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V Reeves

About Me

Hi there!! I'm a huge fan when it comes to helping companies promote their products. I enjoy sharing my experience with products to my social media sites as well to face to face with people. I love giving honest reviews about products. It's what I do daily. I love all typed of products! Pick me!


Works Perfectly

05 Jul, 2018
I have a tiny dog breed. Since groomers are costly,I rather trim my dogs nail myself and save my funds. This trimmer works for big breeds and small breeds.  Comes with a file, trimmer,and cl... more »

Looks Fantastic Under My Cabinets

05 Jul, 2018
I had my husband install this under my kitchen cabinets.  Boy does it look great. It puts off a nice glow. I like that its waterproof. Only 5ook my husband 15 minutes to install it. Very well mad... more »

Just What I needed For My Phone

05 Jul, 2018
I'm using one of these on my Samsung S9+ phone. What I like about it how easy it was to apply to my phone. It has everything you need to make it easy to apply to your mobile. I've been using t... more »

My Husband Loves This Cooler

05 Jul, 2018
At first I thought this would be to small for him to carry his lunch in. But it's not. It's just right. It keeps his food and beverages chilled for hours. Its light weight and durable. He can... more »

Just what My Dogs Needed

05 Jul, 2018
Just what I needed to protect my leather seats in my car. I have 2 huge dogs and they love riding in the back seat of my car. The problem with that is they get hair everywhere.  This seat cover p... more »

Handy Dandy Rotating Cake Stand

21 Mar, 2018
Super duty handy cake stand kit. It's a pretty purple and white. I like that it came with cake icing tips. I used it the other day when I baked a cake for my family. It was very handy indeed.... more »

Great Tuner

26 Jan, 2018
If your looking for a good guitar tuner pedal then look no further.  This one does the job. It's easy to use. Simple to carry. I like that it's small & dandy and does a fine job. Easy... more »

Pretty Scarf

18 Jan, 2018
This is really is a pretty scarf. The colors blue,red,gold,and beige blend perfectly together. I like how it feels next to my skin,so smooth and soft. This scarf can be worn as a belt,on your head and... more »

Unique Hand Warmer

18 Jan, 2018
Well well well,what can I say about this handwarmer? I can say it heats up fastly,fits in my hands perfectly, has a flash light, and USB port for charging devices. This has kept my hands warms th... more »

Great Chair For Camping,Hunting, Beach, and Fishing

15 Jan, 2018
I'm loving this folding chair by KingCamp. It's made with heavy duty fabric and metal.  It's simple to assemble,which consists of taking the chair out of bag and unfolding the chair.... more »

Absolutely The Best Lanterns

15 Jan, 2018
Let me start off with my review by saying I wasn't expecting to love this set of burning lanterns. I was expecting them to be cheaply made and to be a smaller version lanterns.  Boy was I wro... more »

Just what my mother needed for her patio area.

04 Jan, 2018
Gave this LED SOLAR LIGHT AS GIFT THIS PAST CHRISTMAS to my mother. She needed a new light for her backyard patio since it's so dark back there in her patio area.  My mother installed it with... more »

Great Gift

04 Jan, 2018
I recently gave this strap as gift to a relative of mine since he has a Ukulele and needed a new strap.  He loved it. It was a breeze to attach to his Ukulele. It isn't heavy and is completel... more »

Simple to use

04 Jan, 2018
Just what I needed traveling this past Christmas and New Years. It worked great keeping my phone and my son's phone charged. It's lightweight. Love that its simple to use. I also like that it&... more »

Super Cute And Soft Beanie

28 Nov, 2017
Wow,is the word I have for this beanie. It's super cute and goes with several of my clothes. I love the pom,it's super soft and has the feel of fur. The inside of the beanie feels fabulous.&nb... more »

Gives Lots of Pleasure

28 Nov, 2017
Just what I needed. It's simple to use,small enough to fit in a purse. This baby works fabulous.  If you want something that will give you a pleasure feeling,then this Wand is for you. Its al... more »

Nice Set of Tweezers

16 Nov, 2017
Very nice set of tweezers. These are heavy duty and we'll made. I'm gonna put these in my purse in case I need them on the go. I like that they come in a small case,this I'm thankful of be... more »

Handy Dandy Power Inverter

16 Nov, 2017
Very handy and dandy. Just what I needed for my car. I have boys that constantly need to charge their devices when we are on the go and now they can do so at the same time with this power inverter. I... more »

Perfect for Baby Shower Party

10 Nov, 2017
I got this 100 pieces party set for my friend baby shower party. We needed gold balloons and these was just what we needed. The balloons added a nice look to the party. They didn't look cheap but... more »