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Susie Synth

About Me

i'm a full time professional makeup artist of over 15 years. i'm a fashion enthusiast and influencer. i love to promote innovative products and brands. i have been reviewing and testing products for over 6 years.


Super cute

18 Aug, 2019
These were just what I needed for my updo I wore to a friends wedding. They looked so elegant and might I add stayed in while I danced all night.  more »

So rad and funky

16 Aug, 2019
I needed a fun funky colorful touch to my bathroom and I already have a full set of purple with crystals but I wanted to switch out my shower curtain for a while with this one and I love it so so much... more »

Changed my life!

11 Aug, 2019
My mouth feels so much more cleaner. This gets rid of bacteria and other materials that may be settling in and in your tongue! I highly recommend it. You'll love it.  more »

A classic staple belt.

11 Aug, 2019
Every woman should have a belt like this in her closet. You can put in on with a dress or with jeans. I love these kinds of belts band while they are very reminiscint if the 1990s,which I love, 90s fa... more »

So extremely magical and gorgeous.

11 Aug, 2019
When I first received this palette I had no idea that it had floating glitter in the case. It seriously looks like a beautiful high end item. It is pretty pigmented and the glitter shadow is gorgeous!... more »

Very sexy and cute

08 Aug, 2019
I love to collect beautiful and fun lingerie and this is soooo darn cute! Its exactly as pictured in the ad. I'm going to wear it with a sexy nurse dress for Halloween this year. Love it.  more »

Super cute.

03 Aug, 2019
Not as big as I thought they would be but they are very pretty. They do stand out if you are looking for funky urban earrings.  more »

It totally works

03 Aug, 2019
I have always been insecure about my jawline line and double chin. It's not bad but I have a very feminine round oval face. This helps sculpt my face and makes my jawline look sharper.  more »

Stunningly pigmented!!!

03 Aug, 2019
I'm so in love with this little gem of a rainbow palette!!! Its so beautiful. its highly pigmented and I can't wait to create a beautiful look on my clients and myself.  more »

Perfect for my 80s music room

27 Jul, 2019
I love this rug it's super soft and comfy. I put it in my 80s music room and I've gotten tons of compliments on it already. They ship very fast and it was very much worth it to buy this rug. I... more »

Very cute

26 Jul, 2019
They are very pretty. There is a slight dark spot on the coin earrings but the store refunded me and were very kind about it. You cant notice it in the sun or if light hits them. They are very pretty... more »

These work!

22 Jul, 2019
I'm so surprised but these work lol. I was kind of embarrassed using them at first but then I thought why not? People get surgery to get rid of double chin fat permantly but this mask takes it awa... more »

The best drying brush I've ever used.

22 Jul, 2019
My hair doesn't get tangled in this one. I love the heat and the brush is big and full. It makes your hair feel and look like you just had a professional blow out at the salon!!  more »

Gorgeous palette

22 Jul, 2019
I love this PALETTE!! LADIES you gotta get this palette. It's so pigmented and perfect for base colors under shimmers and glitters or for a matte look. I highly recommend. Its gorgeous.  more »

Glamorous and beautiful!!!!

15 Jul, 2019
Wow I did not expect this mirror to be THIS beautiful!! I received it. It was huge and I opened it all up and seen it has drawers in the bottom and the lights are so glamorous. The touch screen mirror... more »

So beautiful!

09 Jul, 2019
Stunning gorgeous glamorous mirror ladies! It plays your music while your putting on your makeup or painting on your mask. Its lights are bright. I love that it takes batteries and it charges. The ros... more »

Another fantastic slimming belt!

06 Jul, 2019
I'm loving me these belts! So gorgeous and make a drab look a fab look. Lol seriously love them.  more »

Cute and trendy

06 Jul, 2019
I love this belt!! I've gotten so many compliments on it and it's so 90s which is back again! It's made well and even comes with a hole puncher for belts if you need to make it smaller.&nb... more »

Cute and trendy

20 Jun, 2019
They glow and are holographic on the stripes and they also reflect. Only problem I had was they run small. So size up. Also I'm tall so they were short on me but I gave them to my 10 year old daug... more »

Plush Pink and Pretty

17 Jun, 2019
I bought this awesome blanket for my 10 year old daughter and she lays and sits with it all the time. It's super lush and big and the glow in the dark stars are so rad! They light bright in the ni... more »

Sleek and chic

17 Jun, 2019
I ordered this belt in white and I'm so in love with it. I'ts not a belt I would traditionally go for but I'm glad I did. Its gorgeous and glam.  more »

Gorgeous belt.

