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Paige Canfield

About Me

I review items on my blog or on youtube within 5 days of receiving product.


Great for swollen feet too!

23 Jul, 2017
I got this for my mom who has very swollen feet so she could always keep them up off the ground and she loves it! It attaches to almost anything stable!  more »

Super easy to setup and use!

23 Jul, 2017
I needed something I could set up quickly, and seeing this one goes up and down in 5 seconds I decided to try it, and it does! It took 5 seconds to have it up and 5 seconds to have it down. I love it! more »

They seriously fit almost anything!

23 Jul, 2017
I thought they wouldn't fit certain bowls I have, but no, they fit so many things! I love these!  more »

Really helps with Tennis Elbow!

23 Jul, 2017
I bought this for a friend who was in pain! She said it helped immediately!  more »

This wide angle is the BEST!

23 Jul, 2017
I was trying to get shots of my kids soccer games and never could get enough of the field in without being so far away that I couldnt tell who was who! With this lens, I get the whole field from a clo... more »

I would give these 10 stars if I could!

23 Jul, 2017
I was not expecting these to be my new favorite knives, but they are! super sharp and so cute! I love that each one has a cover!  more »

They are the perfect size and price!

23 Jul, 2017
I love these! They fit perfectly, so super cute, and awesome unbeatable price!  more »


04 Jul, 2017
I needed something like these because the kids keep stealing mine. I love that they come in great colors, and they work well! Good quality and great design. Awesome value! more »