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Patrice Morris

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Amazing afterglow

16 Feb, 2018
I was skeptical at first because this item did not have an inner seal. I ask a question on Amazon to confirm and after that used the product. I mixed the healing clay with AVC to a smooth consistency... more »

Rating for customer service only

21 Aug, 2017
I soooo wanted to love this product as I have a huge makeup collection that desperately needs organizing. Unfortunately, the organizer arrived with a few cracked pieces and could not be assembled. I c... more »

If you are accident prone...you need this in your life.

02 Aug, 2017
I don't know about you but I drop my phone constantly! Seriously, I'm really blessed by the Angels above that it hasn't cracked or gotten really messed up. Every time I drop my phone I pra... more »


02 Aug, 2017
My husband has just started work as a welder and is used to wearing his band. Due to the nature of his work he cannot but has said how awkward he feels without his ring. These bands are a great soluti... more »

Love it!!!

31 Jul, 2017
My husbands number one complaint with four kids in the house is how the PS4 remotes are never where he can find them. The great thing about this docking station is that we can have it away from the PS... more »