17 Jun, 2019
Wow this belt is even more gorgeous in person. It seriously goes perfectly with everything.  I love this store and brand so much. I highly recommend.  more »

I love the design

17 Jun, 2019
I love this belt it's so chic and you can jazz any look up with it. Every lady needs a leopard belt in her wardrobe.  more »

Beautiful and luxurious!!!

14 Jun, 2019
This is exactly what I needed!!! I'm a professional makeup artist and fashion blogger/vlogger and I needed a professional light but wow this light is phenomenal! So easy to set up and break down a... more »

Love it so much.

14 Jun, 2019
I love this top. It's made well and I love how it says Faith with a cross. I like to represent my love for Jesus and this shirt is perfect.  more »

Love them but way smaller than a XXL.

09 Jun, 2019
I ordered these adorable Barbie shorts in XXL thinking if they run small they would definitely fit me at XXL. I was wrong. They fit my 10 year old daughter though. It's a shame because I wanted to... more »

Very cute but runs small so get a big size.

09 Jun, 2019
I love this store they have been kind to me and given me some deals. The outfit is adorable but only 1 problem is that it runs small. Now rest assured I'm not saying it doesn't fit me because... more »

Very pigmented loose chrome.

04 Jun, 2019
Oh my God! This chrome loose pigment is super rad. Seriously underrated brand that more makeup artists and beauty gurus like me need to know about. I'm so happy with this. The transition is magica... more »

Super trendy

04 Jun, 2019
I bought this for myself. I love to wear these on top on tank tops or half tops. It looks super chic and they are nice and cool for summer weather. I highly recommend getting a few sizes bigger than y... more »

Gorgeous belt. Looks and feels luxurious.

02 Jun, 2019
Luxurious cute high end looking skinny belt. I love this belt and its gonna last me a long time. I can feel its made of a gorgeous faux leather and I will wear it a lot. I will get in other colors and... more »

I love this store so much!

02 Jun, 2019
This is the cutest outfit I've bought in a while. It's so unique and it's for those of us who like to shine like a diamond in a crowd. That's what this outfit does! I adore the 80s typ... more »

This store has the CUTEST clothes.

26 May, 2019
I love this store and they always have the cutest clothes that fit perfectly. I do order up a size or 2 depending on the item because they are from China but I love and adore this outfit. I even... more »

90s all over again.

26 May, 2019
I used to wear these cute grommet belts in every color in high school in the 90s. I love how timeless they are. They never go out of style. These are sturdy,true to size and designed perfectly. I love... more »

Love this Brand!

26 May, 2019
I love this brand. This is my second pair of sunglasses I've ordered from them and I love their quality and style. They make you feel beautiful,confident and fierce. Reccomend!!  more »

Futuristic fashion

26 May, 2019
I love the futuristic look of these shades. I really want the ones with the mirror finish as well! These are hot. When I walk into a room with these on or drive my car I feel like a diva. These sungla... more »

Perfect sexy dress!

26 May, 2019
I knew this dress would be fire! I love the 80s feel but it's  still very current in style. Purple is my favorite color and I may be wearing this sexy get up to a Prince tribute concert. The... more »

I love these eyeliners! Top notch quality!

26 May, 2019
Wow I can't wait to start creating some rad looks with these matte colored eyeliners. They are so pigmented and gorgeous! As a PMA I'm thinking about the look possibilities and they are endles... more »

I love them so much but they are made so small. I do

26 May, 2019
I do not have a wide foot but I ordered these beauties an half size bigger just in case they would run small and wow do they run small! In fact my 10 year old daughter was able to fit them. I have an... more »

Sexy and gorgeous for summer!

