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My favorite wallet

15 Sep, 2019
Love this wallet. It's completely minimalistic, looks amazing, and easy to use. Takes up a lot less space in my pocket, it's firm so it doesn't damage from bending open and closed an... more »

Thank you for the relief

19 Aug, 2019
Bought this for carpal tunnel issues. I had recently purchased hard plastic ones from my doctor but they were really uncomfortable. I found myself wearing these more as they were more comfrtable. Not... more »

Great for fixing phones, cameras, and watches

19 Aug, 2019
Bought this kit to change my wifes iphone batter, my watch crown, and fix a damage gopro that I had to take apart. I chose this kit at random but fortunately was lucky enough that it had all the bi... more »

Perfect Fit

13 Aug, 2019
These are enormously cheaper than the brand name brush heads and feel the same. I honestly can't tell the difference and they fit perfectly. Will definitely buy again more »

Fit well

13 Aug, 2019
Put this behind our center consol as in one of the pictures and it worked perfectly. Helps keep the car much cleaner when the kids finally learned to use the trash can rather than the door handles... more »

Protects your seats from the kids kicking it and they can stash their toys in there

13 Aug, 2019
bought these primarily to protect the back of the seats when the kids try putting their feet up - does the job perfectly. The fact that it has pockets to stash their toys and eveyrthing else in is... more »

Great for breaking up hard tissue

13 Aug, 2019
Use this on my quads, hams, and my back. Breaks up the tissue nicely more »

Wonderful on the knees

13 Aug, 2019
Makes a night and day difference when trying to wash your toddlers while leaning over the tub.  So glad i found this. more »

wonderful first recorder for a toddler

12 Aug, 2019
This was an excellent purchase for my 3yo toddler to start with. It's cheaper than the brand names and workse just as well - easy to clean too.   more »

3yo loved it

12 Aug, 2019
very cool and entertaining for a 3yo who is into dinosaurs. smaller than expected but still lots of fun and a good experience for them. more »

A lending hand

12 Aug, 2019
This brush was like having a lending hand. Recently had shoulder surgery and having a hard time reaching my back - this brush allowed me to wash my back without stressing my shoulder too much. I... more »

Very impressed

12 Aug, 2019
We went thru a few different sound machines and they all have the same flaw - they only work on power. We tend to have a few power outages a month and the fact that this has a built in chargeable lith... more »

Great quality! Fits 2 of my guns, clips, and ammo. Perfect for the range.

05 Jan, 2019
Love this bag. Good quality, fits my 9mm and .380 nicely along with 2 clips for each and a box of 100 ammo. more »


04 Jan, 2019
These Cheeseclothes were just what we needed for making yogurt and kombucha. Love the fact that they are made from organic cotton. more »