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Mary Del Aguila

About Me

My name is Mary D. homeschool mother of 5. I run an awesome homeschool co-op with more than 20 other families here in South Florida. My husband and I own a few fabulous Peruvian quick service restaurants called "La Brasa" and we love our sunny South Florida life!


So comfy but hard to inflate

29 Jul, 2019
So you have to run around holding the openings open and allow it to fill with air before quickly rolling the ends to hook them closed. I really don’t like that part and I make the kids do it for... more »

Cute top

29 Jul, 2019
i bought this to wear for my sons 2 year old pool party. He loves dinosaurs and it is so fun and cute. I really like the top. The fit me cute are very flattering. The bottoms aren’t my favorite... more »

Super nice

29 Jul, 2019
I actually ordered two of these and was so disappointed when my husband informed me they are not the right kind for my iPhone X because I have a max. They are so nice that I plan on using them for gif... more »

Long but so cute!

29 Jul, 2019
Many of the other reviews mentioned it’s long but it is still so cute. The material is really nice. I’ll probably buy it in different colors. Great fit.  more »

Functional and cute

29 Jul, 2019
I got this for wearing to crowded places like theme parks. It’s super functional with plenty of storage and feels secure on me. Great buy.  more »

So cute

29 Jul, 2019
Super cute and perfect fit. I love the metallic color on the buckle. I can wear the black one with almost anything.  more »

Perfect belt

29 Jul, 2019
Great quality. It is exactly what I expected and it fits perfect. I can wear it with dresses and shirts and it really makes a difference.  more »

So soft

29 Jul, 2019
These are excellent underwear. I bought them for my teenage son. He loves the fit and the fabric. Excellent buy! more »

So soft!

29 Jul, 2019
I bought these for my husband and he loves them! They are kinda like a super soft really stretchy cotton feel fabric. He said they give great support. Order them. You won’t regret it! more »

Great Case

24 Nov, 2018
i ordered air pods for my daughter and this is such a great small case to keep them safe when not in use.  more »

Sleek and Modern

01 Nov, 2018
I love love love these. They look so sleek and modern on my counter top. They have an excellent air tight seal. I am definitely going to be getting more to organize my pantry. Great purchase.  more »

Just what we needed

26 Sep, 2018
Fast and simple. Battery operated means its super portable. I love that it can sharpen the fat pencils too. It has a safety so that young children can not put their in and cut themselves. more »


26 Sep, 2018
This material is awful! I wouldn't buy this again if it was at the dollar store. Don't waste your money. more »

My favorite workout pants!

26 Sep, 2018
I was soooo pleasantly surprised with this purchase. The material of these pants is awesome. They are thick but they have good stretch and great support. The hug my belly just right. I need more of th... more »

A must have for metal cups

26 Sep, 2018
I use these daily for my ozark trail tumblers. I love how cold they get. Super ecofriendly  more »

Super Cool

26 Sep, 2018
This thing is awesome. So much easier than a regular snorkle. It does put a bit of pressure on your face after a while though.  more »


26 Sep, 2018
I LOVE this bag. I have owned lots of diaper bags over the year and this one wins as my favorite. My $150 bag is hanging in my closet because this bag is so much better. Lots of space, great design, I... more »

Does the Job

26 Sep, 2018
My daughter is a budding artist and I am always looking for affordable supplies for her. She likes these just fine. more »

Perfect for the Beach!

26 Sep, 2018
I love this simple bag! It keeps drinks and snacks cool in the bottom, everything else I need for the beach fits in the top and sand can fall right out through the mesh. It's a great size so every... more »


26 Sep, 2018
I love these for working out and for hanging around the house. The material is nice. The tubby area has a little extra support and the pockets are a great bonus.  more »

Pest Repeller

26 Sep, 2018
So I bought these and I have them plugged in as a extra safegaurd against pest in my restaurant. However, since  Ican not hear them and I don't currently have any pest I really have no way of... more »

Great Light weight shorts

21 Aug, 2018
I bought these not knowing if my husband would like them or not. He loves them. They are super light weight. He uses them for working out. His favorite feature is the zipper pockets so he can keep his... more »

Cute but cheap

21 Aug, 2018
These are cute and do the job for exciting the kids in the classes for class treasure box but they break easily and are very cheap.  more »

Cute and fun

21 Aug, 2018
I bought these to use in a class treasure box as little rewards for the students. They are much smaller than I expected but they do grow and explains in water. The little blue beads are like orbeez. T... more »

Perfect man gift!

06 Aug, 2018
My husband LOVES this thing. He can neatly charge his watch and phone every night without the wires laying all over the place. It has a really great system for setting up the phone charger so that it... more »

Excellent Quality!

06 Aug, 2018
I bought this for my teenage daughter. She loves adult coloring books with all the intricate details and she has a large collection of speciality pens. This was the perfect case to keep everything org... more »

Surprising little tool

06 Aug, 2018
I had a lint shaver in the past that was electric and without reading I assumed this one would be too. It is not. It it an interesting sandpaper type material on a nice handle. it takes a bit more wor... more »

Nice but to big

03 Aug, 2018
I am impressed with the quality and feel of this belt. It’s very nice. But I ordered what should fit my husband as a size 34 and it was way too big. I’ll be gifting it to someone though be... more »

Great Spiralizer.

04 Jun, 2018
Excellant kitchen gadget! Im on the keto diet and i bought this to make zucchini noodles. It does the job just great.  more »

Way better than Wilton!

05 Mar, 2018
Ive had a Wilton cake turntable for a while now and I decided to upgrade to this one. It is soooo nice. I love the height of it. It has grips on top so the cake board does not slide. It also has a rea... more »

Very cool

04 Feb, 2018
this is great. It comes it two pieces so you can make a large batch of eggs or a small batch. I also use to set hot pots on top of. I’m sure there are other uses for them too but that is al... more »


04 Feb, 2018
Great coverage and great fit. Keeps arms warm when it’s cool and safe from the sun when it’s hot.  more »

Just what my husband wanted

04 Feb, 2018
my husband works out ALL THE TIME it seems. He wanted one of these to strengthen his grip. This is perfect. He keeps in in the car and uses it when he’s parked or at red light. He likes to make... more »

Very nice. Needs Sim chip to work

30 Dec, 2017
This watch is very nice. I was pleasantly surprised by how nice it looks and feels. I love the face and how easy you can switch from one screen to another. It is very user friendly. It needs a Sims ch... more »

My cool watch

30 Dec, 2017
My kids wanted an Apple Watch like mine but they are kind of young for one so I decided to give this a try. It’s very nice and has a ton of apps and options. One thing that is really cool is tha... more »

Beautiful! Elegant!

21 Dec, 2017
My daughter is a specialty cake baker and she was so excited when these came in. The gold leaf is delicate and you need to know what you are doing to effectively work with it. She plans on using it on... more »

Durable! Works great!

21 Dec, 2017
I am so glad I bought this! It’s so much longer than the cord that came with my IPhone X. It looks like a woven cord with a silicone cover and it feels so strong and durable. My phone is chargin... more »

Just what I needed

21 Dec, 2017
After paying over $20 at Best Buy for those dumb sticker screen protectors that I could not put on without a ton of bubbles I decided to try this. I figured with a set of three maybe I would be able t... more »