26 May, 2019
I was so overjoyed to recieve this in perfect condition just as pictured and I can't wait to wear it to a concert I'm going to. It's made beautifully and I love the way it flows. It's... more »

Love love love it!

16 May, 2019
I've only been using this toothbrush for a few days but I love it so much already! It polishes,massges,deep cleans,whitens and more. I love how it charges and it's pink! Cherry Blossom to be e... more »

Perfect fit and so cute!!!

11 May, 2019
Oh my God where do I start this is the cutest little star pajama outfit I've ever seen!!! I would love one in red too! This brand is true to size! I just got it today and was so pleasantly surpris... more »

Beautiful pillow cases and my daughter loved them!

09 May, 2019
I bought these for my daughter she loves flip sequins as she calls them and I had to get these for her. They are even more beautiful in person!!! And really very soft velvet on the other side. The seq... more »

Sexy and cute two peice in one.

06 May, 2019
I love this bathing suit. It covers you in all the right areas but it's also sexy. It doesn't look like an old lady bathing suit but it's comfortable and chic. It's a little smaller th... more »

Love them

29 Apr, 2019
I love these hooks they are perfect for what I planned to use them for which is to hang my costume jewelry necklaces on the wall and they look stunning! They stay put and are really sturdy. The silver... more »

Even cuter in person!

21 Apr, 2019
This brand makes the cutest style clothes and I was so happy when I recieved this one. They are true to size and so trendy and sexy. I love how it says "Finesse" on the sleeves and legs. Sup... more »

Perfect for the pool this summer.

18 Apr, 2019
I can't wait to use these by the pool this summer with my Samsung Galaxy s9 plus. I love to create beautiful photos and videos in and by the pool. When I recieved these in the mail I instantly put... more »

Even more beautiful than pictured! My cats love it!

16 Apr, 2019
I bought this beautiful fun trio Y shaped cat play tube for my cats birthday. They are brothers and turned 3 this year and are the sweetest most loveable good kitties an owner could ask for. I've... more »

professional quality guaranteed.

09 Apr, 2019
My daughter has been wanting to learn how to play guitar and I had bought her one from the store but it was so cheap  This one is perfect!! Its made of mahogany wood and the strings need tuning b... more »

Super cute and true to size

09 Apr, 2019
I got these super cute hobo chic sandals for a steal!! They are true to size and so stylish. You can really wear them with a lot of looks but I didnt have any brown sandals and needed some so I'm... more »

Nice little earbuds to keep in my bag.

09 Apr, 2019
I love these little earbuds. I own many headphones and airbuds but I wanted an extra pair to keep in my car n purse. These are perfect and have great sound! Love them.  more »

Perfect fan for on the makeup in the car or at a concert.

09 Apr, 2019
I'm going to a few outside concerts this summer and I always get so hot in this Ohio humidity so I seen this fan and it's a mirror and fan with 2 speeds in 1! Perfect for outdoor parties or co... more »

Cute and sporty

06 Apr, 2019
I like the jumpsuit. It's very sporty tech like something you'd see in the late 90s which has came back in style. I love this type of look. I will say it runs small so make sure you order a fe... more »

This slinky sexy dress will be perfect this summer!

28 Mar, 2019
Oh my Goodness! This dress is everything I hoped it would be and more. It's so soft and I love how you can shorten it if you want. Also it would perfect to wear over a bikini and wear at a pool pa... more »

Lush and blend really well.

28 Mar, 2019
I'm happily surprised at how beautiful these brushes are. I'm a professional makeup artist and I bought these for myself but I'm definitely going to be buying more to use ok n my clients!... more »

I love pastels for spring and this tank top is so cute.

18 Mar, 2019
I love how stretchy it is. I dont nurse but I bought this for a friend that does. She loves it and says it's so stretchy and comfortable and that it's one of the better nursing tank tops shes... more »

Beauty light

13 Mar, 2019
Its bright and exactly what I needed for my beauty videos and more. It sits on my table just fine but I'd like to find a stand for it. It's super bright and changes brightness.  I love it... more »

Beautiful chic clutch.

