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John Thompson

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Best belt

31 Aug, 2018
This belt is very good, it's great to be able to expand and contract more »


31 Aug, 2018


15 Aug, 2018
https://amzn.to/2KVN8Gv This charger works really well, it really reduces all the clutter on my kitchen table. not instead of having 4 different wall plugs, I have just this one. Caharges my ipad, pho... more »

Really cool

14 Aug, 2018
https://amzn.to/2vMj1fY Cool little water fountion, easy to setup, jsut follow the directions to set your water height. Solar just lays flat and works well. Cool little water fountion, easy to setup,... more »

Great Shades

14 Aug, 2018
https://amzn.to/2KXk3dQ These are what I was looking for! These shades just cling to the inside of the window and give the kid more than enough shade without blocking too much vision. I recieved 4, al... more »

GREAT sizors for the shop

09 Aug, 2018
https://amzn.to/2M3dMTr Now these are some great scissors for the garage, shop or even kitchen. I use them to cut wire with no issues more »


20 Jul, 2018
Wow these are really really bright. Just make sure you dont point them where you will look directly at them. They light up the wall and provide a teriffice amount of light. The light color (3000K) is... more »

Nice Lanterns

20 Jul, 2018
https://amzn.to/2LB9ZZg Nice lanterns to use all around, and the fact that they are solar recharged is GREAT. No more looing for more batteries everytime they run low. Just put it out in the sunshine... more »

Nice scanner, a must buy

12 Jul, 2018
This scanner is a really good one, nice full color display with lots of information. Even shows live stats of sensors readings. This is a must for any small shop of DIY'er. Comes ina  good ca... more »

Great work light

12 Jul, 2018
This work like is great beacuse it runs on litium ion batteries. The stand allows you to point at what youre working on and whne folded, the whole thing lays flat, perfect for working under the car. T... more »

Nice USB charger

12 Jul, 2018
This charger is great, puts out full power on each port. Having multipl ports is great becasue it keeps all the clutter in one spot instead of having all the plugs in our house filled up. I just wish... more »

sick ride

12 Jul, 2018
Nice long board, really nice wheels. The deck is solid, the trucks are quality. Time to grow up and quick using a skateboard? Na switch to the long board, it's sick. https://amzn.to/2ucXCvR more »

Very Slim, works great

12 Jul, 2018
Nice charging pad, works great with the iPhone X. The slim design makes it very cool looking on the desk or night stand. Super simple to use and it's a great price for one of these. https://amzn.t... more »

Great outdoor screen

09 Jul, 2018
Excellet screen, especially for outdoors projector nights. Great quality at a great price. It was easy enough to build a frame out of schedule 40 PVC pipe and fittings from Hompe Depot. No need to eve... more »

Great light, well constructed

27 Jun, 2018
This thing is solid, it's very well made. Perfect for outdoor lgiht. Looks very wel made and water resistent. My only complaint is the light color, I wish they offered it in a 3500K to give a less... more »

Great scanner

27 Jun, 2018
Very useful sanner. I was able to use it on an adroid tablet I have. My only complaint is that it does not work with IOS, iphones and ipads are out, the bluetooth just does not connect. Otherwise it&#... more »

Incredibley Useful!

27 Jun, 2018
Anyone out there doing wood work, especailly crown moldings. This tool is VERY useful and is really helpful. I would recomend. more »


19 Jun, 2018
VERY COOL! Easy setup, now we have a nice glow behind our TV https://amzn.to/2tavAAp more »

The kid loves this

11 Jun, 2018
Fun battery lgiht, currently lighting up my son's jeep. He get's a kick out of it. see it here: https://amzn.to/2Mkbuf2 more »

Great light, great deal

11 Jun, 2018
Really cool COB lights, perfect for working on the truck with. The magnet bottom is key, the light stays on the bottom of the hood putting hte light right where you need it. more »