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They would work great.

10 Dec, 2018
I am amazed at the difference they make to my eyes. I have got quite hooded eyelids and they really change how they look with good result. Maybe try a few time to adjust place and get in the right pla... more »

This case fits my phone well

10 Dec, 2018
This case fits my phone well. The textured case is stylish and has provided protection from a few drops now. The case is a good value as well. I would recommend the case to others. more »

Love this item

10 Dec, 2018
Love this item. It works just as good as the other "Name Brand" and is so much cheaper. Loved the company I bought it from also. I would definitely recommend this to anyone! more »

Very happy about it

10 Dec, 2018
Very happy about it. I just started training and this is perfect for all the running I’ve been doing. I love that it fits my phone perfectly and I love the color! Product is great. I’ve be... more »

Really like this serum

07 Dec, 2018
I really like this serum, like magic it seems to reduce the bags under my eyes within minutes. It plumps my skin right up too so when I put on makeup there are less visible pores and wrinkles. It does... more »

Good choise for skin

07 Dec, 2018
This is the very first time trying a vitamin serum for me, and personally very satisfied with the purchase so far. I have heard good things about vitamin C on skin that it especially helps with the br... more »

Amazing product

07 Dec, 2018
Does exactly what it says! Amazing products,i like fact, I have natural double eyelids, but quite small and hooded. These allow me to enlarge them and give my eyes many more "room for act... more »

Love these little razors

07 Dec, 2018
I love these little razors for removing the eyebrow hairs that have bugged me for years! An added bonus is the exfoliating factor that didn't even realize I needed. My face is has become so smooth... more »

Great screen protector

05 Dec, 2018
I use screen protectors all the time on my iPhones and usually use invisashield but they are expensive. I though I would try this screen protector based on price and reviews. It exceeded my expectatio... more »

I love all of the colors

05 Dec, 2018
I love all of the colors. This is a really fun collection. Good lipstick doesn't have to be expensive. I'm in love with these. The colors aren't washed-out or faded either! They're eas... more »

This is very good lip liner

05 Dec, 2018
This is very good lip liner. It is super skinny so you can line the lip neatly. The formula is great. And I love lip pencils that don't have to be sharpened because I can keep them in my purse and... more »

This serum is making my skin younger

05 Dec, 2018
This serum is making my skin younger and  I love it. It fits my requirements for skincare: great ingredients, leaves my skin fresh and hydrated not greasy, and I enjoy using it. The serum smells... more »

Perfect quality

04 Dec, 2018
First off, I'm very impressed by the quality. The colour is amazing and lovely. It stays more glossy. I still love it though and highly recommend it. I'll be buying more for sure! more »

New favorite lipstick

04 Dec, 2018
My absolute new favorite lipstick. I love the color as well as how well it stays on!!! I can wear this all day, eat and drink as normal and itll still be there by the end of the day. Every once i... more »

Very good lipstick

04 Dec, 2018
I'm super happy with this purchase! The colors are super cute and blending them is exciting! The lipsticks have beautiful color and a nice texture. Dry fast and I love not to leave lipst... more »

Love these matte lipsticks

04 Dec, 2018
I absolutely love these matte lipsticks! I never need to reapply them, even after eating and drinking all day. The pigmentation is great, and it is very flattering with any skin tone. It's pretty... more »

Perfect screen protector.

03 Dec, 2018
Feels like real glass. No issues with installation. Perfect screen protector. Dropped phone a few times thought it broke but held up fine. Recommend product. more »

Good Choise

03 Dec, 2018
I just purchased the iPhone Armband case. After one run, I am very happy with my purchase. The phone can fit in while using a slim case. I have big arms and the case... more »

Best Screen protector

03 Dec, 2018
Hands down, the best Screen protector I have ever bought. At a very reasonable price and easy to install. Just clean your phone line it up and dropped it ant it will do the rest. Covers the whole scre... more »

Great Product

03 Dec, 2018
When choosing lower cost products for your cell device, the focus is usually on quality. This product works very well for my setup, and the color is highly desirable! Perfect Length — Allows... more »

I recommend this product

01 Dec, 2018
I recommend this product. I've already purchased it a second time. I dropped my phone face down on the concrete. I've had iPhones before and just knew my screen was going to be cracked! Wrong... more »

Definitely give it a try!

14 Nov, 2018
After having lash extensions for 4 months, my natural lashes were short and thin. I needed something to nourish them and help them grow, so I decided to try this. I’ve been applying it to my las... more »

I'm beyond pleased with the look, feel and fit

14 Nov, 2018
After years of using Mac in the world of education I bought my own MacBook Air. I waited until the computer arrived to make sure I had the exact dimensions to order a cover, and I'm beyond pleased... more »

Nice and bright just have to see how much water it can handle

14 Nov, 2018
Nice and bright just have to see how much water it can handle more »

Good dematting tool

14 Nov, 2018
Good dematting tool. I've used this on my golden retriever dog who gets lots of knots in his long fur. It works well to get the knots out when brushing alone fails. I like that they the finger too... more »

excellent product

14 Nov, 2018
excellent product with the unknown advantage of being water proof. survived a wash cycle in a washing machine and are still working perfectly more »

Nice fit and plenty of sizes

14 Nov, 2018
Nice fit and plenty of sizes. My boyfriend prefers them to the round rings.  Pretty strong, not a whole lot of give, but enough. more »

Very good case for iphoneX

14 Nov, 2018
Excellent product for the money. Fits perfect  more »

Great product

13 May, 2018
It doest id job to protect me screen. Good product more »