13 Mar, 2019
This chic clutch is so gorgeous! My followers loved it on Instagram. I'm so happy with it. You can carry it as a clutch or use the chain. I prefer the clutch. Its soft and supple like real suede.... more »

Perfect for my display shelves.

10 Mar, 2019
I was looking for wireless lights for display lighting and these are perfect. They are thin and don't show. I love the remote and the manet sticker stays very well. I am using these to displa... more »

Beautiful and magical.

08 Mar, 2019
Very whimsical and gorgeous for product posts on social media or just decor for home. Very pretty lights. They indeed remind me of little fairies. I'm going to use them on my jewelry display for a... more »

Lovely but a lot smaller than pictured.

24 Feb, 2019
Very beautiful but I expected the hoops to be as pictured.  I'm not happy with the size. I like big jewelry. BUT this is brand does make beautiful jewelry. I have a few pieces by them. That&#... more »

Pretty and great for the planet!!

24 Feb, 2019
I wanted to switch to metal straws because I heard they were better for our planet so I bought these and I love em. They came in a pouch and they are a beautiful oil slick rainbow color. They come wit... more »

Pristine loud and clear!!!

24 Feb, 2019
I love this bluetooth speaker!!! Its so worth the price! The colors change but that's just the aesthetics of it.  The sound is spectacular and clear. It has just enough bass and no tin can so... more »

So sexy and hides the tummy a bit.

17 Feb, 2019
Sexy and cute. In fact really you could wear the top with jeans or a skirt and it would look fantastic.  The bottoms are true to size as is the top. I ordered an XL and it fits well. I love the p... more »

Unique print and design.

17 Feb, 2019
I loved this dress the moment I saw it. The geometric print is so 90s which is hot right now. I will say the dress doesn't fit me the way I like or I would have posted a video. It's tight in m... more »

Made gorgeous and so comfortable.

13 Feb, 2019
I bought these for myself as I am a huge Michael Jackson fan and wanted to dress like him for an event. I got them I black. I did have to wear extra socks because I ordered a size 9 which usually fits... more »

This sweater is everything!!!

04 Feb, 2019
This isxmy second sweater by this brand and I love it so much!! So preppy and cute. Very 90s which is really in right now. Classic and made well and I usually wear a Medium/large and medium fit me per... more »

Adorable and beautiful!!

04 Feb, 2019
I love these gorgeous little pens. They are so feminine and cute. I'm a queen and my business has been thriving so these were perfect for my desk. They write really well and are even more beautifu... more »

So cute!!!

21 Jan, 2019
Very nice quality and super sexy! I have been looking for a sheer top to wear this up coming Spring and Summer. This is very trendy right now and for 2019. Very reminiscent of 90s fashion which is hug... more »

My makeup lasted all day and through the evening!

21 Jan, 2019
I love Delanci but had only tried their beautiful eyeshadow palettes so I decided to give this a try. This primer is the best I've used in a long time. I applied it about 5 minutes before applying... more »

DE'lanci delivers once again!

21 Jan, 2019
DE'lanci is a brand that I've been posting on my beauty pages trying to get ladies hip to this brand. It is fantastic!! Delanci is just as good if not better than the high market brands. As a... more »

Adorable and beautiful packaging!!

12 Jan, 2019
These earrings came in a beautiful box with a bow and I opened it to see these beautiful golden stars inside! They look 100% real and are stunning! They are light and cute to wear with just about any... more »


08 Jan, 2019
This sweater is gorgeous!! It's made beautiful and fits so nice. I wear a size m-l in women's USA sizes and it fits just right. Loose but not too loose. Very preppy and cute to wear with a ten... more »

So pretty!!!

04 Jan, 2019
I got this diary for my 10 year old daughter and she loves mermaid/flip sequins. The unicorn pens that come with the diary are very nice also and write well. The sequins bling so brilliant!!!! Way mor... more »

Smooth lines and fits perfectly.

02 Jan, 2019
I love how it smooths out your figure but you cant see the shape wear underneath.  It's slimming and doesn't roll down when you sit down. Perfect love it! more »

Classy and designer!

