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Not as advertised

13 Aug, 2019
These socks are advertised as being magnetic, but there was no magnets inside it. These are suppose to be self heating as well, but they only keep your body heat just like any regular socks. Save your... more »

Great way to keep your phone mounted steady

19 Jul, 2019
This mount, while rather big and cumbersome at first site is that way for a reason. The mount attaches around your rearview mirror and hangs down to hold your phone in a horizontal orientation. This p... more »

Super comfy

25 Jun, 2019
I have never liked a pillow more than I like this one. It is fully adjustable to your liking. When I first opened it it expanded  a lot, after a day it seemingly expanded to it's full size an... more »

Mediocre at best

07 Jun, 2019
This pen, while it does trigger and work you simy cannot use it to draw unless you keep your hand off the tablet. Even when using the glove, if your hand is on the screen,it will register half of your... more »

Really bright

06 Jun, 2019
This little light surprised me, it's very bright. Has great output and can be enhanced even more by the removal of the filter. It uses 3 double A batteries, but don't let that dissuade you as... more »

Works great

03 Jun, 2019
These solder joint connectors work great. But you do have to be careful when melting the solder as it's a small amount and you want to make sure you don't melt or burn the surrounding sleeve.... more »

Best tripod ever!!

30 May, 2019
I honestly did not ha e high expectations for this product based in past reviews. But upon getting it it seems they have fixed the issues prior owners have had and now this works great as it stands. T... more »

Strong magnet

23 May, 2019
I got this for my 64oz water bottle and I have to say I am impressed. The magnet is really strong and can hold my bottle to anything metal without it sliding down due to the weight. I currently use th... more »

Great drawing board

23 May, 2019
I'm impressed with the quality and how good this drawing board is. Each slide has a spot so it can adjust easily and maneuver as needed while drawing or drafting plans. I had e used it for both an... more »

Decent camera

08 May, 2019
This camera works good, it's great for blog post and quick video shoots. The battery doesn't last long enough to record longer than a 30 minute video, but it can be charged while recordin... more »

Silent massage

08 May, 2019
This kneck massager works ok, it has 5 different functions to tailor the massage to your needs. What I love is that there is an attachment to allow you to hook up 2 additional sensors to massage other... more »

Poorly made

05 May, 2019
I had high hopes for this product, it's a video screen within a mirror that also houses a built in dash camera. But sadly the first unit I received did not work, I hooked it up fully into my car o... more »

Great screen

02 May, 2019
This screen works great, it comes nicely folded without and creases. This is important because if there are creases the screen is ruined and impedes on the quality of the picture. But, since there is... more »

Poorly titled, not as described

30 Apr, 2019
This product was purchased based on the title a d breif description of what it does...analog composite input to HDMI 1080p output, which is simply not true. This cannot take a composite signal and con... more »

Fast wireless charging

15 Apr, 2019
This is a decent fast charger when used with the right plug. It charged my phone at 10w in just under 2 hours. Which is similar to my wall plug that charges my phone in an hour and 45 minutes. So not... more »

Great hands free phone holder

15 Apr, 2019
This phone holder is good for those who need to use their phone hands free. It's flexible and adjustable to almost any angle, the reason for just 4 stars instead of 5 is because the phone holder b... more »

Awesome sleek wallet

15 Apr, 2019
This wallet is made from sheet carbon fiber so it's the real deal and not just a printed or painted on. It has the ability to auto adjust to accept more cards. It has a nice strong belt clip that... more »

Decently Good Microphone

01 Mar, 2019
I recently aquired this microphone to help with my Youtube videos. Upon recieving it I was thoroughly impressed by its all metal body, The fact that it came with two different cables so I could use th... more »