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Jeanry Garci

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thin material

25 May, 2019
have a very cute design an my husband fit on it. the only issues is how thin the material is. no second liner like other swimming trunks. the packaging is nice.  more »

brother loves it

04 Apr, 2019
i gave this as a gift to my brother who is a Navy and he loves it. he said this is the best gift he receive this year. it have the clips and its very easy to scratched and marked places they traveled.... more »

best file folder ever

04 Apr, 2019
this are the best file folder ever. very organizing and it fit everything that i needed. i just love the colors more »

comfortable to wear

04 Apr, 2019
I been having tailbone pain and backpain. I am in 22 weeks pregnant already. and with the belt it help me minimize the pain. its very comfortable to wear and easy to use. very stretchable more »

loud music

04 Apr, 2019
OMG!!! this is so awesome. it looks kinda cheap but the sound is loud and clear. Its so cute.  more »

great idea but net is cheap made

02 Oct, 2018
i love this idea and i love thtas it easy to use. my only issues is the netting or goal is so cheap made the sunction cup doesnt even work cuz it dont stink to the floor. very easy to use on tiles but... more »

great buy

02 Oct, 2018
this is so perfect. love that t have remot to control the light. very great buy and good idea for date night. more »


02 Oct, 2018
very cute and love the colors.  high quality eye shadow. love it more »

great quality, big gun

29 Sep, 2018
this water soaker are huge. great quality to. im so surprised. i can put amount of water and can last for minutes. my son loves t and that all matters more »

nice quality

23 Sep, 2018
i love it and very nice colors. love its waterproof/resistance more »

its ok

23 Sep, 2018
b=very nice and the color is very high quality more »

cute colors

23 Sep, 2018
so very nice color and its perfect fpr isomg on eyedhadow. love it more »

tight but cute

20 Sep, 2018
its very cute swimwear the only thing its a little tight on upper chest area. quality fabics is good. high quality made. love the design and overall ok just tight more »


07 Sep, 2018

didnt fit

14 Aug, 2018
i return. didnt fit my son.  more »

its ok

30 Jul, 2018
before i ordered it it said thats it can be used in xbox and ps4 but mine didnt work and i hear alot of static sound. but other than that it works in other like mobile and computer microsoft. more »

Great body massager

09 Jun, 2018
Quiet massager and very easy to use but not to much power on it. I love that it's cordless and rechargeable more »

Great disco ball

09 Jun, 2018
This are great. Works perfectly and very bright. Not made cheap. And very quite too. Easy to set up. more »

Cute Grinder

07 May, 2018
i bought this for my husband. he really really like it. design is super doped and very unique. size is perfect. he receive alot of compliments from friends more »


02 May, 2018
I'm giving it ZERO stars. They shipped it early and I receive it early. BUT NO GRINDER JUST AN EMPTY BOX WITH BIG ROUND HOLE ON IT THAT SUPPOSED TO BE MY DBZ GRINDER. more »

its cute

17 Apr, 2018
its cute but after wearing it for few days. my ears started itching. its not ffor me more »

best headphones ever

17 Apr, 2018
i love this. its really a handfree wireless headphones. very easy to use and comfortable to wear. i can do verything with this headphone not to worry its going to fell. its smooth and look fancy. more »

everyday use

13 Apr, 2018
i was born slightly hunchback so I always needed to wear a corrector and so far I am loving this Towish Posture Corrector and it also helps me with back pain. it gives me support that i needed for eve... more »

cute earrings

13 Apr, 2018
i give this as a gift to a friend. SHe said its very cute earrings and very good quality. great color and design. it looks like an expensive piece of jewelry. more »

great for the swimming pool

09 Apr, 2018
i bought this because i love taking pictures. we are going to aquatica this summer and i need something to protect my phone on the water. i have tried the necklace phone protector before but it didnt... more »

It's ok to use

02 Apr, 2018
I had hard time working the pump. Very easy to Assemble and it comes with bottle and nipple and it's a good size. Just hard to work the pump for some reason.. high quality bottle. more »

great bag

21 Mar, 2018
this is far beyond greatest bag i purchased, it fit anything i need and want. it fit my 15'' laptop, some books and notes and snacks and cosmetic stuff. very great quality, very lightweight. t... more »

works ok

21 Mar, 2018
its work ok but my newphew is not a fan of it. ok quality more »

great product to have

21 Mar, 2018
my hubby love using the burger mold. instead of buying frozen, he made his own version with this stuffed burger mold and he love it. quality is good. i gave the grill mat to my father in law. no smell... more »

