and i love it. It comes in a black ink. I love it. more »

A good one

05 Aug, 2019
I had used several polishing cloth from expensive tiny piece. This one is a good one. More than worth its price for the quality. M more »

I love the fabric quality.

27 Jul, 2019
This is the second set of designs of swaddle blankets that i bought from this store and i am so happy with my purchase.  Its very worth it.  more »

Great for traveling

27 Jul, 2019
Its a complete set that comes very handy when traveling.  The case is compact and looks expensive.  Great buy for me more »

I like the grinder caps and battery lasts.

10 Jul, 2019
I have big an small dogs. The grinder cap helps in making it easy to take care of their nails without hurting them. I take the cap off when i file my big dogs nails and put the cap on to trim the smal... more »

The accessories made it up for me

10 Jul, 2019
I got this for the description of "quiet " function. I am starting to groom my puppy myself and the sound of nail files makes her jump off me, it scares her and it's hard to finish her n... more »

Pretty design

29 Jun, 2019
The rubbers on the bottle makes it unique and they can be interchanged if you like. Easy to clean. more »

Worth it

29 Jun, 2019
I like this a lot, from packaging up to the accessories that comes with it. Its very easy to use and really does it's job. Going to save me from bringing my pet to grooming shop. Thanks to this. more »

Just okay

29 Jun, 2019
It didn't exceed my expectations thats why its only 4 star. Just a regular black belt for a dress. Not so great quality but not bad either. more »

Gentle fabric

29 Jun, 2019
I love how soft it's material is and surely not itchy on babies skin. Washing them didn't change its quality but i made sure to put gentle hypoallergenic soap and no fabric softeners but dryer... more »

Not so thrilled of it.

06 May, 2019
Looks cheaply done and the materials are easily falling off. Although its looks as pictured and cute still not that happy about it. more »

Easy to install. A good buy for me.

06 May, 2019
I like this phone holder because the rubber grip sits properly on my dashboard and it has an extra one where you can use to clip on the vent but I opt to use the other one where it sits on my das... more »

Pretty but the size is inconsistent.

23 Apr, 2019
This is the 2nd dress I've gotten in the smae size of medium but this latest one I've got is a bit wider than the first one I've ordered. Not that big deal though because I still like how... more »

I like it, but....

21 Apr, 2019
It's a very nice material of fabric used and looked very the same with the picture posted but my only critique is that the underwear part is so wide that it rides up to my thighs or makes my cente... more »

I'm impressed

21 Apr, 2019
I've got quite a few of garlic press and this one I liked the most because its not hard to clean up after using it. Its a metal all the way that makes it more durable. For its price its so worth i... more »

Not that great fabric that I expected.

20 Apr, 2019
This is the hot type of fabric to put on especially outside in a hot summer day. I bet your baby would be sweating because the material is like a thick slippery kinda fabric which for me is uncomforta... more »

It's pretty color and looks sturdy

20 Apr, 2019
I got a couple of jade roller where the metal part that holds the roller comes off or get broken and scratch your face by accident, but this one looks like it can last longer because it's nic... more »

It's a toy.

20 Apr, 2019
This is useless for me because of it's quality from the cord to the plug rubbers up to the sound that comes off. It's cheap, you can tell right away. It alters the quality of sound from the ph... more »

Altered bass

20 Apr, 2019
This is a cheap quality of earbuds. I have to remove my phone casing just to plug it in and sounds comes iff weird,  the bass is terrible that it alters the original sounds of the music. Not wort... more »

Very lightweight and comfortable for long walk.

12 Apr, 2019
I love the fact that it's stylish for every summer outfit that it got go along.  Its not that fancy or durable material but for its price, it's not too much. You would enjoy walking with... more »

I like the style but and color

12 Apr, 2019
I love the style. It is perfect for summer outfit but I am scared that it won't be as durable as I wish it to be. The straps looks cheaper than expected.  more »

Worth it because of it's good quality

03 Apr, 2019
It's cute but I wish I ordered large size. I am size medium usually on one piece but this one runs shorter and you have to loosen the strings just for it not to be uncomfortable  and would fi... more »

I love it's quality

05 Mar, 2019
It's pretty much in good size and I like its materials made of and how light it is to carry my make up stuff. more »

I'm satisfied.

