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These are good

07 Aug, 2019
These are pretty good, I’ve found them useful in many instances, tomatillos, tomatos , any seedlings lots!  more »

Sound is ok

17 Apr, 2019
Sound is ok, but just by the feel of em , they are cheaply made more »

Ok but cheaply made.

17 Apr, 2019
These are ok and do work, but  they feel loved key I have to be extra careful with them.  more »

Not a problem at all.

26 Feb, 2019
I’m really impressed with this usb hub, it powers an up camera, my iPhone, iPad, and other things and doesn’t hiccup. Get ya one !!! Very nice...  more »

slow charging

06 Nov, 2018
slowwwwww more »

for the price they are good

06 Nov, 2018
sometimes slow charging   more »

Not as great as I thought

27 Oct, 2018
The reception was average at best, could have used backlight on keyboard. Nothing special..... more »

Great doorbell , love this doorbell!

18 Oct, 2018
very good motion sensor, you will define know when someone is at the door quickly. Now my only disappointment is that it doesn’t come with hardware to connect to power, it can be ran off battery... more »

Great for the price

18 Oct, 2018
this monocular is great, water resistant, and the fact that you can attach a smartphone is awesome... great value as well!  more »

Really good monocular.

13 Oct, 2018
i like this monocular a lot, everything works perfect, zoom, focus ect, my only problem with it is , that it has no kind of reticle. Anything would have been good so you could use it to spot . But the... more »

Worldwide? Heck yea!!!

06 Oct, 2018
Really good, keep connection thru the entire house, and can be controlled worldwide... highly recommended! You can on and off anything wirelessly...  more »

Great little small electronics kit. A+++++

04 Oct, 2018
These tools are great and can be used in a number of applications, drones , phones, toys, glasses , and the list goes on..... great buy.... #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii&nb... more »

Fun but lacks some control.

04 Oct, 2018
i know this is a novelty type item, but this one is defiantly for the short ones, unless you have 15 ft ceilings, this one is for the little ones, flys ok, but when it hits the ceiling, which is almos... more »