Great set for beginners

15 Mar, 2018
Very very nice set. Love it. Vibrant and bright color. I painted a easter egg with pumpkin with this paint set and it comes out perfect. more »

Great for indoor or outdoor use

15 Mar, 2018
I bought this for My Son to take to the beach but we forgot to bring it. But anyways he still play with it indoor. It's actually a very very good quality. It is not made of cheap plastic. Perfect... more »

Cute light

14 Mar, 2018
I bought this specifically to go camping. Its small but don't let it fool you. It's actually really bright. I receive 4 of them. No batteries included. It have the clip on to clip anywhere. It... more »

cute characters

07 Mar, 2018
very very cute characters and high quality staple. it comes with free stapler which always a plus. its tiny so it fit anywhere and only need a very tiny space. the only thing is it can only staple fiv... more »

Great Light for Camping

05 Mar, 2018
I bought this specifically for Camping. And let me tell you it's very very bright. Perfect for our 6-8 person tent. It lasted for 8 hours before the bright dim. Perfect size and great quality. Ver... more »

Indoor or outdoor slippers

05 Mar, 2018
Very very nice quality. I like that this is a anti-slip bottom. We have wooden floor and using this is just perfect. Very comfortable and soft. And it fit me perfectly. I used it indoor and outdoor. E... more »

Great container. Easy to use.

05 Mar, 2018
Highly recommend to friends and family. Great quality and seal perfectly. The best purchase I made this year. Easy to open and close and reopen again. Very easy to use. Fit mostly everything. I used i... more »

great for backless clothes

05 Mar, 2018
what i like about this nipple cover or nipple shield is have great coverage. its not like the normal nipple cover that thin and small. this cover is thick and large. its great for backless clothing or... more »

Great Addition to My Baking Stuff

05 Mar, 2018
If i can give 6 stars I would. Very great item. Great Addition to my baking stuff. I can make a great cake with professional decorating skills because of this items. it comes with a complete kit plus... more »

3-n-1 use

24 Feb, 2018
I'm so in love with this item. It curls and straight my hair. Very easy to use. My only issue is kinda slow to heat.  more »

Great Learning Toy

06 Feb, 2018
This is a great learning toy and My son loves it. I don't think the price is worth for the item seems it's small than I expected it to be and material is ok. My son is entertain though while p... more »

It does it purpose

15 Jan, 2018
Good quality angle measurement ruler. Im expecting it in a nice packaging like the picture they provided at amazon but I receive it in a plastic bag. I give one to my friend and she loves it. She uses... more »

Good quality but

10 Jan, 2018
My son loves this twister stunt car. It can withstand any fall and rough hits. It's very good quality. My only issues is the music is really annoying and cannot be turned off. I put tape on the sp... more »

It's a hit

10 Jan, 2018
This projector is a hit!! A few neighbor ask me where we got it. You can choose to any pattern you want. There's 6 different pattern/design you can choose. And it's waterproof/water-resistant.... more »

Must Buy!!

10 Jan, 2018
This are Great!! High quality products. This is a life saver. I bought this specifically because we're going on a drive trip for 2 hours and I have a toddler who cried and whines alot on a drive t... more »

Cute design but

06 Jan, 2018
Very very cute design and very vibrant color. My only issues is it doesn't stick enough. It keeps on falling off. That's why I'm giving 3 stars.  more »

Very pretty

06 Jan, 2018
Very pretty and very comfortable. It keeps me warm. Stitches are really good and love the color more »

Great and Sturdy chair

01 Dec, 2017
This is a nice chair. I actually get this for my son who's 3 and he love it. I open it up and it's the quality of the chair is made very well. Very sturdy and comfortable chair. Easy to use, n... more »

I love it but

29 Nov, 2017
We went to a weekend trip and it fit everything that I needed to bring. I brought My Son clothes and Husband and mine and more items. I love that you can expand the bag and it have pockets for everyth... more »

The Best cover

25 Nov, 2017
I literally use this all the time at home or outside. It gives me total coverage. And u can use it couple of times and still holds good. Sticky. Great to use on backless dress. I highly recommend... more »

Nice silicone Nipple Cover

25 Nov, 2017
I have tried different brands and different kinds so far this products are better than others. It's more stickier and don't fall off even though I got sweaty. It gives me perfect coverage and... more »