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Stacy Witt

About Me

Wife and mom of 2 wonderful girls.
I love kitchen gadgets and trying out new things.
We enjoy playing Disc Golf, Camping, Hiking, Cooking and Gardening. We also enjoy just chilling by the fire and hanging outside.


Lots of enetertainment

03 Jul, 2019
My kitten loves this thing. It is the perfect size for him to play with all day long. He bats at all the balls and love the mouse. Only problem is the mouse will not stay attached to the tower. But he... more »

Great for many occasions.

16 Jun, 2019
My daughter needed something for gym class at school. This is perfect. It's is big enough for all her cloths in the main pocket and she loves that the shoes are seperated from the cloths.  Sh... more »


14 Apr, 2019
With gardening season coming up these will be very helpful. I grow lots of tomatoes adn cucumbers and need strong enough string to hold things up and attached and these twist ties are tough enough for... more »

Love them

14 Apr, 2019
These are very helpful when I am out shopping. There are times when I don't want to place my shopping bagson the seats or on the floor so having these hooks works out great. I also hang my purse o... more »

Digging it

03 Apr, 2019
I have been using this wireless doorbell for a couple of moths now and so far it is holding up to all the rain we have gotten this winter.  I like having two recievers so I can have one in the ba... more »


04 Mar, 2019
I like having felxable cutting boards because it makes getting my chopped up veggies into a bowl or in the frying pan. The thickness on these is perfect and I love the colors.  They do mark up... more »

Feels soothing

17 Feb, 2019
These eye masks are pretty good. They do let off some heat, but not a whole lot. It is enough to help sooth my eyes, but nothing super good. The ear hooks are decent enough but tight and hard to get o... more »

Seems to work

02 Feb, 2019
My husband loves having gadgets and needed a new meter so I picked this one up for him. He says so far it does work as it should. It is easy to use and undrstand. The screen is good size and clear eno... more »

Strong Magnets

11 Jan, 2019
These hooks are pretty good. Not sure they would hold the 16lbs they claim, I hung something that weighs about 5 pounds and it slid a little but now is holding steading. They defiantly are hard to pul... more »


14 Dec, 2018
This pet bed is suoer soft and a perfect size for my cat. I can easily throw it in the washer when it needs cleaned. Perfect for all pets.   #isYoung #PetBedMat #RankBoosterReview #Sponsor... more »

Love it

04 Dec, 2018
We just moved into a new home and have had issues with fruit flys that is driving us crazy. We have done paper cups with clear wrap over the top with holes in it and also have used paper coffee cups w... more »

Perfect compact flashlights

01 Dec, 2018
One can never have to many flashlights. I like that these have a lanyards on them, I have them hanging in different rooms thought out the house so if we lose power again that are easy to get to. They... more »

Great Set

01 Dec, 2018
This clipper set will make a great gift. I actually like that it is all black and comes with a nail file. The clippers work great and close properly. They are sharp enough to cut my thick nails. I als... more »

Love them

20 Nov, 2018
 I wanted something practical but nice looking and these fit the bill. They are a perfect amount of light on my back deck without being to bright. And I do like that they come in a 6 pack. When t... more »

Fun to use

02 Nov, 2018
I love gadgets, lol. These light gloves are fun, and useful. I mean they light up and keep me from needing a flashlight. The gloves fit good and the Velcro wrap around strap has plenty of length and s... more »

Works good

30 Oct, 2018
If your worried about using the wire brushes that have been known to leave behind bristles on the grill then give this woove wire brush a try.  I feel that it does clean my cast iron grate pre... more »

CUte shirt

19 Oct, 2018
This shirt seems to be well made and has held up to two washings so far. The fit is a wee bit small so I did get a size larger then normal. Stitching is well done and the color is as it should be. It... more »

Not just for kids

05 Oct, 2018
I got these for myself and adult children. I am on the shorter side and the seatbelt tends to rest in a bad spot. Well having this on helps keep the belt from digging in and on long trips it does help... more »

Love this

27 Aug, 2018
As a short person my feet never lay flat on the floor when I am sitting at the table and it really stinks. Now with this footrest I can have my feet laying flat and comfortable. The footrest is soft a... more »

Not bad

27 Aug, 2018
Having this battery back up for my phone has come in handy. It doesn't take to long to charge the battery and it seems to hold it's charge pretty good. My phone does charge, a but slower then... more »

Handy to have

31 Jul, 2018
This set gives you every color you could ever need. The tubes are fairly easy to use and the glue works as good as the others. My daughter likes having the glitter in them a well.  more »

Love Baby Groot

22 Jul, 2018
OMG he is so cute and bigger then I was thinking. Got him for my daughter and of course she loves it. He is well made and can be used for so many things. Alhtough I don't feel that pens would fit.... more »

Not to bad

13 Jul, 2018
This fit my vaccuum with no issues and it does suck things up, although they do have to be little things to fit into the holes. It's like having a bunch of straws bunched together. They do tend to... more »


