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Lokendar Singh

About Me

Living in California, US, I am an avid shopper and reviewer. I have close to 100 reviews on Amazon on various products. Looking to review some cool products here.


Working pretty well and discretely.

12 Jul, 2019
This has been working great. Tried few times and worked well. I kind a like how the memory card slot is hidden  and the camera is almost invisible from outside.     Continuou... more »

nice cable and works well

10 Jul, 2019
Bought this cable to extend my connection from my laptop to the projector. This works really well. Cable is long enough for my use. Quality is great and connectors fits well.  more »

Works well with my macbook pro

29 Jun, 2019
One of the best purchase for a macbook pro user which only has usb-c ports. With this cable, you dont have to use an adaptor as this is a usb-c to hdmi cable. Pretty long for decent usage. I've be... more »

Coolest drone for the price

29 Jun, 2019
Bought this drone recently and have been using it for few days now. I'm a beginner and this is a good one for beginners and advanced users. I like the cool features like follow me, return and GPS... more »