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Works extremely well

20 Aug, 2019
works very well and the tire pressure gauge that comes with it works awesome and connects well to my tire the memory function works and takes the guessing out of when to take the compressor off to che... more »

Exactly as expected

16 Aug, 2019
Just as expected. They arrived a little later than I needed them but they look nice on the couch and fit the throw pillopws I already had so I am very pleased. more »

Husband loves

11 Aug, 2019
He has  plantar fasciitis and needs continuous cushion on his heel and these are breathable and come in handy on the days he needs it the most.  more »

Husband loves these ... a bit more snug for his liking

11 Aug, 2019
I get they are compression socks but they are too tight. Maybe a size up from his regular shoe would have been better. more »

Got these as a present

11 Aug, 2019
Got these for my grandfather who is having surgery soon and wanted him to use these before the surgery and after. They do work but the type of surgery he needs he will probably use these after surgery... more »

Never received

11 Aug, 2019
Never received item. more »

Exactly as pictured

16 Jul, 2019
This is a great knife. Everything exactly as described the whistle is not very loud but it’s alright because the sharpener and everything works great. Came super sharp. more »

Great and pretty quiet

16 Jul, 2019
These clippers are about as loud as a beard trimmer. But they work great for what we need them for. more »

Great compact fan

16 Jul, 2019
has two modes but doesn’t really work when you have real heat your trying to cool down from. But it is great and a neat little fan more »

Only comes with 1 glass

15 Jul, 2019
12.99 for 1 glass? Even though it shows pictures with 2 glasses and says “glasses” making you think it’s plural for your getting more than one. The one glass is beautiful but I would... more »

Works like a charm

14 Jul, 2019
tried this for my grandmothers CPAP machine and seems to do its job and hold a charge so we are happy with this. more »

Just as described.

08 Jul, 2019
Very easy to use and works well. Was just what was needed to do our little tasks. Will order again when I need to. more »

Got these yesterday and love it

08 Jul, 2019
They came in a box rolled up and I thought they were going to  rolled on the edges but when I took them out they laid completely fat and works in the oven very well so happy with these. more »

Works great

08 Jul, 2019
Got these for around certain times of the month is when the break outs start and used these and the pimples do go away. There is a scent that is noticeable to me when I have them but it’s worth... more »

Really soft

20 Jun, 2019
My daughter loves this blanket. The blanket does glow with the words and stars. She has been taking it everywhere with her and comforts her while she’s trying to sleep. Now my 13 year old wants... more »

Cute little gift

17 Jun, 2019
Mi had gotten this for my mother who’s birthday was on Saturday and she loved it. Wore it all day no problems. Very cute. more »

These are awesome

15 Jun, 2019
These glasses are very nicely made and do make things look clearer my husband loves them.  more »

Works great

11 Jun, 2019
I really do love this charger it shows which one is charged and which one is not. I love how much smaller it is then the one we had before that went out. This one lays lower and can fit in the space w... more »

Works great but doesn’t hold onto jug

08 Jun, 2019
i really love this attachment for my 5 gallon water jugs I just thought it attached to the jug better. It just sits ontop if the jug and if it gets moved a certain way it’ll fall off. But I have... more »

These are great

26 May, 2019
These work very well for what we need them for. We do love in the mountains so the hikes are great and I feel more stable with these. We also fish a lot and the good spots are hard to get to going dow... more »

Very nice!

25 May, 2019
I got these and tried them out. They are stainless steal they are not flimsy but they will bend if you try to bend them. Overall very nice and love all the sizes that came in the kit. more »

Very nice cream to power shadow.

24 May, 2019
This shadow is very pretty with the shade shimmering in the light. I plan on using this more for Halloween it would make a perfect color for a mermaid look. Just don’t forget to stir it because... more »


22 May, 2019
works great once you add batteries. Packaged well but does have smudges on the inside of the glass which is kind of frustrating because the kid is glued on and I can’t clean it. But overall it i... more »

heres the update: this is very misleading

17 May, 2019
The only negative thing I can think of is the shipping takes quite a while for delivery. Once I do get it I’ll update this post.   UPDATE: there is only one pen and it’s a color... more »

I have seen these but haven’t yet received mine

17 May, 2019
i will update as soon as I get it but I have seen other people have these and they are amazing.  more »

Really awesome.

13 May, 2019
This is pretty awesome. The camera works and I love how it has a hold position and when the battery it too low to keep it on it will land without crashing. Simple enough to use battery wasn’t ch... more »

Works like a charm

12 May, 2019
This lighter is wicked! The light is brighter than expected which is great. The lighter itself worked beautifully.  more »

Not waterproof.

12 May, 2019
I just watched my mom wear this “supposed” long lasting wear and it did not even last. She had to reapply quite a few times today. Pretty colors but I would rely on these if you want long... more »

Is there for all my small screw needs

06 May, 2019
There are so many screws and parts that are needed to fix the small things around the house. It is compact and keeps close so i trust to carry it. However, when I received the item the was cracked and... more »

Just wow

06 May, 2019
This one is awesome and works great. Lasts long and easy to use unlike what other reviews have said about it. Super soft and will have to keep this one on hand. more »

Works perfectly

06 May, 2019
Not sure how the stand will stick to the car I’ve already had on in my car and had to gorilla glue it to my dash however, I was able to attach the phone holder piece to the one I had in my car a... more »

Sent me wrong color

06 May, 2019
Although this fan came fast and in good condition I ordered a specific color and got a different color instead. Kind of disappointed with that. But overall the fan works better than I thought and will... more »

Bought this for my husband for his work party

04 May, 2019
This is a cute bow. It has a couple functions when the button is pressed like one solid, slow blink, and fast blink the reason I gave it 4 stars is because when it is turned on you can hear... more »

These are great to have on a key ring

04 May, 2019
I have glasses and a hearing aid I also repair electronics so this is a quick little tool to have on hand. The 8 pack allowed me to give some to some people and keep an extra just in case I can’... more »

Exactly as described

04 May, 2019
I got my rescue hammer and it makes me feel better to have it in the car. It has a case with a glow in the dark dot to find it at night which I find very handy. These are great little things to carry... more »

Mislabeled - labeled at 18lbs but really aren’t

04 May, 2019
I had ordered these with the weight being show 18lbs but they are really the 12th and it was kind of a let down. Hangs small keys but still sketchy on if it’ll hold onto the metal or if it&rsquo... more »

Lovin this pack

01 May, 2019
I have a lot of devices that require these batteries and I fix computers also so this is going to be helpful when I need them. Fits the variety of things I need.  more »

Well made

29 Apr, 2019
This apron was bought for my grandpa who does a lot of different work in the garage and he really enjoys this apron with good deep pockets to hold the tools and is long enough for him. He enjoys this... more »

Nice tent, thin material

28 Apr, 2019
I gave this tent 4 stars because the material is very thin however, I enjoy this tent for going to the lake to fish and my kids like to use it in the backyard as a shaded picnic area. We plan on takin... more »

Theses are super neat

25 Apr, 2019
I love these little candles the remote works for them as a whole when turning them all on but only when you point it at them in a closer range. They make for a super romantic setting and a dim nightli... more »

Really Helping With Allergies.

25 Apr, 2019
I have asthma and it gets triggered a lot by allergies. These masks have been super helpful for me and my daughter who has a sinus issue where every sinus passage inflames and I have been wearing one... more »

Works Like a Charm

18 Apr, 2019
I has bought these for my husband and he absolutely loves them. The handles are solid, the clear case is convenient, and the overall quality is perfect for his needs. The tips were all sharpened... more »