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best charger out there

25 Apr, 2019
Power is supplied and it is small. very compact more »

nice and basic

25 Apr, 2019
I love these earbuds! They arrived on time and the sound quality is amazing! Great buy. Would recommend to anyone who is looking to buy earbuds. more »


25 Apr, 2019
There great beginner for a young one starting out. Sound isnt so loud but great built more »

very fast charging

25 Apr, 2019
These are the best. No more plugging in your iPhone at night. I keep mine on my nightstand and can pick it up any time to check the time or change podcasts, etc. also great for traveling. Love them&nb... more »

easy to use

25 Apr, 2019
Very nice I like the table clamp mechanism. The tablet clamp need 2 hands, so need a third hand to hold the tablet more »