13 Jul, 2018
This is working out perfect for using a couple of little lights in the garage. My husband bought a big beefy one but wanted a nice compact one so he could use two led lights that he had. He is handy s... more »

Perfect for 1 person

25 Jun, 2018
This is a great pocket blanket. It's small and compact so it's easy to carry in a purse, backpack or even in a pocket. It's easy to unroll and fold back up. It's size is good for one p... more »

Works great

25 Jun, 2018
This is such a great combination. It's a wireless charger and a speaker. Works out perfectly on my bedside table. It holds the phone in place with no issues while it is charging. The speaker sound... more »

Great for the dorm

19 Jun, 2018
This cabdle set is pretty cool. I like that it comes with 9 candles of different sizes. The two small ones use a watch type battery that comes with the set and 2 spares, but the other cadnles each use... more »

Works well

04 Jun, 2018
This is a very useful tool for anyone that prints thier pictures, coupons or does projects that require clean precise cuts.  There are plenty of grid lines to help get a size needed. The blade is... more »

Powerful little lights.

31 May, 2018
I am always keeping a eye out for lights like this for my husband. He doesn't use them on a vehicle but uses them in the garage for extra lighting that can be directed to the spot he needs extra l... more »

Plants will love it

31 May, 2018
We love to garden so we have our own fresh veggies in the summer. Since we are in Western PA there are years where planting straight outside can't be done till mid to late May so starting plants i... more »

Worth it

03 May, 2018
I just recently recieved a little photo printer and wanted more sheets for it and these ae perfect. Now these are not your top of the line photo sheets but if you have kids who want to print out pictu... more »

Seem good

28 Apr, 2018
 These shorts are soft, leight weight and seem to fit my husband pretty good. Stictching seems well done and he is happy that they have pockets that zip up. He is able to keep his keys in them wi... more »

Was sent wrong one.

21 Apr, 2018
This is a cute night shirt that seems to be well made and true to size, but they sent me the wrong pattern and wrong size. I was suppose to recieve the birds pattern and recieved watermelon instead. S... more »

Works for my hair

17 Apr, 2018
I have tried the rounder brushes and they are just far to big and hard for me to use. The shape of this one makes it much easier to use and takes a hold of my hair really well. I was able to use it at... more »

Love it

09 Apr, 2018
I got this beast off a knife for hubby. It's great. A nice heavy knife with a nice size handle that we are able to get a good grip on. And it cuts through everything with ease. It's easy to cl... more »

Perfect for my needs

08 Mar, 2018
So happy that this hook rack works for our lighter coats, hoodies and umbrellas if it ever stops raining and don't need them every day, lol. I thought of hanging it with command strips but didn... more »

Helps to protect.

05 Mar, 2018
With the amount of money one  has to spend on a passport it only makes sence to protect that passport. This passport wallet does the trick. It fits the passport with no issues and has plenty of c... more »

Getting the job done

03 Mar, 2018
I finally got tired of all the shoes left at the door on the floor so decided to give this shoe tower a chance. It comes with 5 tiers but I am only currently using 3 levels. It was easy to put toget... more »

Good size for the job

03 Mar, 2018
I finally got tired of all the shoes left at the door on the floor so decided to give this shoe tower a chance. It comes with 5 tiers but I am only currently using 3 levels. It was easy to put toget... more »

Super cute

02 Mar, 2018
O.K this mushroom glass water bottle is super cute. The bottle comes with a sleeve that adds to it's cuteness and helps keep your hand from getting cold or hot and helps a little bit to keep the l... more »

Solid stainless steel handles.

18 Feb, 2018
These Stainless Steel Handles are very modern, sleek and nice looking. They could be used in any room and on any cabinet, dressers or hutches. I wanted these for the cabinet we use as a entertainment... more »

Prefect, even for a girl

16 Feb, 2018
Now I know these are for "men" but I like them for me. I have a big enough head for them lol. I like the look and the fit of these glasses. The glasses are comfortable. The fit is goo... more »

A cool gaming mouse.

11 Feb, 2018
This computer mouse is probably one of the coolest I have seen. There are so many lights on it that can be set to stay at a set color if wanted. It has different buttons that are programmed for game p... more »

A bit small but works.

06 Feb, 2018
I got this for Pepper, my 10 year old cat. I have been using a fairly big bowl but didn't fill it much because I don't want her food to get stale. This bowl is a good replacement for it. ... more »


25 Jan, 2018
I have wanted one of these for some time now but just haven't gotten one. It is actually larger then I thought it was going to be with lots of very sharp teeth. I like that the base comes off for... more »

It's awesome.

24 Jan, 2018
I have a slight addiction with shower curtains. lol I love this one. It's really cool looking in any light, even with the brightness from outside. The detailing is pretty good, love the design. It... more »

Super soft and warm

23 Jan, 2018
My daughter loves this onsie. And even though they are a bit big on her they are cute. They have buttons on the front and a zipper on the back down by the butt to make it a bit easier to go to the pot... more »

So cute

23 Jan, 2018
I got this for my daughter who has been wanting onsie pajamas for a while now and I figured the unicorn was really cute and I was right. It is super cute even though it is a bit big on her. They have... more »

Love them

23 Jan, 2018
I am the type that needs a pair of scissors in evey room if possible. But I hate searching in a drawer for them. These are a great solution. I am able to stick it on the refrigerator so I can get to t... more »

Does the job.

