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Celines Delval

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Great for camping

07 Aug, 2019
these are great for camping, they are very portable compared to heavy towels. They have their own bag. They dry fast. The price is very economical so I can buy me more for family members. The towels d... more »

Very portable

27 Jul, 2019
So far this is my best one. Is very light and very portable. The rest are heavy and they don’t even fit all devices. This one is adjustable too. And it’s very easy to carry. I put in my pu... more »


26 Jun, 2019
The item works, I placed in the electrical outlet .  more »

Confortable and warm.

28 May, 2019
item came super fast. Item is very confortable. Item will keeep you warm during winter time. Will buy another one when is winter time. I love it.  more »

Never got here

28 May, 2019
Item still has not gotten home, I am still waiting and new eta is Thursday. I went camping this weekend and was not able to try this item. Still waiting. Super slowwwwww shipping,  more »

Great camera.

28 May, 2019
Item came very fast. Camera is easy to install and work great. I tested and it really has good quality videos. Instructions are easy to follow. I will be buying another one for my other car. Ty.  more »

Beautiful and comfortable.

23 Apr, 2019
Wow this is very pretty. It fitted perfect on me. It’s small size and I hardly use small cause I like things that are confortable. So I tried and I was so confortable that I was in shock.so mayb... more »

They strong they work .

23 Apr, 2019
Well these are great. They clean . They are strong. They don’t break. They good value for the money. At the store these cost more money unless u want the cheap ones that break easily . I recomme... more »

Pretty not just for bird bath.

23 Apr, 2019
ok yes I bought one for my bird bath. Yes I love it. Yes the birds like it but some of them are scare of the noice or this. So yes I bought a second one to add features and projects to my pond. Yes th... more »

Perfect for my pond.

23 Apr, 2019
I had these similar item in the past but I made it for a frog project. So now i got this one and it’s great for the pond cause I use the one for the pond for a project. These are wonderful. They... more »

Omg these toe caps are life saver

19 Apr, 2019
I suffer from a prob w my toe. I lost my toe long time ago and since it’s exposed it doesn’t want to grow back again. But now that I have these toe cap protector. Yay, finally my nail is p... more »

Very good earphones great audio.

19 Apr, 2019
is not a boss but the produce decent quality audio. The fit perfect on my ears. They are very comfortable. they come in a small bag not a box. They are white so I would had prefer for them to hav... more »

Very nice headphones.

19 Apr, 2019
is not a boss but the produce decent quality audio. The fit perfect on my ears. They are very comfortable. they come in a small bag not a box.  more »

Good micro cable.

19 Apr, 2019
is very good cable. Works with all devices that accepts micro cable.  more »

It does the job

19 Apr, 2019
well it’s small but it does the job. It’s powerful. Comes w charger and many bits. It doesn’t have a storage case. It has a forward and reverse button. It has a light for jobs in the... more »

Got to catch them all!

16 Apr, 2019
Omg I was recently introduced to these and now I love them all. Got to collect them all. I have for the house, car , lake house , ban etc u name it. My fav is WiFi but it’s too expensive. So I u... more »

Better price than store prices for just one.

16 Apr, 2019
I like they not expensive. They fit great. They look good quality. They look durable. I like them a lot. They do clean teeth. more »

Works for relieve pain for nails that are growing again.

16 Apr, 2019
It great product. I don’t have In grown nail but i have a nail that i totally lost and is trying very hard to grow. I tried using it but is not easy to be used by one person. It moves too much.... more »

Daughter and me love it.

16 Apr, 2019
I love it but did not fit me. I tried to make it fit , that’s how pretty it is. I bought extra large and i weight 128 pounds, I like things big so I feel comfortable but i got too big, sorry. I... more »

It works.

14 Apr, 2019
This cable works. Is being used as backup cable. Is just as fast as original cable. Shipping was fast. I tested with my laptop and worked fine too. Ty.  more »

Worked perfect !

30 Mar, 2019
ok it was time for mp3 upgrade. My mp3 compared to this are dinosaurs, that’s how old they are. I had a little prob w sync but it was cause windows need it to update. After that it sync fine. I... more »

Really works plus light is bonus,

21 Mar, 2019
Connected these to the outlets, can’t tell is they work or not but at least the wasps are gone. Now I can go to the back of the house and clean and paint it. I also noticed that spiders moved ou... more »

It works better than the rest!

21 Mar, 2019
well I opened the package and place little corn on the bottom and followed instructions. And wow it worked fine. I put 2 minutes and it came perfect. The ones I used in the past were in bags and they... more »