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Great quality!

20 Jul, 2019
Nice quality and a great variety’ perfect for any party theme! more »

Adorable, soft

08 Jul, 2019
these are so cute and comfy!  They run a little small so order 1 size up.  more »

New favorite bathing suit!

27 Jun, 2019
this is the best suit for my mom body! Covers everything but is comfy and I feel that I look good in it.  more »

Adorable and perfect for 4th of July!

27 Jun, 2019
i can’t wait to wear this for our 4th of July festivities! It’s adorable, lightweight, and soft.  more »

Soft and true to size

25 Jun, 2019
Very soft material and true to size.  The top looks a little stiff when it’s on and not sure it’s the best quality overall more »

High quality and a great deal!

25 Jun, 2019
I LOVE these earrings and thought they were such a great price.  I love that they are double sided too.  more »

Great quality

25 Jun, 2019
This rope seems to be great qualify for the price. We are planning to use it when we camp to create a tie out for our dogs.  more »

Doesn’t fit our phones

25 Jun, 2019
it charges fine but does fit my husband or my i-phone Xs with cases on. :(  more »

Average charger

27 Apr, 2019
works well through a rubber case but not with my harder one.  more »

Great charger!

27 Apr, 2019
This charger is awesome!  Really strong charge and awesome that it doubles as a stand  more »

Works great and fits many sizes!

27 Apr, 2019
very sturdy and fits great. Easy to adjust and grab your phone when on the go  more »

Cute but not for a pear shape

19 Apr, 2019
i wanted to love this suit but it made my pear shape look very large.  more »

Cute bathing suit!

19 Apr, 2019
its a cute bathing suit and I love how it adjusts in 2 places so it fits my long torso.  more »

Great wallet

19 Apr, 2019
My husband loves this new wallet. If fits just enough without getting too big and it is very durable  more »

Great for face toner - soft and durable

19 Apr, 2019
This is a great set!  I am replacing cotton disposable pads for these to save money.  I used with my toner and it works great!  more »

Adorable and just like picture

26 Mar, 2019
this suit is adorable and just like the picture. Sadly it was a little small for me :( more »

No issues so far!

06 Jan, 2019
great inexpensive activity tracker. My 8 yo son likes it a lot.   more »

Great headphones!

06 Jan, 2019
Perfect for my son to bring to school as his last pair broke.  Seem sturdy so only time will tell! more »

Seems good quality

18 Dec, 2018
Came quickly - haven’t tried it yet but it looks like good quality  more »

Great toy!

18 Dec, 2018
this is a great toy for any 3-5 year old.  Hours of fun!  more »

So cute!!

28 Nov, 2018
so excited to wear my new shirt!  Looks like a boutique shirt but a better price!  more »

Great quality!

28 Nov, 2018
These are super nice and seem like great quality.  Adorable!   more »

Adorable clothes for Ken

28 Nov, 2018
my daughters will love these!   They are adorable and a great value.    more »


19 Nov, 2018
Adorable shirt and it fits great! more »


21 Oct, 2018
Great and sturdy to hang up hammock more »

Great little arm band

21 Oct, 2018
Very convenient to hold phone when you don't have a pocket. Can hold lots of different phones and holds my iPhone 7 great more »

Cute suit!

26 Sep, 2018
this suit is adorable and seems like good quality.  Unfortunately it didn’t fit my long torso more »

Stays on good but brighter then pictures showed

26 Sep, 2018
Goes on smooth and stays on good but the colors are brighter then the pictures and goes on brighter then in bottle  more »

Good quality but fit was off

16 Aug, 2018
This dress is good quality but the fit was not right on me.  It cuts at a weird place on my waist.  May work well for others.  more »

Awesome hammock!

16 Aug, 2018
this seems like great quality and it’s very roomy! It worked great with a stand I already have.  more »

Easy to apply

07 Aug, 2018
easy to apply but not sure on longevity.  Using on a rug on carpet and it seems to stick good for now  more »

High quality

03 Aug, 2018
Great quality adorable cards but I just wish their was more variety.  I didn’t read the description close enough to realize they were not a larger variety.  more »

Adorable, soft,great fit!

03 Aug, 2018
This shirt is very good quality and fits great! It’s soft and flowy! It can be paired up with a skirt or down with shorts! more »

Handy little device!

23 Jul, 2018
This is very good quality.  Sticks in great and spins easily! It is very comfortable. more »

Handy little tool!

12 Jul, 2018
this is great for being able to listen to music and charge your phone at the same time!  We use in our car so we can play music and charge.  more »

High quality and so cute!

05 Jul, 2018
This is a great product! It is very high quality and super cute! It clipped eight on my laptop.  more »

Really wanted to love these

30 Jun, 2018
they are adorable and seem like great quality but they are too loose so they slide off and one end bunches out and sticks up on my head.  Not super impressed.   more »

Adorable banner

24 Jun, 2018
a very nice quality banner that I used for a baby shower.  It can be used many times again.  It came unassembled but took only a Few minutes to put together!  more »

Great Pom poms!

22 Jun, 2018
These are great decor. Easy to put together. I am going o use for a baby shower by putting on top of a Dollie as a centerpiece.  more »

Great little scrubbers

16 Jun, 2018
these are awesome in the kitchen for scrubbing!  They get egg yolk and cheese right off pans.  The best part is how easy they wash off and stay clean!  more »

Great for cutting thick weeds

16 Jun, 2018
This is a handy little tool to cut down unwanted weeds or to trim plants.  I like that it locks too so it’s safer when stored. more »

Adorable and comfortable shirt

16 Jun, 2018
this is a very cute shirt.  I love the straps on the back.  It’s very soft and comfortable and runs true to size.  more »

These are very cool!

10 Jun, 2018
Great rocks that really do glow!  I had them in the light for just an hour and they already lit up.  I can’t wait to use them in my garden as part of the path.  more »

What a great education tool

31 May, 2018
This is very high quality and will be great for teaching geography to my daughter for home school.  She loves turning the lights off and the globe on to see the constellations too!  more »

Great little charger

19 May, 2018
Works great - dual purpose nightlight and and usb charger  more »

Very sturdy and easy to put together!

04 May, 2018
This is the perfect addiction to my new playroom.  It was a great price (even before discount), easy to put together, and seems very sturdy! more »

Not super inpressed

04 May, 2018
the concept is nice but it was missing the stars and was shopped bent... it’s impossible to flatten out.. more »

Great and fast!

04 May, 2018
this works great and is really fast! I used it to test the temp of my chicken in my instant pot and loved how fast it was!  more »

Seems like it will work well

18 Apr, 2018
I bought this and didn't realized my iphone is too old for it to work.  I hope it'll work well when I get a new phone! more »

Awesome clock with many great features!

09 Apr, 2018
This is a great clock! Small in size and can use batteries if no electrical outlet is available.  7 nature sounds or radio to wake you up as well as the slowly brightening light! I loved how it p... more »