23 Jan, 2018
My daughter loves to take baths, but our tub currently our drain is broken so we can plug it up. Well this is a perfect, easy, cheap way to solve the problem. It comes with 3 different color stoppers.... more »

Great Color

20 Jan, 2018
I love the color of these oven mitts. The black and purple look great in my kitchen. They are well made and so far work at keeping my hands protected from the heat of a pan that was in a 400 degree ov... more »

A compact table.

20 Jan, 2018
This is a nice small table that will come in handy when we are at the park, beach or just hanging out in the back yard. I do wish it was a little taller but it will still get the job done. It stands a... more »


10 Jan, 2018
These food sealer bags are as good as the expensive name brand ones but with a better price. They cut easily and do seal as they should. They stay sealed and do not tear or leak. The size is perfect f... more »

Will work

08 Jan, 2018
I got these to use as water shoes come summer time. I liked the color and design on them. I wear a women size 10w so I went with the mens 8-9/women 10-11. They are actually big on me but they do stay... more »

Super cute

07 Dec, 2017
These Silver Cubic Zirconia with Cobalt Blue Glass Center earrings are great. They seem to be well made and are very pretty. The color blue is really nice and adds a touch of spark to them. The b... more »

Just what I needed

20 Nov, 2017
I love this thing. I use my phone a lot to take pictures and videos and having my phone on the tripod helps keep things from getting blury. My Galaxy S6 fits on this with no problems. I am able to see... more »

It gets the job done

08 Nov, 2017
I was wanting something for home more then away for the days I wanted just a few hotdogs and didn't want to use my normal grill so I figured I would try this out.  The set is cute, I like... more »

Usefull set.

18 Oct, 2017
I love these little spatulas and use them all the time to stir things and get things out of cans. It comes with 5 different colors that are individually wrapped. Have holes on the end so they can be h... more »

Works great

11 Oct, 2017
Wasn't sure if anyone in my home would need this type of ruler but I thought it was neat so I got us one. My daughter does use it as a regular ruler. And it is nice to have the ability to do all k... more »

Fidget fun

11 Oct, 2017
Well it can be fun to play with. Just stand it up and give a little tap and watch it flip along. It's pretty cool.  I do like how it lights up, but it takes quite a hit to get it to light up... more »

Bright Light

29 Sep, 2017
This light us perfect for so many uses. It is plenty bright and I like that there are two lights to choose from. One that covers a large area and the top one is more onpoint to where you need the ligh... more »

Gets the job done

19 Sep, 2017
I have had a few food sealers and yes some are better then others. But if you are looking for a nice easy to use unit then this one may be the one.  I like that it has a locking system so the... more »

Very pretty

18 Sep, 2017
I got this for my daughter to hang in her dorm room above her bed. The walls are cement so we used velcro command strips to put it up. The strips stick to the fabric with no issues and you can not tel... more »

Love it

11 Sep, 2017
I am always in need of extra light and this desk lamp works perfect.  I like that I can clip it on a book or on the desk when I need to. I have used it ourside as well by cliping it on the pat... more »

Not to bad

11 Sep, 2017
I have lots of spices and no room for them so something like this helps me out a lot.  First I have to say I did not use thier sticky strips I did end up using a name brand strips ot hold this... more »

Love it

01 Sep, 2017
I am always looking for ways to be hands free while needing extra light and this is perfect for that. The clip is large enough for my needs and grips in place with no worries. The light is plenty brig... more »

Love them

11 Aug, 2017
I just love these stainless steel straws. I like that they have a bend in the as well. Make drinking out of them easier.  I use them all the time in my stainless steel mug as well as some cups... more »

Not bad

11 Aug, 2017
This set is fairly good for what it is and the price it's at. The problem lies in the setup. We had to do quite a bit of trouble shooting to get it to work. But once it's up and running it wor... more »

Cool looking

31 Jul, 2017
This nouse pad is great. It is plenty big for all my gaming needs and of course my every day needs. The backing keeps the mose pad in place on my desk. Sticthing is well done and it is holding up real... more »

Love them

17 Jul, 2017
We use lots of spices in our house and I like to keep some on the table and hate looking at all the different jars on the table. Well now I can have matching jars so things look nice on the table. And... more »


17 Jul, 2017
Ok I know I am a bit old to get excited about this shower curtain, but hey I do have a 12 year old in the house and a some what geeky husband so it's all good.  The curtain looked great. I... more »

Not to bad

17 Jul, 2017
I liked the smell of this shampoo. Ot lathers up nicely and does seem to work s a shampoo should work. I didn't find it worked any better then others though. The ingredients are better then most s... more »