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Sharon Farris

About Me

I am excited to share my experiences with people. I enjoy letting others know how things work or what quality an item is. If something works well I am usually the first to get that information to my friends and family members. My previous experience was in retail with customer service relations. I have worked in this field for over ten years. I enjoy doing reviews for companies as well and am not afraid to let people know how things work.


Fast and Easy

20 Aug, 2019
This car phone mount for cell phones is great for placing on the air vent and always having your phone available, you can see it at a glance, keep track of it and get to is very easy with this car pho... more »

Floss and Shine

16 Aug, 2019
This portable water jet oral irrigator flosser for teeth by Careshine is so awesome.  Easy to use, and even easier to set up.  Makes for great hygiene on the go, great for travel or just to... more »

Easy and Soft

09 Aug, 2019
These eye makeup remover pads are not only easy to use but they are very soft as well.  They are reusable, cotton, organic bamboo and almost velvet to touch.  There is a laundry bag that com... more »

What a Novel Idea

08 Aug, 2019
This eight piece novelty carrot pen set is such a cute idea for holidays, back to school and Easter holidays.  There are eight pens that look like carrots, an eraser that is in the shape of a rab... more »

Festive Looking

08 Aug, 2019
This green tutu skirt by domestar is great, has star sequins on the skirt and a little satin bow in front.  It is made very well, very sturdy and stitched up rather tightly.  It can be used... more »

Pretty Way to Organize

08 Aug, 2019
This eight pocket expaniding document file folder is great for organizing the kids paperwork for back to school or keeping your own desk organized with paid bills or things to do.  It has eight p... more »

Cute and Clever

05 Aug, 2019
This American flag cape cloak is really awesome.  It is by DomeStar and made very well, stitched together nicely and fits most people.  It will be great as a costume for Halloween or during... more »

So Many Different Uses

05 Aug, 2019
These small wooden spoons by Hansgo are perfect for so many different uses.  They are great for herbs, honey, salt, seasoning, coffee, tea, sugar, jam, mustard, little hands for ice cream or just... more »

Many Uses

05 Aug, 2019
These makeup remover pads are reusable, bamboo, very soft and come with a laundry bag for storage.  They are different colors and the storage bag is really very pretty plus there is a laundry bag... more »

Soft and Durable

04 Aug, 2019
This magnetic leather case for LG stylo 5 is a perfect fit.  It has a kickstand as well as card slots and is designed for multipurpose uses.  It is really soft and has so many uses.  It... more »

I spy with wifi

04 Aug, 2019
This 1080 P FHD wifi IP camera is totally awesome.  It is easy to set up, wireless and works off an app on your phone, it has two way audio night vision, and motion detection so it can pick up mo... more »

Soft and Suitable

03 Aug, 2019
This mobile phone case is so soft and durable.  It is super easy to use, has magnetic closures and can flip over for easy use.  It has a kickstand design so it can be used to hold your cell... more »

Doing the Drone

03 Aug, 2019
This mini drone for kids by Tomzon is really awesome.  It is small, but heavy duty.  It is easy to set up and easy to use.  It is a quadcopter with altitude hold and has auto hovering.&... more »

Feels great

01 Aug, 2019
This body slimming massager for legs is perfect for those cellulite thighs and great for relaxing.  Not only does this work great for the fat cellulite on your thighs and calves but makes your sk... more »

Nice Set

30 Jul, 2019
This glow in the dark camping sign kit by Liderstar is really pretty awesome, not only does it come with a UV flashlight and adhesive putty for apply sign to different places but the signs are pretty... more »

Nifty and Nice

26 Jul, 2019
These mesh storage bags for travel are great for organizing and keeping things in place.  They are mesh, have handles and the zippers are stitched in very well.  They are perfect for using a... more »

Perfect Kit

17 Jul, 2019
This solder seal wire connector and heat shrink tubing kit is amazing.  It comes with so many different types of pieces, easy to use, perfect for all heat shrink and shrink wrap tubes, the pieces... more »

Sturdy and Heavy Duty

17 Jul, 2019
This rope chew kit by Jaolex is super sturdy, easy to use and is made with heavy duty materials.  The puppies and dogs love playing with them and the pieces are perfect for playing fetch or just... more »

So Easy

17 Jul, 2019
This stainless steel barbeque grill scraper is super easy to use, has a neat handle that makes it very effective in cleaning and also serves as a bottle opener and a griddle cleaner as well.  It... more »

Small and Powerful

11 Jul, 2019
These audio cable with mic and volume control are great for gaming, listening to music or using to talk on your cellphone.  This cable is three feet long, works great and sounds very well. ... more »

Smells Awesome

11 Jul, 2019
This bottle of lalvender essential oils is pure and natural and smells amazing.  It is perfect for traveling, take it with you for humidifiers or other things.  Perfect size and smells great... more »

Best Clippers

02 Jul, 2019
This nail grinder set is very quiet, portable and is usb rechargeable.  It it easy to set up and super easy to use.  We were impressed with the amount of items that came with it, not only th... more »

Playful Two Piece

30 Jun, 2019
This two piece tankini swimsuit has a ruffle floral look, with a racerback top, high cut bottoms which are high waisted as well.  It has a tummy control built in and does not fit true to size.&nb... more »