05 Mar, 2019
Stretch well and kept its elasticity even after washing. more »

Comes in handy for travel

14 Feb, 2019
I love that it comes with a nice bag to carry for travel. It pretty much has a lot on it. I like it. #RankBoosterReview #Southsun more »

Pretty style and sexy

25 Jan, 2019
I love the material used and  nicely sewed just like expensive brands. #RankBoosterReview #VeranoPlaya more »


24 Jan, 2019
I so love the dog print and the stickers designs. They are cute and I use them for my books as inserts for my inputs or summary on the topic. I am happy with this purchase. Makes learning fun! #RankBo... more »

Love it.

30 Dec, 2018
The color is bright. I got the color with majority white on it and I love it. I'll be using it for future travels. #RankBoosterReview #Moonen #travelpillow more »

Fun ring

30 Dec, 2018
They are fun and cute. more »

Small but cute

30 Dec, 2018
The size of ruler on the image listed in amazon page is deceiving. They are actually tiny but colorful. more »


22 Dec, 2018
I had been using silicone scrub to wash off make ups on my face everytime i wash my face and I had cross into lots of hards ones and into super soft ones too. This one one is good since i dont like so... more »

Pretty good

22 Dec, 2018
For its price, its pretty good but Its not what i expected.  I thought it was going to be some kind of sticky one its not.  This is perfect if you are wearing a fit clothes so it will stay i... more »

I love the quality

22 Dec, 2018
Even after washing they are still good, didn't shrink. Still stretchable as it is. Not thin at all. #RankBoosterReview #MAIKANONG #Socks more »

Just like the high end brand of socks. Material is good.

22 Dec, 2018
I love that the socks is not a cheap type. It has good thickness and cool on the feet. Will definitely going to get more of this. #RankBoosterReview #MAIKANONG #Crewsocks more »

I love its design and the quality is good.

21 Dec, 2018
This 1 piece looks elegantly sexy. I have decided if keeping it instead of sending it to my sister for her trip but its too good to give away. I will be buying 1 more to give. The size is true as well... more »

Love the color. So feminine and sexy

19 Dec, 2018
I am looking forward of summer because of this swimsuit.  They are made well and cute. Sizing are correct. Love its design of bow in front. #RankBoosterReview #VeranoPlaya #swimwear  more »

Medium is good for girls with bigger bum. Its cute and nice quality.

19 Dec, 2018
I should have ordered smaller size even if im medium for most swimsuits but this one the bottom part is a little loose for me but the upper fits perfectly.  I love the fabric and its quality.&nbs... more »

Super comfortable and nice fit

19 Dec, 2018
At just got this today and break it in right away and im surprised its so comfy. Its pretty for my feet and I love it. This shoes is very worth for its price. Can never go wrong with this cute sh... more »

Can't go wrong with this.

13 Dec, 2018
Moms would love this. If they want to look so in for the beach or pool, this is the perfect type of swimsuit because ot covers up the stomach yet its elasticity makes some curse on the stomach. #RankB... more »

My friend would love to get this. Its super cute

13 Dec, 2018
This is good for friends that love to go swimming. They would appreciate the quality. Can't go wrong with this because it makes one looks sexy #RankBoosterReview #TemptMeApparel swimsuit  more »

Love it

08 Dec, 2018
It makes a sexy illusion of your body that really makes you look sexy. This is good for any shapes. #RankBoosterReview #SoftCloudy  #sexyswimsuit  more »

Worth the price

07 Dec, 2018
Great gift to a girl friend because it's almost for all body shapes and does makes you look sexy. Thats what I love about this. Quality is good with the fabric #RankBoosterReview #TemptMeApparel &... more »

I love this style. Cute and sexy

07 Dec, 2018
This is for every girls out there. Very sexy and looks decent. I love how it shapes on my body. The quality is good. #RankBoosterReview #TemptMeApparel  #sexy #swimwear #twopiece more »

I'm ready for the next summer

07 Dec, 2018
The fabric is good and correct sizing. I am size 6 and medium fits so well. It looks sexy and fancy more »

Durable and worth it

27 Nov, 2018
This seems to last because the cord is made sturdy. Have this for awhile and still looks brand new. I like it more »

bubbles aren't easy to come off

26 Sep, 2018
I had a hard time installing this screen protector because the bubbles doesn't come off all the way and just leave it on my screen with bubbles still on the edges. more »

Good enough

26 Sep, 2018
I love the fact that it is slim and fit properly. But my only concern is my phones safety when it drops. Its good for fashion. #RankBoosterReview #Prodeli more »