30 Dec, 2018
This designer bag is just as beautiful as any Luis Voitton or Coach bag. I own a lot of designer bags and when I received this one today I was so excited. It was everything I expected and more!! Exqui... more »

Love this top!! Perfect for any day. Really pretty.

24 Dec, 2018
I love this top and want another in yellow . It fits really well and true to size and it's super comfortable yet chic and cute. I can't wait to wear it out. It's perfect you're going t... more »

I never received it.

15 Dec, 2018
It says delivered but I never received this item. It is not the stores fault however. It is Amazon's fault. I wish they would send me another so I could give a full review. Very dissapointed. ... more »

I love it.

15 Dec, 2018
These suspenders lasted all day!! I wore them with my wide leg palazzo pants and white T-shirt. Looks super chic!  more »

I love this popular toy!

15 Dec, 2018
I bought this toy for my daughter and I'm super excited for her to open it on Christmas. She seen one on YouTube and ever since then she has wanted one for herself. This is the new popular fidget... more »

Sleek and handsome

14 Dec, 2018
These are well made and handsome. I love the way they look with my wide leg pants and blazer . Super chic!  more »


06 Dec, 2018
I was so excited to receive this item because I really needed a hand sewer but when I received it it was a very cheap. Its a piece of junk it felt very light and awkward in the hand it was also r... more »

It's a great dupe for tarte shape tape

06 Dec, 2018
I would have given this item for stars except for when I received it that the cap was not in place although I will say that it is a great dupe for tarte Contour shape tape I highly recommend this item more »

Very stiff yet moves nicely against your hair.

06 Dec, 2018
Professional quality and very sturdy yet most beautifully alongside your hair when brushing I highly recommend this brush for all of your beautiful hair needs when blow-drying after shower or just bru... more »

Fit Ken perfect!

02 Dec, 2018
I bought this outfit set for my daughter for Christmas because while she has so many Barbies with clothes and accessories, her Ken doll doesn't lol so I'm happy with them and they are very wel... more »

I'm in love with the quality and design!

28 Nov, 2018
The beautiful quality and design of these pillow cases are amazing!  I fell in love with the 80s geometric design as soon as I seen it. They fit most throw pillows and mine look rad! 5/5 more »

Perfect blush, highlight and contour colors!

28 Nov, 2018
I love this palette! It's just as nice if not better than Anastasia's.  The blusher and highlights are unbelievably gorgeous and pigmented!! Also, the bronzer is gorgeous as a highligh... more »

Smells delicious!

28 Nov, 2018
I am just starting this whitening cream but so far I love it! The smell is delicious of cherry blossoms. I love how silky my skin feels and it leaves no residue behind. Also, the packaging is gorgeous... more »

Satiny and luxurious

24 Nov, 2018
Satiny luxurious heaven!! I love this brand of satin pillow cases. I prefer satin because it's so much better for your skin. You don't age as fast sleeping on satin and it's true!! Women h... more »

Gorgeous and luxurious glitter palette!!

24 Nov, 2018
The glitter in this palette is not loose. It's like bouncy with a gel like constistancy. It's glitter you scoop out and apply.  I love it though. It's super pigmented and stays on thi... more »

Perfect precision

24 Nov, 2018
I'm a professional makeup artist and I love tweezers that have different shaped precisions like these. Also, they are brightly colored and look cute in your makeup organizer or bathroom. They came... more »

True to size and very well made!

24 Nov, 2018
These are so nice! A girl can never have enough tank tops or camis to wear under blazers or sweaters and just by themselves! These are very soft and the stiching is beautiful. I love the spaghetti str... more »

Very pigmented. Perfect colors for fall and winter.

15 Nov, 2018
This smokey eye Must Have palette is gorgeous. It's way more pigmented in person. The colors pop yet are warm and sultry for fall and winter. I can't wait to get into this palette and start po... more »

Made beautifully and fits just right. Very stylish and sexy.

14 Nov, 2018
Very stylish and sexy!! It fits so perfect and it's super soft and buttery.  The purple is so gorgeous!!! I'm honestly thinking of buying one in every color. I highly recommend ladies. 5/... more »

Excactly what I've been looking for.