Safety at it's finest

26 Jun, 2019
These wolf moon child safety door stoppers are cute and practical.  They are easy to attached to any door and are soft so as not to scratch up the door or door frame.  They are cute, all mad... more »

Nice Mouse

23 Jun, 2019
This usb c mouse is easy to set up, easy to use.  It was great setting up for us, easy, works great with our laptop and my sons gaming macbook.  It fits many different types of devices which... more »

Smells Amazing

23 Jun, 2019
These aromatherapy sticks by Morning Star are simply amazing.  There are several different types of smells, sandalwood, lavender, jasmine, green tea, rose, ocean and all smell great.  They l... more »

Wireless and Worry Free

17 Mar, 2019
This wireless charging stand by ANGUO is fast charging stand for several different types of devices.  It is sleek, easy to use and can be used on iphones as well as Galaxy.  Once you charge... more »

Music for All

17 Mar, 2019
This music player by MYMAHDI is totally awesome.  It is great for portable audio players has photo viewer, voice recorder and fm radio.  Has  built in speaker with headphones and is sma... more »

Strong and Easy

14 Mar, 2019
This car phone mount by Jabuer is universal, sits on the air vent with a strong clip, has four suction cups for a mutitude of different mobile phones and is so easy to set up.  There are so many... more »

Clean as a Whistle

14 Mar, 2019
This new multifunctional effervescent spray cleaner for car auto windshields is really a great thing.  Not only is it easy to mix up and set up and get ready to use but it cleans so well.  T... more »

Great Set for Learning

13 Mar, 2019
This scratch off world map is great for learning about the world.  It is easy to use, comes with rope to hang it up with, pins, mounting stickers and scratching pen.  It is very well made, l... more »

Cute as an Elf Ear

13 Mar, 2019
This two pair set of elf ears are adorable.  Perfect for parades and fairs.  They are latex, come with two headbands and are made very well.  Easy to put on and perfect for weekend fun.... more »

Favorite cupcake holders

13 Mar, 2019
My grandson has a birthday at the end of this month and not only does he love dinosaurs but he also loves cupcakes.  There are a set of 48, has cup cake toppers as well as wrappers.  There a... more »

Totally Amazing

13 Mar, 2019
We got this saucer tree swing for the Grandchildren and I have to tell you that they absolutely love it.  It is thirty nine inches around, has a steel frame, is waterproof and comes with an adjus... more »

Clever Device

19 Oct, 2018
This voice amplifier speaker has two microphones, a headset mic and a lapel mic.  It is a clever little device that is very loud and clear for any teacher, clergy or tour guide.  It is light... more »

Such a Cute Set

19 Oct, 2018
This matte lipstick set is so cute, waterproof and last a long time.  It is non stick lipstick and goes on very nice and smooth and feels nice and soft once on.  It is a set of six so you ca... more »

Fresh and Firm

19 Oct, 2018
This neck firming cream with advanced anti aging complexes helps to tighten your skin and makes it feel fresh and firm.  It it a fresh feeling when applied to your neck and starts tightening it u... more »

Very Handy

31 Aug, 2018
This wrist brace is perfect for any compression support needed.  It is flexible, very comfortable and adjustable.  It is made of breathable material and is very durable.  This brace is... more »

Easy and Quick

31 Aug, 2018
This string of LED lights are so easy to use, easy to set up and look great lite.  There are several different ways you can set them and once you plug them in you are good to go.  They are c... more »

Best Non Contact Thermomter

31 Aug, 2018
This infrared digital baby thermometer is the best I have seen in a long time.  It is great for babies, toddlers and children.  It can even be used on adults and is so easy to use.  The... more »

Great for All types of Sports

31 Aug, 2018
This 3D printed floral blue material has blue leaves and pink flowers on it.  It is very strurdy material and is great for so many types of sports.  You can use it in the winter time for kee... more »

Dark and Stylish

31 Aug, 2018
This 3D sleep mask is bhe best I have ever seen.  The mask covers your eyes with breathable memory foam, is anti slip and has an adjustable strap.  The Eye piece itself has extra memory foam... more »

Oh So Comfortable

30 Aug, 2018
These activewear yoga running workout pants are so perfect, fit so well and stay put better than any yoga pant that I have ever owned.  At first I didn't think it would fit me, they looked ve... more »

Pretty PJ's

30 Aug, 2018
Even though this pajama set is for my grandson it is a very pretty set.  We love that it is cotton and with as hot as it has been here cotton breathes so much better than any other fabric. ... more »

Car Mount for Cell phones

30 Aug, 2018
This car phone holder is the perfect solution for keeping your hands on the wheel while you drive.  The holder fits in the air vent of your car and then the holder pulls open to fit most phones.&... more »

Perfect solution to comfort while camping

11 Aug, 2017
This inflatable camping pillow is lightweight, I was expecting it to be heavier, but it is so sturdy and well made.  Quaility material and attention to detail.  It is very portable and extre... more »

Whimsical and Practical

11 Aug, 2017
These wine stoppers are the perfect solution for saving your wine for later.  They create a vacuum seal so as to prevent any air from being released into the wine and they wine keeps from going f... more »