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Teresa Mayberry

About Me

I have 4 indoor cats, I love to bake and cook, I enjoy crafts and reading, I love music and technology. I am a girly girl who enjoys some pampering, too!


SO many pieces!

24 Jun, 2019
The hubs has been wanting a rotary tool set for many years now, and I got him this set because the name brand one is simply not in the budget.  I like the kit.  There is a hard carry case, t... more »

Pretty, cool, and safe

23 Jun, 2019
I am a sucker for cups, and, although glass is beautiful, I tend to be more practical and seek out unbreakable ones. Bonus if they offer thermal protection to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.... more »

Always smart to have a spare!

23 Jun, 2019
One thing I have learned is to always have a spare screen protector on hand because STUFF HAPPENS. I have MP3 players from MYMAHDI and felt good about getting a screen protector kit from their store.... more »


23 Jun, 2019
This little tool is so helpful! I love my Instant Pot, but it can be hard to safely grab hot vessels out of the liner. Last week, I made "egg loaf" (hardcooked eggs cooked loose in a little... more »


23 Jun, 2019
Today I was in a bit of an indulgent mood and wanted to make my morning coffee as a cappuccino. I don't have one of those fancy machines, but I *do* have this sweet electric frother. I quickly lea... more »

These things have improved A LOT!!

23 Jun, 2019
Summer is here, which means humidity, which means FRIZZY HAIR. Eek! Years ago in Tampa I bought a little hair straightener, but I remember it being a pain to use, burned fingers, singed hair, etc., an... more »

Protecting my investment

23 Jun, 2019
I love my good old iPad, but 5 years in, the screen protector is beginning to wear out. It is so old that I didn't think I would be able to find a screen protector anymore, but I found this temper... more »