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Si Dee

About Me

Love doing a test for discounted items and doing some reviews❤ One of the stuff I enjoy doing!Blog!



03 May, 2019
This is awesome, tried and used it for my garden very flexible and length was just enough.  more »

Cute design

26 Oct, 2018
This deco pillow case is very cute for Halloween. Fabric is quite thicker. I used 16x16 pillow insert and it fits right. more »

Easy to peel and apply

01 Sep, 2018
It was very easy to apply and peeled. I dropped my phone the other day, the glass protector broke but my phone has to scratch and whatsoever. Gladly, this comes with 2 packs, applied the other one tha... more »

Awesome earphone

04 Aug, 2018
Used this everyday at work listening to music. Songs and sounds were very clear. Love this headset, it fits so perfect in my ear wherein I don't get any pain unlike the previous headset I had... more »

Very easy to use

01 Aug, 2018
I love this hair straightener, it has lock button by the tail which is very convenient. There is also an area where you can put water to steam your hair and I even tried using it as a curler and it ac... more »

Love it

01 Aug, 2018
Love this screen protector on my phone. I only have one phone so cant take photo while it's on my phone screen. However, this protector is very easy to put on. No bubbles and the packaging is very... more »

Easy to apply

29 Jul, 2018
Love this screen protector, only needed one but two is the best in case applying first one fails. However, I am amazed how easy this protector applied in my Note 8. Also packaging is very nice. more »

Works great and inexpensive!

23 Jul, 2018
I love this bread machine. I just started baking and this is a good one to start learning on. Works great and very inexpensive. more »

Very cool and neat toaster!

22 Jul, 2018
A very neat and cool toaster, I love it❤ It has a cancel button and other options unlike the previous toaster we got more »