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Crystal Williams

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Very well made

01 Dec, 2017
the case is pretty, eye catching.  Fits very well, no loose fitting.  more »

It was ok

22 Nov, 2017
I thought it would have more power than it does.   It didn’t do much for me.  I didn’t like how the buttons were set up on it.   more »

Walking on air

02 Aug, 2017
these were a life saver for my daughter at prom.  She chose to wear high heels and she never had before.  When she would wear them around the house, she kept getting blisters.   I got h... more »


02 Aug, 2017
I never got it to work with my husband's Samsung S7.   I tried everything, did exactly what the instructions said and still never got it to work with it.  more »


02 Aug, 2017
this ring is eye catching.  The sparkle and shape is gorgeous.   more »


02 Aug, 2017
Cute, pretty.   I was very impressed that it wasn't cheaply made more »