03 Nov, 2018
I've been looking for a high-end skinny curling iron that is affordable and this one is PERFECT. I used it for the very first time last night and I'm so happy with the results. Perfect spiral... more »

Runs small!!

23 Oct, 2018
I love the look of the belt and it seems to be made well but it's made very small. Like if you have any type of curves then this belt won't fit.  more »

Very high quality and super cute.

21 Oct, 2018
I love the quality of this little makeup kit. It's perfect for a teen. I bought it for my daughter for a stocking stuffer for Christmas and she's going to love it!!! I'm so happy I got thi... more »

Wig is thin and poorly weaved.

21 Oct, 2018
I am a wig model so I was hoping that I could model this wig on my social media for their Amazon store and brand. The wig I received was very thin and the weaving is very far apart and too much space.... more »

A lot smaller than pictured.

21 Oct, 2018
I am not as happy with this palette. I'm a professional makeup artist and was hoping to post this on my Instagram. But it's way smaller than pictured and mine came broken. So I'm going to... more »

Chavelle eyelash and eyebrow serum.

19 Oct, 2018
I haven't used this very long BUT the reviews on this serum are phenomenal. I had to try it for myself. This is the best eyelash serum I have ever tried and I'm looking forward to the full res... more »

Shiny and Brilliant

19 Oct, 2018
Shiny and brilliant little Sterling chain. Perfect and delicate yet pretty chain for pendants or to wear by itself.  more »

Match Lash brings life to your lashes.

19 Oct, 2018
When I read the reviews on Amazon for Lash Match I seen how pleased people were with their results. Real results!! This eyelash serum promises to produce lush voluminous lashes and not only does it ma... more »

Lustrous,creamy and long lasting!

19 Oct, 2018
Look In A Box is a gorgeous kit of 6 lipglosses. They are very pigmented and super long lasting but not drying and they don't crack. I love the variety of colors. They range from nudes to reds and... more »

Everyone needs these!

19 Oct, 2018
When I read the reviews on these probiotics I had to get them. These tablets not only have 10 billion probiotics but they also contain matcha tea to maintain healthy weight and clean your system. I... more »

Really luxurious packaging and smells lovely.

11 Oct, 2018
So far after one week of applying this to my eyebrows and eyelashes I can already see them coming in thicker and Fuller! I have tried every brand from high-end to drug store and so far Chavelle is the... more »

Beautiful very high pigmented palette.

11 Oct, 2018
This palette is very highly pigmented with little to no fallout. I adore the colors and variety of vibrant and nudes. The colors are creamy and buttery textured. Absolutely gorgeous!! Very high qualit... more »

Gorgeous and luxurious

06 Oct, 2018
These pillow cases are luxurious like liquid satin. The pink is a gorgeous classic pink and the stitching is well done. I slept on them for the first time last night and I'm in love. Satin pillow... more »

Gorgeous pigmented palette!!

02 Oct, 2018
I am in love with this brand and this is my first cosmetic by them. I am in all! Really happy I found this store and the palett is beautiful. I can't wait to do some looks with this palette. I'... more »

Beauty Glazed 48 Colors Eyeshadow Palette

27 Sep, 2018
This eyeshadow palette is divine!! I am a professional makeup artist and I have to say this.  Beauty Glazed is top notch quality cosmetics!! I use Beauty Glazed on my clients. This palette is ful... more »


14 Sep, 2018
Love this camera protector! I'm always worried about my camera getting scratched when sitting my phone down and I really needed this! It's super easy to apply and I really love that I feel sec... more »

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Screen Protector by WengTech

14 Sep, 2018
I love this 3D curved tempered glass screen cover by WengTech! It's better than any other screen protectors I've ever tried. I'm so happy I can now be at ease that my beautiful phone is pr... more »

It came completely crushed!

08 Sep, 2018
I would have liked it if it didn't come crushed.  more »

Most beautiful pigment palette

05 Sep, 2018
I am a professional makeup artist and I love to search and discover indie brands. I seen this on Amazon and decided to give a try because the colors were stunning! I recieved the palette and let me te... more »